Warrior Nerf

Idk whats happend this class is overbuffed


Can we get some details, other than overbuffed.

What is overbuffed, how was it overbuffed and in what scenarios is it a problem?

At the moment, it kinda is very little to work of.


well bigger when buffed ofc

i think his angry of arms buffs and maybe 10.2 upcoming buffs but this is just a guess, not enough context


just make bladestorm cc’able and everyone will be happy :slight_smile: properly not the wars though


they gave it 70% snare instead :joy:

i dont care, i got sin/sub,sv,destro,rsham,disc,rdruid all becoming good picks in 10.2

rather have more classes have fun than just 1 like hpala were this season, healthier state of the game to have multiple good than just few outliers

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So the problem is that Bladestorm stops CC. It has always done so, did BS get a duration buff to something silly?

if a class can outdamage you, and have more mobility than you, and have multiple stuns

does that class deserve to have an MS effect with it?


The thing with warrior is that they have everything at this point and are the easiest class to play on top of that. Totally overloaded toolkit, the recent buffs should be reverted.


so why can fists of fury and dhs breath thing be cced? pvp is good when there’s counterplay :slight_smile:


I have no clue why you commented that to me?

The sun is warm.

Milk tastes like milk.

Dogs are best boiis.

Hope that helped :dracthyr_tea:

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it didnt just pointing out having 2 precogs in ur pants is kinda broken.

What a mess

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blizz loves low-intelligent zugzug players


The question should be, so we need ms or heal absorb effects in any class? We have nearly uhealable damage, a lot of cc and dampening. So they should just remove those effects from all classes.


Sharpen is kinda cancer. For such effect, cd is way too low. As a holy I don’t even have defenses against it
Fury should be removed entirely.
I’d increase cd on charge and leap should be 45 sec so there is some consequence of wasting them.
In return would be great to give warriors proper defstance


yes i can give it, i’ve seen a game where Bladestorm procced 5 times in a row mate. Savvy?

I agree 100% also impossible to die. Great description of the rogue class, hopefully they get the nerf treatment for the first time.

Syyyke rework inc.

is the most op healer in the game right now :rofl:

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yes it is good :slight_smile:

10.2 even in godtier like rsham and disc aswell so im happy!

hpala is currently still best in shuffles cause its abundance of cds and easy healing profile but rdruid is good second and viable to push that mode if one cares

I would argue Rdruid is at least equally as good as Hpal in shuffle now

On low rating people dont even have kick on bar and you can abuse the hell out of everyone with cyclones

On higher rating, theres a lot of people who don’t understand the concept of switching targets, even if they do everything else sort of properly. “FOCUS?” being said by 2.5 warriors isnt that rare of a thing. And then the druid just pve heals 1 guy all game and its impossible to kill that guy