Wastewander humans

Yeah those humans in the desert.

So based on what i gathered, they were one of the earlier humans to reach Tanaris during warcraft 3, they are descendants of a group of pirates from the Eastern kingdoms. Eventually, they expanded into Uldum where in BFA they swore they changed their ways and are no longer like they used to be (bandits). Is everything correct so far?

What i noticed is that not many humans roleplay this group, favoring the other famous kingdoms instead like (Stormwind, Gilneas, Kul Tiras, and Lordaeron) being the most famous ones roleplayed (based on what i see in TRP3). And thats fine, i like being unique or rare.

anyway. My character was born in Tanaris, around wacraft 3. So how old would that make her? young adult like Anduin? with all the time skips and stuff i really cannot do math lmao

Another question i have is Guildwise, where would my character fit? as she is not strictly alliance or Horde. just nomadic and favors visiting Alliance cities. She is a hunter if it helps

thanks in advance!


She would be around 19-20 years old. As for where she could fit in is up to you. There plenty of neutral groups like pirates or mercenaries.


Aslong as you stick to being an actual Wastewander from the Warcraft 3 era and dont start pretending you came from Uldum from a thousand-years old caliphate, you’re good. ( Yes, the people portraying what I just said exist.)


i can imagine haha.

now to come up with a story about her parents origins. this will be tricky. :thinking:

cannot wait to roleplay her. :smile: especially since im Arab so the deserts is my home (in real life at least)


Your options may be greater than you think. The Wastewanders all hail from the humans that came with Jaina Proudmoore, but her expedition consisted of multiple nationalities aswell. Not just Lordaeronians, but also Kul Tirans or Gilneans from the Gilneas Brigade etc.

Edit: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Human_Expedition Here it shows what nationalities were part of it.


Another little note about Wastewander humans in lore was a world quest in BFA where Scorpidsting asks the player character to obtain coins from the corpses of dead wastewander members in the aqir-ridden zone:

It may be too late for some of our fallen brothers and sisters, but it is not too late to give solace to their families. Every Wastewander carries with them a unique coin, signifying their status as a member of our group. If you find any of these coins, please bring them to me and I will make sure they are properly returned to their next of kin.

Not something I’ve seen too many wastewander characters acknowledge but it’s something I think that’s neat.


i had a little note that her mother was killed by a Farraki troll raid. is that fine?

thanks i did not know this

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Perfectly fine I say, there’s a pretty big chance that shortly after their arrival, the Wastewanders ended up clashing with the Farraki.


Just brace yourself when/if you encounter other Wastewander roleplayers who aren’t Arab/Southwest Asian irl.

They have a tendency to use every tasteless stereotype in the book.


/e enslaves you in the name of the sultanate


And also tend to just kinda ignore the setting. Granted that’s a less problematic issue than the faux-Turkish much of them adopt, but it’s still an issue.

The largest scale old god invasion since history began? Yeah, perfect time for a friendly market!


Pretty sure ive faced that in real life “arent you too pale to be from Arabia”

well sorry. let me just apply more tan


Didn’t they flee into a pocket-dimension made by the super celestial god-dragon who was once a panda?


Rings a bell.

Help, I’m dizzy.

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It did happen a bit later tho, around the time of Cataclysm. Thats when the family moved to Uldum :smile:

Yeah, but it’s fine, thy hosted server events so all is forgiven.

Should have stayed in that pocket dimension and barred off the exits instead of frolickiing around Stormwind and Dalaran.

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Just a quick note that humans have been visiting Gadgetzan in Tanaris since at least the Second War, per the Traveller books, so while the Wastewanders may be more recent than that they’re not the earliest humans to hang out there.


ive heard of this. but dont recall any humans making settlements there, rather just visits.

Anyway third war is fine with me. I made the dad of Kul tiran origin and mom of Gilnean origin (or the parts of Gilneas outside the wall that is)

Not quite, they “descend” from a group of pirates that were shipwrecked or otherwise stranded in Kalimdor after the Third War. But that is where this lore gets quite muddied quickly as when this lore was written, Kalimdor was a forgotten, unknown continent hidden in mist that only parted with the coming of the Burning Legion.

This has since been retconned to Kalimdor being known about as early on as the Second War, with Gadgetzan being an established city already along the lines of its Hearthstone incarnation, with as Elenthas said humans visiting it.