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Hello everybody, hope you are all doing well.

Join Warcraft Traders discord the largest WoW market trade chat on discord. Find buy and sell everything within the game here for gold only.

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Weekly / Monthly Giveaways

I’m a goldmaker in WoW and I’ve made more gold than I know what to do with. Therefore I’d like to give away 40x Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, before it will be removed in pre patch. I know how rough a challenge of 5 million gold can be. So I’d love to have 40 lucky ppl have a chance at it.

I’m also a fan of the, race to world first. Therefore I’m hosting 2 winner prizes. with a world 1st prize of 100.000.000g and 2nd prize of 50.000.000g gold. Only eligible for EU guilds.

I’ve been making gold in WoW almost since the very beginning. I find the economy part of the game extremely entertaining. I made a small fortune during BFA. And I’d like to share a part of that with the community.

I’m doing a daily dino giveaway everyday on my stream till the pre-patch go live.

I’m gonna host a special event “DINODAY” on my stream the last Sunday before pre-patch. I will stream for 10 hours straight and give out 1 dino every hour for all viewers.

I’m hosting race to the world first prizes on my discord “Warcraft Traders” and I’m doing another 10x dinos on the discord as well.

Everything will take place on the european region. Hope all of you will have a wonderful day Magicuz :slight_smile:


Jesus. Thats sounds amazing!!!
I just joined the discord and entered the giveaways, i will surely be using the channel in the future for trading and exchanging gold.

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Yeah me too, totally not entering for the giveaway.

Is it a giveaway or a competition?

I’m confused since you mentioned 1st and 2nd prizes and guilds, but also mentioned that it’s a giveaway.

The 10 Brutosaur are given away the competition is another thing :slight_smile:

also totally awesome giveaway never seen that before!

If I already have the mount can I join still for the gold instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

well yeah, I guess :slight_smile:

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I already got the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, but will join your community for future TCG trades.
Looking forward to see this community grow :wink:

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That’s an EU race to world first thing

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Bloody hell

100 000 000 m = 100 000 000 000 000 ?

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Aw man that would be awesome to win. I only got into wow in bfa and yeah I don’t even have near enough gold to get longboi. :smile:

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This player is supposed to be over 1 billion gold, just so you know, and that was a while ago, so who knows now!

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I have been having some financial issues recently.
I’ve spend alot of gold on WoW tokens, Gold i got Via various Youtube video’s about gold farming, Honestly, i dont know if they come from you guys or not :slight_smile:
I saved enough for a 6 month sub but thanks to your people making video’s i can make decent gold for wow tokens for wow sub :slight_smile:
Keep the poor people playing keep up the good work!
I will be following the discord with increased interest


Just out of interest, are you the 5+ alts that sit on brutosaurs in Winterspring, each with 500m+ earned from auctions, and one with 1.5 billion from auctions??

That’s a very good question, as far as I recall magicuz used to be a player who had a lot of gold on every realm, would seem unlikely that just 5 alts have so much earned, but just a guess ofc.

k do you realize this gold is technically taken from you?.. xdddddd

you know, ah generates nothing!

That’s very generous of you. Mind if I take one for a test drive first to see if it’s right for me? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Oh no, i seem to have dropped something, don’t mind me bending down.

Bends down seductively to reach for whatever dropped


That would be €536m in RL money :rofl: