Warrior Nerf

hpala is still best for shuffle, i dont get btw why you quoted me on rdruid, did you mean that its already good or what? yes its good :slight_smile:

hpala tho is still abomination of shuffles due to its abundance of good cds and easy healing profile but i dont care anymore honestly as the season is soon over and we head into hopefully more balanced one in next :+1:

u will still be 1.8 because there are simply better people than u even if ur class is broken
chin up though as 1.8 will still not be banned from posting on forums somewhy

funny guy bragging to forums living of 500$/month rmt from wow or being banned in sl s2 for botting with other warmane buddys keep spamming ignored replys to me every post

still dont seem to get how sad that all is, especially when the norm salary for any regular job is 3-4k euro month for appearing with education to some career :rofl:

and related wow no one cares of some banned bot scripters nonsense hence wont bother read a single reply from any of such, i rather keep them ignored only wish blizzard banned cheaters faster than on just occasional banwaves

Absurd mobility, it’s actually comical. It’s like watching Looney Tunes

Fury being a two button mashing machine

Arms spending half the arenas bladestorming (an ability with no counter, and crazy utility and damage). Access to two suns.

Roots being added into yet another ability. The list goes on

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I would genuinely just like them to remove Ignore Brain again. Combined with access to Defensive stance, having permanent defensives is extremely annoying.

Just make Warrior squishier and killable, let it have anything else it wants. Gut the healing and remove Ignore Brain, then add as much dmg and cc as you want I dont care

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tbf ignore pain is one of the things that give them footing against magical based dmg just like their other toolkit against physical, if you remove it you can just 1… 2… and see the ocean of complaints what happend next against anything that deals magical dmg

i think its iconic warrior ability they should have but if you want talk about tuning of it then thats other matter

Sure, but give it an actual CD. 11s duration and 11s cooldown is a joke. It’s a 50% damage reduction for the next like 75k dmg.

This means you need to do 150k effective dmg to break it. On an 11s CD.

There’s lots of small things in the game that go under the radar…

Ignore pain works for all dmg. There’s already double Spell Reflect, Bladestorm, Banner, Ranged stun, x2 Charges, Leap and Fear breaks to deal with casters.

To me what developers are doing is putting Rogue, Mage and Warrior in a bucket and constantly creating better ways for them to deal with eachother. And every other class is like " uhm ok ".


ignore pain was known as something which was given warriors to have something on toolkit against magic aswell on top of physical, that is why i mentioned the magic :smiley:

its iconic warrior ability since forever i dont want it removed but sure can talk of tuning of anything if it becomes broken and you already said some good suggestions :+1:

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Its actually more. with sophic and trinket proc you can randomly get over 100k (pvp ilvl 443) its always at 84k.
But yes, if theres any spec ive felt the most tanky on, arms are def at the top.

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this one killed me, dude why is warrior outhealing a feral? does this make any sense?

oh wait the short answer is “wArRi hAvE nO mObiliTy” idk these guys played too much classic hardcore

does ignore pain have a global cd? i dont know, i played warri back in sl only for 2 days to get the elite weapon mogg


No GCD on it and the 11 sec CD starts instantly :person_shrugging:
There is a reason why arms is one of the specs that dies the least xd
But theres still been some arms complaining they dont have defensives comparing it to other specs :+1:

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wow, so u can have it in your dmg macro like Heroic Strike back in the days…

Classic warriors, complaing beeing only S+ and not S++

and when this class is just S tier or only A tier the class is instantly completely unplayable for them

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Should be able to yea, havent tested it myself just fast looked (attacking pvp dummy) to see if it had GCD or not =p

Pretty much, the instant they got the big buffs they started to get easy wins.
So having a strong MS wasnt enough, they also need the big dmg, big defensives and apparently they want more mobility or remove mobility from other specs :+1:


I think its just a you issue master of mms

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The class is not even a tier according to the bcon warriors blizo joe and merce

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Prepare for comments " arms bias" “Ofc these players gonna tell their main sucks and needs buffs”
Ppl cant cope the fact that warrior became again a competitive spec.


it is a tier, even scardrex aka the pshero of warriors said that warri is a tier, warri isnt as broken as sub rogue/aug evoker/ mage, but its alright and a Solid A tier, without a doubt

But classes like Sub Rogue, or especially Aug evoker is a completely different Level…

Remove aug Evoker from the game.


I have literally no clue havent been onn for 12 weeks or so haha bjt thanks you still playing kitty?

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Problem is the guys who are crying about it there mains dominated since last patch like warlock and rmp still won back to back awcs and yet they still say these speccs are not superior to anyone else.


When it first came out it was possible to disarm the warrior during bladestorm and that would instantly stop the bladestorm, is that still possible? (I don’t play a class with disarm anymore).

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