Warriors in PvP

Warriors seem pretty pointless right now. Even hunters and shamans do more melee damage. It seems balance druids, shadow priests, all hunters, rogues and shamans just destroy warriors, not to mention mages.

I have a fear on a 3 minute cooldown, meanwhile hunters and throwing traps out left and right and slowing EVERYONE in a 15 yard radius with a chance to root. Just to charge straight into a frost trap and be frozen for another 10 seconds.

I thought with the release of P2, warriors would be in a good spot with berserker stance/rage, mortal strike etc, but I’m getting absolutely slapped in PvP, unless I manage to get a few good crits off or have a dedicated healer in BGs.

Now, you might say its a L2Play issue, and that could be a fair comment. But I’ve played the game long enough to not be a total idiot. Shamans seem to have more armor than me and hit me for 1300 + 600 lava bursts. Hunter’s pets do mad damage and seem to hit harder than me in melee. Rogues are un-hittable and mutilate does more melee damage than my abilities if I were dual wielding too. Shadow priest dot you up and finish you off with a 1000+ Shadow-word death.

Meanwhile in 2H mace spec with the “PvP” weapon from STV, I rarely get a mace proc, I’m waiting to hit the target for 250 white hit while waiting for rage, with 8% crit chance… it’s just bollocks. You basically have to drop MS and bang 5 points into cruelty and play axe spec to get anywhere near a reasonable crit chance at 20%. But even then, it’s a slog at the moment. Spells coming in from all directions sending me straight back to GY. I would mind so much if I was winning my melee fights. I just feel useless, and maybe I am… I dunno.

How do other warriors feel in PvP?


The mace from the PVP vendor is the biggest troll by Blizzard, absolutely no warrior in the right mind wants a mace for PVP, axe spec and sword spec are superior, meanwhile Paladins get a very nice sword. 10/10 troll by Blizzard.


The warrior should have received a rune in SoD to improve his rage resource.

Like energy for rogue and ferals, rage should have been a resource that starts at 0 and gradually increases by x/sec, with thresholds depending on the damage received or inflicted which gradually increase the generation of rage.

Like this, ends the power of the warrior which is stupidly exponential in pve (from bad to too powerful) and it would greatly improve the abilities of the warrior in pvp.

SoD should have focused on new gameplay, new tools, CC, escape, etc for each class according to their flaws and not just a stupid abundance of damage.


I feel you. Warriors are absolute trash right now in pvp. I would consider them being the worst class atm. I hope some adjustements will come on FEB 20th but I do not expect to change a lot. But being able to at least play the game would be nice from a war perspective. It is obvious that casters are getting more and more love in SOD in comparison to classic which is fine to me.
But the game design where melee abilities do less dmg that instant caster ones is just a terrible design.



Get yourselves a healbot or two and you’ll obliterate everything in your path. That’s the way of the warrior.


and what if the others have a heal aswell ?
That comment is so useless and already 20 Years old.

Warrior sucks hard in PvP but not a single Dev cares cause they all rerolled to Hunter or Paladin.
Get rekt in PvP thats your Warrior Gameplay in every Open World Scenario.


Kill their healers. That’s pretty basic pvp stuff.


Spell reflect would be perfect right about now, the amount of dots and insane caster dmg is frustrating to say the least.


This is a great call. Spell reflect would help alot, I still feel like something else is also missing.


I know what you mean, definitely feels that way. The main problem I have is nearly all our runes are so bland and boring, Warbringer is without a doubt the best rune and I love having it, and instant slam is also nice, but the rest are just so meh.

The problem is Blizzard are obviously reluctant to give us anything interesting because they’re cautious about our damage in PVE.

Other classes are getting runes that completely change how they play, meanwhile we’re still playing exactly the same as we were in 2004. Having a healer to fix our problems is great and all, but it would be nice to have something a bit different, I’m sure they can come up with more interesting things than “all abilities now cost 3 less rage” etc.


Can’t agree more.
I had exactly the same experience.
Cheers for pointing it out
MS is so useless. If u can get 30 rage for it u are already dead.
The stv mace? Vendored


My slam is hitting harder than my mortal strike at the moment which is weird considering mortal strikes was always considered the big hitter.


