Warrior Class balance

Ideas for Warrior buffs in Wotlk.Not asking for all of these.
1.When target HP is at 20% give Warriors back the old execute.So its not a game changing buff for Arms Warriors using Sudden Death.Make this a buff for PVE only.
2.Make Rend available in Berserker Stance.
3.Remove the 10% damage debuff from Titan’s Grip.
4.Give Warriors the old Recklessness back,on a 10 minute CD that can be reduced by 33% with 3/3 Intensify Rage
Waiting 9-12 month for your class to scale is not fun.
Not being able to get in group for raids is not fun.


Just gonna say… no.
I can see your frustration, but no.

Dont touch class balance, its a slippery slope. Suddenly EVERYONE wants balance changes, because warriors got some changes.
There will always be someone on the bottom of the dps list, there will always be someone who wont get picked.

You should try joining a guild, if you dont get invites for pug groups. Alot of guilds want competent players, instead of X class.
Knowing your class is 10x more valueable than some top deeps that die to easy mechanic.

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Tfw your class is no longer popular enough to receive favourable treatment.


You missed all the Ret stuff that happend… eh?

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Dont you agree some nerfs need to be undone untill IC tho??? Making ppl suffer for 2 years because a class was strong on icc back in the days is messed up

si senior… but lazy bli$$ decided endgame patch is better(lazy) than patch cycles…

Then you’re playing the wrong class. This is how pre-normalised-rage warrior has always worked. Warriors in Classic only scaled super early because of the world buff stacking meta.

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Yeah, i forgot about that:/

My point is still the same though.
Stop. Touching. Classes.

The game is over a decade old. Nothing in this game is new, doing even the slightest research will tell you how well classes/speccs does in each phase.

If things dont go your way, then adapt.
Pick up tank specc/gear, find a guild, make your own groups. I get the notion that most people just sit in LFG in dps specc and get frustrated when they dont get invited to a group. Maybe im wrong in this though.

Alot of ppl did researches, posting completely wrong dps charts based on the old game

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When they buff Retribution.Classes that also are struggling will ask for changes.Because its a game.People actually want to get a chance to play the game.I am in a guild.Finding a guild as Warrior is incredibly hard.And I know because nobody is reqruiting Warriors with my Guild no exception.Playing as a Warrior that isn’t a high ranking member of a guild,a gold buyer,or someone that organizes GDKPs is nearly impossible.I am lucky I am the 1st.

Buff undead, return them WOTF as permanent passive like it was before release


Yes, and thats my problem. Suddenly, everyone wants to get buffed because X specc got buffed. Lets not forget that paladin already has 2 very viable speccs.

How about sub rogue? frost mage? BM hunter? When will they get buffed?

Yes, ofc people want to play the game. But everyone cant have everything that they want.

Not trying to sound rude. But like i said above, its a slippery slope.

Maybe im lucky then, talked to a few guilds on my warrior. Allthough im prot ms with fury OS. The only thing that clashed was the raid times (crashing with mains)
But even as prot MS, i still get to do alot of fights in dps specc. Besides, its only for a short period as things shift from toc and onwards, when i can go fury ms.

Again, have you tried organizing your own groups? Not trying to be offensive here. But you are a dps who compare against TONS of other dps.

Buff Hunt BM please because BM is really dying every weeks =>

WotLK Classic Phase 2 DPS Rankings - Week 6 Ulduar - Wowhead News

that is no reason for 3rd specc what is a complete different role to be dumbster fire…

I mentioned it on another thread, the affect of Armor Penetration is 12-15% (sources differ) less than it was at this point in original Wrath. Originally it was buffed by 25% at the start of Ulduar, & reduced by 12-15% when Onyxia was released.

I’m not sure exactly how much difference to damage it would make, but specs that rely on Armor Penetration like Fury Warriors, Feral Druids, & MM Hunters are underperforming compared to this point in original Wrath.

On the other hand Combat Rogues & Frost DK’s seem to be doing okay.

Warlocks and hunters were fine in classic, warrior and ret are fine in wotlk.

Also the 10% dmg nerf wasent live before icc

Classic another game, pro-Wotlk doesn’t care about Classic, he only cares about Wotlk. So this is not an excuse.

Also, it’s funny from a Warlock which is a good spec from TBC, and S tier on Wotlk and Cataclysm still good on MoP lol.

Just go prot!! I recently dinged warrior alt and its SOOO much fun tanking dungeons as a prot warrior, zipping trough trash packs, charge here, intercept there, 30yd taunt on a loose mob its amazing and engaging compared to paladin snoozefest consecrate tanking. I dont know why are ppl complaining about warriors they are amazing to play. (no not talking about Plate wannabe rogues, zero respect on them)

Be warrior, take the hit

Warriors suck in WOTLK because they got nerfed mid expansion while everyone else got buffed, they got nerfed because they were already topping meters in Naxx and Blizz could see they would get out of hand by expansion end.

Now we’re playing the gutted version that will still be super strong at expansion end. Should we get a buff? At this point it’s too little too late and my dps numbers are already very good as a Warrior in Ulduar, Warrior in T9 will be good.

If they wanted to buff Warriors they should have done it in Naxx and then turned them off somewhere around T10 release, but that’d also make everyone mad because nobody likes being nerfed. I was against them buffing Ret also, Blizzard cannot be trusted with these things.