Warsong Gulch Vendors

With the patch and battlegrounds coming early tomorrow, we wanted to take a moment to look at the Warsong Gulch vendors. They worked in original WoW and now work in WoW Classic like this:

  • Warsong Gulch vendor lists only appear when you have the required reputation. You should see the text “What items have I earned the right to purchase?” and, when you’re Neutral with your WSG faction, you should find that you don’t have the right to purchase anything.
  • Warsong Gulch vendors will only sell items from their original list of consumables (and one tabard) for now.
  • Additional items that were added to original WoW in patch 1.6 will become available when Blackwing Lair opens in 2020.

See you in the flag room!


Ok Im gonna be first to buy tabard finally my matching tabard just gonna PvP it up like in world but this time in WSG

Ur biggest fan: Kork!!

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fresh server please, that will be all, thank you

What about Alterac Valley rewards?


While I completely agree with this move, it’s also incredibly inconsitent considering you added the swiftblade, mageblade and warhammer - which were added back in 1.11 originally…
So are you going to reverse the availability of these 1.11 items then or?

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Why, now i am curiuos what side you playing.

Horde, my favorite

And 1.12 AV lmfao

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Blue is the color for Alliance! :wink:

Red is horde ur point being??? This is a discussion not kindergarten facts

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The Kork is back, I see that the rumors of your demise was vastly exaggerated :wink:

What is demise? What are u talking about? I just post when i can provide information and nuanced topics is it demon ice ur talking about? Or name? Some1 says they are me?

will you bring a better version of AV by that time too?
or are we just gonna pretend the current version isn’t the one that suck balls.
why does retail get the classic AV experience while classic WoW gets the version of AV that encourages AFK’ing in cave to win?
seems like a major oversight… but hey, it could be intentional, and if that is the case i would like a response with some reasoning behind this decision.

Someone wondered what side Community Manager is playing which you replyed:

and to that I replyed:

Since it’s a blue post! :wink:

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I shall name no names, suffice to say their lying tongues have been stilled and they now rest in shallow graves.

Well, thanks a lot, 4 days of farming went to a trash can. Noone reads forums nowadays, should have carified that ingame.

when is BWL coming? I want my WSG rewards

That’s only your problem that you don’t read forums.

Early 2020.

Hello, were the epic bracers and pants introduced with 1.6 or did the pants come later? Thank you very much