It’s not about it hits harder it’s about its instant and cost no rage.
Just don’t take MS. Take cruelty instead. Use whirlwind and HS and pray for slam proc and crits.
If u don’t crit u are going to do less dmg then a hunter pet. And u got zero survivalibity.


Many classes are terrioble atm, at least feel terrible, But lets not pretend warriors once geared, do actually dominate everything at max level.

Im not saying its ok at the moment, but you know there is light for you at the end of the tunnel, and as somone pointed out, yes you will require a healer at this level, most do or die in 5 seconds.

But, as i said, and we all know it from experience, run into semi good geared warrior at max level… and then youll be running to your corpse. so its not all doom and gloom (think about the scaling, you know you will be a power house already, if they over-load you now, you will be spartans charging everyone and 2 shotting them)


Absolutely pointless, we’re not in classic.

Any other comp with healer will be stronger.

Warrior are taking 3x more damage to heal than they’re able to deal to other so it’s a complete mana hole for no result.


Bro, even in world pvp warriors have always sucked, at least in 1v1s. Warriors have always relied on engineering to iron out at least some of their inherent weaknesses. The trope “warrior is op in late game” only refers to PVE or to battlegrounds with a pocket healer and if things stay as they are now, even that might not be true.


Its the same 20 year old arguments literally

you need a healer bla bla
youll be op endgame bla bla

but everyone knows thats bs. warriors are just training dummys in the open world rn.
but blizz doesnt care or they just absolutely hate warriors idk something has to be behind it. even the meme in the first SoD Show in blizzcon with “make warriors less op/make everyone op” made me extremely suspicios and here we have it.

everyone who wants training dummys in SoD to test his stuff, just use a warrior.
ez clap

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Warrior is an absolute state in PvP and has been since sod came out, easily opened up in pvp by everyone, no counterplay at all, on the odd occasion they can 3 shot a mage if they triple crit and as you say ay 9% crit that happens maybe once a week.

They need a bladestorm like ability that makes them immune to cc AND heroic leap yes AND to bring them up to hunter, shadow priest shaman and rogue levels of toolkit.

You are right they blow chunks.


Wait, was there a pserver or smt for SoD?! Did i miss that?
How the hell do you “know it from experience”?
Cause by experience we knew that retri paladin were just esfand’s and his fanbase wet dream, yet they do just fine atm.
We knew that melee hunters and moonkins weren’t even a meme spec and they are blooming right now.
We knew that warrior tanks were bis and now they are nowhere near good.
We knew that rogues will need their full kit to play pvp, yet they did ok in whole p1 in small fights even without cheap/kidney shot or blind and they clap on ppl now with 40e muti.
So i’m asking again, what’s your experience in SoD max level?

And what do you mean by “max level”? Lvl60? We just got in p2, which will probably last 2-3months (judging by p1), then p3 and 60 after what, 8-9months? Every phase is “max lvl”, if a class is at warrior’s state for 2 consecutive phases there’s a problem.


There is a HUGE Problem with Warriors in PvP rn.
And all that it is judged by is some pepee “huge DPS” in Raids when a whole army is buffing a warrior. So what ? What does this “huge DPS” change ?
The raid is EASILY Clearable without a Warrior so what is the Big Plus of this Class right now ?

Warrior Class Phantasy is something like Big Armor, Big Axe.
Charge into something and Smash youre Axe etc. around as hard and fast you can.

-But in reality Clothie Warlock Tank has more Armor
-Your axe is hitting every 3.5 Sec and in between with no Rage you just watch how you get brutaly murdered with fast hitting crit sounds and magical explosions like in Movies.
and you just wait there and listen to your Orc/Human sayin “Huuuuhhh” every 4 seconds
-Shaman Tanks over Aggro you with Double Rockbiter and there Auto hits

But yea… -3 Rage on Offensive Spells and Enraged Regen you cant even use whenever u want… time to delete lvl 40 Warrior, reroll get pissed of timewaste and quit again i guess