Watch the Shadowlands Afterlives Series

Watch the Shadowlands Afterlives Series

Delve into four realms of the Shadowlands – Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth – and discover the journeys souls take once they cross the eternal veil.

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I liked. Very story-rich! Can’t wait for the next ones. :heart_eyes:

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Shadowlands in 2 months? so when do we get prepatch???


Bastion, zealous little shaits confirmed. :stuck_out_tongue:
On the video itself: cool. I always wanted more of these things in game.

Date reveal!


I was triggered by the date format for a European convention. :>


I’ll never understand American dates. There is no logic that puts month before day sensibly.


Thanks for big Uther face on the cover :revolving_hearts:

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I almost cried when arthas said “i see only darkness…” Good old times…


So, for some reason, Uther’s soul was split, and the ‘vengeful’ part went to the Shadowlands, but when Arthas dies, you can find his spirit in the Light’s Hammer level of the raid. You also find Uther’s spirit in the Cataclysm in the revamped Western Plaguelands questline, at least for Alliance players.

So, dear Blizzard, in the undying words of the Chicken Man, Gustavo Fring: EXPLAIN YOURSELVES.


Uther ma boi… u did good, u.


We should boycott Blizzard over this!

We haven’t had a good boycott in a while either.

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I was pretty sure Uther will spare Arthas after “it’s not for vengeance” cause throwing him in act of vengeance would be exactly the same as Arthas chasing Malganis to Northrend to avenge his people. Looks like I was wrong :frowning:


Is that male kyrian (edit " Thenios") voiced by Tim Russ, aka Tuvok from star trek it sounds like him?

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That’s exactly what I said to my uninterested other half!

This has to be my least favorite one of these animated series.
I find it VERY hard to believe that Uther, the man who trained Arthas since he was a boy, would CONDEMN that same man to eternal torment out of ‘justice/revenge’?
Lich King was to blame, it’s like he had no clue that it was no longer the same Arthas.
I also found it a bit dry and not too pumped with emotion as other pieces.
Feels a bit forced, made just to ‘hype’ fans for Arthas and a bit…eh…
I guess I expected more.

Uther’s behavior and lust towards revenge/justice is something I’d label to Sylvanas.
Now we suddenly have another soul unable to rest because of what Arthas did to them, and another person who wants to see him suffer for all eternity. :woman_shrugging:
I am disappointed with this, but ah well…glad others enjoyed it.


Awesome, awesome, awesome. For a moment I thought he was gonna spare Arthas. I wonder if that wound will ever heal. I hope we get to see Arthas in the maw. I can’t wait to find out Uther’s stort in Bastion. SQUEE :heart_eyes:

Omg THANK YOU that was bugging me so much.

It was Tuvok from Voyager. I had to double check, but yeah it is him.

End of October? Is this a joke? Too soon