Warlock pets are extremely bugged atm

I created a ticket for it and reported it a month ago, still nothing has been done, so I’m creating this post here, so the issue here is that my pets as a Warlock are extremely bugged, previously they worked so, if your pet did not have full hp and you mounted up (flying) flew up and landed, your pet would get back up to full HP, since a month back, this is not the case anymore. Now, I can live with that, but it’s get weirder, my pets wont even retain the HP they actually have, if I heal my pet back to full HP, mount up and fly, land again, my pet will be half HP and the healing I gave him will be gone… and it gets even weirder, if I summon a completely new pet, that pet will ALSO loose half his hp as soon as I mount up.

This is so bad and makes farming such a hazzle, I constantly have to heal my pet, please fix this Blizzard, we’re paying for this product and it should be working as intended atleast, I’m not asking for much here.

This is a known bug and you have posted in the wrong section.

Bugs are not reported via tickets anyway and need to be reported ingame.

Day by day, I see less and less reason to play this game.

This bug is just another one.

I have reported it ingame and i’m going to post it in every section I can find.

Why? Blizzard do not look at the forums.

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