Wastewander humans

i also read somewhere, wowpedia i think, that they descend from nomadic pirates, which is why i was surpised to see Desartin mentioning Jaina and her followers.

but if they are descendants of pirates, then can i say her father is of Kul tiran origin and mother of Gilnean. since we dont even know where those nomadic pirates originated from anyway.

Welp, Ill be the first to admit that I could be wrong, so I do. My bad. Still, them hailing from pirates still leaves open many options for your char’s parents’ origins, as pirates tend to consist of many different sorts of people anyways.


It’s from Ask CDev round 3.

The Wastewander Bandits descend from a small band of human pirates who arrived in Kalimdor shortly after its discovery by the peoples of the Eastern Kingdoms. When the Southsea pirates arrived and entered into competition with them, they were essentially marooned in Tanaris after their few ships were stolen. They took to a new life as bandits and started raiding rich goblin settlements and capturing their life-giving water wells. After the failure of Uldum’s cloaking device a few bandits split off from the Wastewanders to pilfer the treasures of the titans.


Your character doesn’t even necessarily have to be a pirate by choice if going down a strict piracy/seafaring route doesn’t interest you. IRL it wasn’t uncommon for pirate crews to pressgang - essentially forcing people onto their ship to work for them, so you could theoretically have a character who was a part of the Southsea pirates but either never engaged in actual acts of piracy (ships need non-combatants in order to stay afloat) or who only engaged in those acts in order to self-preserve.

Honestly Wastewander characters can be taken in a whole range of directions which is why it’s both a shame to see them often squandered by playing into weird fetishistic directions, but also great to see an actual interest outside of that audience!


It wasn’t just the pirates doing that either, I’m quite sure it also happened with regular navy and/or merchant vessels! Back then was not a good time to be out on the street seeming like you were doing nothing.

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And it was considered business as usual at the time too instead of a new discovery. Greydon and his brother visiting Gadgetzan decades ago was just something that sailors did, meaning that humans may very well have been there much earlier. The Warcraft 2 lore description of Kul Tiras as a nation described them as the richest nation in the known world due to their merchant fleets ranging far across the globe in search of goods, bringing considerable wealth to the nation.

Wastewanders as a group just settled in Warcraft 3.


First of all I would like to thank everyone in helping me understand the lore better and taking the time to reply.

So I decided to do this. Her father is part of the Wastewander ( a pirate of Kul Tiran origin) he arrived in Warcraft 3.

Her mother on the other hand, is of a Gilnean family that left around or after the second war to Gadgetzan, and after hearing news that Greymane built the wall, they had nothing to go back to so they stayed in Gadgetzan.

Her mother grew up in Tanaris, not knowing much of Gilneas. During the third war her mother fell in love with the pirate from Wastewander and they started a family together.

And my OC of course, is the daughter of these people. Born in Tanaris.

She should be 20 years old around the time of Dragonflight. So young adult.

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Interestingly, when Medivh approaches Lordaeron’s Court in WC3 to give his half thought-out rant about the end of the world, he says:

“The only hope for your people is to travel West, to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor.”

To which one of them replies:

"Kalimdor!? Are you mad?"

Which implies Humans had some knowledge of the continent’s existence, whether by books/old tales, or from more recent explorers - if we’re going by new lore.



they must be the strict human type. The only humans crazy enough to travel to a troll/night elf filled continent is sailors at the time, i think.

kind of like how majority of High elves wanted to keep to their forrests, but Alleria was the adventurous rebel.

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He actually says:

“Travel west? Are you mad!?”

The speaker is also a mage of the Kirin Tor / Dalaran, unless I mistake the voice, but it seems to be the same person who earlier in the cinematic is speaking about the dangers of the plague outbreak, Terenas also refers to him as an ambassador.

If any humans were to know of Kalimdor by name, I do imagine it would be Dalarani because of their relationship with the elves who came sailing in from the west in humanity’s dawn age.

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Damn Panda’s stole the Night Elves vibes…

Anoter L for NElf fans everywhere :weary:

This sounds like a pretty solid background for your OC! Good to see you mix old and new lore and different nationalities! Makes for an interesting background aswell!


Not really an answer for you because I had the same problem. I made a Vulpera instead because of the nomad and desert vibes but since blizzard likes to quirkmax them even more now thats even less of an option now than before…

But I love to see some Love for Uldum and Wastewander humans.

I still remember that certain one we feared so much.

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Wild, bad headcanon. As long as people read up on actual lore and don’t let any of that in, we may yet save tanaris and uldum human RPers and the reputation of such groups.

Shun stranglethorn jungle humans, though. It’s so bad!


Unless they are from Kurzen’s expedition!

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Makasa from Traveller is from Stranglethorn, and her family all have African names.

But her parents are specifically Stromic pirates. She was just born in Booty Bay because it’s a pirate haven.


They’re not all viking gingers?!?!?!

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Cathan on life support


To be fair, Majority of the Wastewander humans NPC’s have a mixture of Arab, Persian, and Muslim Indian names.

A few have western names like Arianna. But the majority are Middle Eastern. And that’s completely fine with me as a middle eastern. I gave my OC an Arab name.


Normalise giving non-white names and skin colours to humans regardless of their nationalities.

Edit: With or without (mostly with) the intention of pissing off norf players.