We all know warrior is op but

We should not forget about Windwalker being in dire need of nerfs. :slight_smile:


dk with 4 set are pumping aswell


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Windwalker is among the most balanced specs at the moment. As evidenced by the fact that they got hit hard in the first few rounds of tuning, but haven’t been touched since.


make chains of ice dispellable :slight_smile:

I would be down for this that means they cannot dispell actual cc lol

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i hate chains of ice so much on my hunter :frowning:

I would accept a chains of ice nerf if dk got some defence buffs especially against physical dmg


im guessing playing dk is pretty aids atm with all the arms warrior running around

Most of them are garbage tbh, the good ones make life hard.

If it bleeds… we can kill it.

J/k plate class dont bleed were doomed.

Today I joined a bg 15v15 and 6 enemy’s were arms specc. We are in for a ride with arms being the strongest pvp spec again right when assa will be rightfully nerfed.

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I haven’t had any specific issues with warriors so far.


I assume when AWC is over and everyone has 2/4set, we will see balance changes


:cat: :popcorn:


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Is that the offical music vod i never saw it wtf

I think, yeah. I mean, i was 12, it’s quite an old song. :joy:

I wasnt even born haha