Watch the Shadowlands Afterlives Series

Was you expecting lore that connects with the past? then it’s your fault for having that expecatation. You don’t get what you expect with this games lore today.

I still can’t believe that people like keep expecting that current wow lore can connect the past and do it properly instead of the usual mess rewriting it is…

You people man…

That picture looks like no man’s sky

What? XD
I was expecting lore to make sense!
How in the world, and why in the world did Uther’s soul get split? It makes no sense. It was just put there so they could make some kind of redemption arc for either him or Arthas…and THAT could’ve been handled much better than like this.

It’s Sylvanas’ role, plain and simple. Have her chain Arthas in Maw with Jailor’s help, she sells her soul to Jailor, serves him so that Arthas is condemned to all eternity etc etc etc.

Now we’ll just have a whole load of mess with Bastion leadership going corrupt, or Devos turning bad, or Uther going bad…etc. Just…let old heroes rest…

Besides, practically entirety of Shadowlands is ‘lore connecting to past’ , so your statement makes no sense whatsoever.

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And that was my point ‘‘connect with the past properly’’ - lore making sense.

I am sorry, but then you deserve to continue being dissapointed.

If you say so! xD

Weaker than the first one that’s for sure.

Also reused felguards shot… c’mon…

It was good. Different from the first. More of a character introduction than a story introduction. Although some things are definitely going wrong in Maldraxxus as well, like in Bastion, so it’s all very intriguing.

People say it’s not as good as the first one. Right. The first one had Arthas. And Arthas is the Warcraft trump card. Whenever Blizzard plays the Arthas card, they win. Nothing beats Arthas amongst the fans.

Very much looking forward to the next one.

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She is the Key :smiley: I love the symbolism here :wink:

I do find it a little confusing that Blizzard doesn’t want Shadowlands to coast off of old lore characters, and yet so far these animations have done nothing but that. I hope Ardenweald centres around more original lore, which is the most interesting part of this expansion IMO.

Most likely. The teaser image Blizzard has for Ardenweald seems to focus on a young Sylvar, and ain’t never seen any of those before on Azeroth. :yum:

Kinda makes sense that it’s more of a intro than such lore heavy video like Uther since Draka is bit of an unknown aside from being Thralls mom.

And yeah the first one was just so lore heavy and had a huge impact, which is really hard to top.
But still I liked the cinematic even if it was not as epic. It was great seeing Draka and I look forward to exploring the story of Maldraxxus.

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This one was so uninteresting in comparison to the uther one. And dare I say… kinda lazy and cringe.


I don’t really see what was lazy or cringe about it at all.

I agree it was uninteresting. I got bored half way through, it told me nothing about the story of Maldraxxas.
With that said I hear it does help explain the story of the zone once we actually get to play it, as in game you’re randomly introduced to Draka and shes for some reason important.

The Maldraxxas story and zone as a whole really doesn’t have a lot going on in 9.0, they didnt have much to work with.

I also think people are directly comparing it to the Bastion one which was arguably very, very good.
If this one came out first i think the general response would be “Ok, kind of neat.” not “omg so bad”

I made a meme based on that!!

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Could someone help me to understand pls?

The Shadowlands are some sort of After Life ( or dimension, or plane of existence), but how can a Soul of Shadowlands possibily INTERACT with the “World” without have a BODY or CORPORAL form?

Draka (possibly ) went to the Burning Legion Camp with HER body, so wtf?

Noooooooooo, Ursoc, :sleepy: :broken_heart:


After this I hope anyone who supported sulvanus to get permanent title "The idiot"on all chars in game for 2 years

So apparently bear druids are over and we just killed a foundational wild god of druidism for the sake of a cinematic.

I am sorry, but this was very hard to take.
Here i thought that offing Ysera as a side quest for some emotional impact was harsh, and now we are going around massacring the foundational lore of wow.

I cant help it. No matter how good this looks, this did a number on my hype.
Even after BfA’s intro event, most of the developer team seems completely oblivious and insensitive towards the ingame world and lore.

The same way you stab ghosts :woman_shrugging:

I suppose I’ll care more once I’ve met these people and visited the place, not feeling anything yet.