We deserve the right to post on U.S. forums

Ahr come on, you are a roleplayer, you must have a better way to say just that word? :wink:

Massive Clone Pen :thinking:
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Lovable Enlightment Rod :smirk:

I’m so sorry Blue Guardians :bowing_woman: But I regret nothing :muscle:

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Womb broom


Yes that was discussed further up in the thread but it’s worth highlighting again none the less :slight_smile:

With hindsight, I should have worded it that an additional subscription is not required to post on the US forums.

It is a perception that the EU is ignored. However I don’t seem big interaction from Devs on the US forums either.

The Dev posts or information posts mostly appear on both forums at the same time now as well.

There shouldn’t be unwritten rules though. If anything is not permitted it should be in written form.

Both EU and US forums have a welcome topic and the rules laid out in them.

This is cultural speaking - what is allowed and frowned upon in one place, isn’t in another place.

Sometimes, those unwritten rules are so umbedded in people, that it seems strange no one else knows about them

I know… But you can still see differences

this is cultural speaking

But those rules are exactly the same, does that mean the EU ones aren’t enforced?

Oops, I was going to reply to other posts.

btw I just levelled a character to 10 on a US account with no gametime at all for any region and it took 39 minutes as a mage, that was doing some grinding too.

The character isn’t appearing in the character list on the website yet so I can’t check about posting without gametime, but I believe you need EU gametime to post in anywhere other than CS or Tech support.

edit: I cleared the cookies, logged out then back in again and I can now confirm you cannot post anywhere on the US forums except CS, TS and new players if you don’t have gametime.

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Sounds good, doesn’t work.
As an player with active EU subscription I tried that, leveled my character to 10 on US RP server, left the game, Reset came and went on Wednesday and still I’m not able to choose a character to post on US forums with, its just doesn’t appear there.
I believe you don’t know what you’re talking about, Puny.

My US forum posting character…

Clearly just a figment of my imagination like all those other players that do exactly the same.

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Best solution.


We have different resets, nothing would really make much sense. Unless they moved us all onto US cycle, personally that would not suit me.

TL3 on US too?

Resets for the game servers don’t affect the forums.

This is not what is being asked.

This is either character that had at least one expansion bought on it or you have payed for subscription at least once on US, because again, I don’t think my mind or my eyes playing the trick with me when I trying to choose the character to post with and the list is utterly empty.

Soooooooooooooooombody once told me, to make a new fresh alt. :notes:

And post on the foruuuuums! :notes:

And then level it to 10 and bing bang walla walla bing bang!

I think only because it’s beta flagged at preset and that’s at an bnet level.

Except when everyone discusses things that aren’t available yet and we are effectively lagging a day behind every week.

No it’s a response to the point I made.

It’s a starter account

Data mining, Beta, PTR. People already release info from these 3 sources (and more) before any given patch hits.

I mean, does the US care about your rights? :eyes: