Wargames in classic

Grow a brain and get lost

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Go back to retail your behavior is unwelcomed in classic.

Bold words coming from a troll

Stupid questin maybe but what this over 6 hours long PVE video got to do on PVP ?

Somewhere in the middle they’re playing a wargame in warsong, I think. :slight_smile:
And what’s a lvl 110 char got to do with classic? XD

This isnt pvp its a gnome solo mara… epic fail

Looks promising. Im a nochanger in general but smaller tweaks like this will add some more interest to the game for sure and adding lifespan to Classic

“No changes” suits you only when you want it.

You deserve layers, bots and locked servers forever

will there in future also ranking site of wargames?

I am skeptical and don’t see how an eSport feature is good for Classic.

It makes BG tournaments a thing for classic, which is cool, because the teamplay and playing towards an objective is what makes vanilla pvp so good. This is where the class balance really shines. One class is struggling on its own, but paired with other classes it is good. And also; it is simply good fun and great content. You can even make PVP good throughout all phases because you can arrange matches where only Phase 4 items are allowed - meaning you wont have the stupid Naxx-AQ gear-burst that essentially kills meaningful pvp.

Sure, if you put the group together yourself and get no loot from it.

I mean, you could do that on PTR, or set up a custom server. Wargames is side content and doesn’t interact with the game in any way, why do you think it’s a bad idea?

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Sounds fair.

I love you
This is awesome!

The name is very dishonest though. There is nothing “War” with 5 vs 5 in an eSport setting instance…

Wargames is what we want and ask for but what the servers can’t handle ;(

I don’t understand why people applaud this in Classic. It’s an eSport feature, and at the same time we have Layering and servers that can’t handle normal world pvp.

If we had actual wargames, i would not care. But we don’t.

You know nothing about pvp, Kork. I recommend retail.

Is AB available or only WSG?

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Everything is available

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Hahahaha now we see that all that ppl say about “Fair pvp, git gud and find a premade” etc. is bollocks, bcz you don’t need fair games, you need stomping pugs and being pseudo-dominators.

I’ve never heard of Wargames. What is it?