Void elf Customization are revealed!

How much does it pay?
I might be able to fit it in as a side gig

It’s compensated with blue eyes, more skin tones, more hair styles and colors, new beards, new earrings, necklaces, bracelets and arm jewelry.

All this new customization to a race that never lacked options to begin with.

Tbf all the new skin tones got given to the Void elves as well so thats on the list to be compensated for, not as compensation.

Considering Nightborne only have 3 skin tones, I’m sure they will get some of the Night elf ones. They really should because they lack so much customization.

Also would be nice if they were given a face similar to the NPC’s as extra faces options.

Do you honestly believe Blizzard is going to give every single Blood Elf skin color option to the Void Elves? I doubt, for two reasons.

First, they don’t copy and paste stuff for different races, they always do small changes and tweaks, if you pay attention to detail you will see that even races who seemingly have the same skin tones like Humans and Blood Elves, you will notice that there is a small difference in the texture itself. For the Void Elves they are probably going to make the skin tones lighter and probably with slight blue or purple undertone, and with a more defined skin texture just like the Voided options are.

Second, Blizzard probably don’t think it’s not fair for Void Elves to have all Blood Elf skin tones + the ones they already have, so expect that Blood Elves will have a wide range of natural skin colors, while the Void Elves are going to have their own void corrupted skin tones plus some, but less numerous natural skin tones.

They literally said it themselves

they are, hence the justified outrage

I wonder if giving all the skin tones has scuppered any chances of velfs getting the belf hair styles and hair colours.
I mean, velfs would end up with twice as much customisation features than their core race counterpart.

Still, i don’t believe they will simply copy and paste all of them without doing any change, Blizzard still has quality standards.
in other words they are going to have the same color but the tone itself will be different in the texture files.

It’s stuff from Alpha, they copy and recycle a lot of assets in Alpha and Beta phases when they still don’t have the finished assets.

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Even if they give Void Elves 40 more options on top of the Blood Elf skin tones they still would have less customization options than the Blood Elves.

Considering there is no info of them getting any more hair colors I really doubt it. But it’s still beta and more stuff could be added to both the Velves and Belves.

We just don’t know yet.

" Void Elves will inherit the skin color options that are available to Blood Elves."
They’re not changing them. Its the exact same skin tones.

They are.

Color =/= Tone.

OK, so your Maths is off then

I read that as they are just importing the options on to void elves as it takes no work. I don’t know why you read it any other way as I really can’t see why you would think it. But lets agree to disagree then and see if they change it from what they have on alpha.

The way the Blizzard employee has spoken about it on wowhead, it appears any new Belf and Velf and indeed, Nelf features are being put on hold whilst HMT and LF Draenei are being worked on.

Due to fairness, I’d say the Nightborne are the next elves to be worked on.

Thats great news.
They’re the 2 lamest allied races.

Even if they are the same, Blood elves were given Blue eye colors (which were only Available to alliance High elf NPC’s)

And as I’ve said before, I’m sure they are going to give Night elf skin tones to Nightborne when the Allied races will be focused on later in the Shadowlands expansion.

And let’s assume they aren’t giving any extra hair colors for Velves (which is most likely), blood elves would have much more customization options, some of which are still being introduced as we are in Beta.


Bajheera was going over the new character creation screen and both of those allied races have been disabled.

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