We got failed, yet again!

They can’t get single thing right, absolutely disgusted by the way we are treated after giving them money for 15 years


I’m not one to come on the forums and moan, but this is a bit unfair and doesn’t make sense.

I shouldn’t, but I’m willing to transfer to gehennas then pay to move to mograine, but even that’s unavailable at the minute for some bizarre reason (It’s not even overpopulated) .

Dont do that. Dont give them money for a problem they created. They said “all” server and US players could go to all server just not EU yet. They have to fix this to inculde all server.

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I just don’t understand the reasoning behind all the vagueness. It feels like they’re in that “Ohhhhhhhhhh gowwwwwwwwwd, we gotta deal with these EU servers sighhhhhhh” mode…

Everything has been half-assed. Bad communication from the start.


And looks like they wont say more. So expect them to say nothing and just wait, close it down and let that be that.

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I cannot move my character as well to Golemagg. At first i thought it is because the server locks but i can move it to Firemaw or Gihhenas where are too. And @Kaivax sure us already that everything is working… @Kaivax

Still nothing said about this. 10 hours since the first blue update and my guess is they gone home for the weekend and left people stranded. How hard is it to type a few words giving some info. Is this intended? If so why? Golemagg is not even the biggest server on the list yet no info at all.

You aint gonna hear a word from them, they dont care they just want your money after that you are on ignore list

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isnt it early in the morning in california rn? Lets hope they come to work at 9am and fix this before weekend :smiley:

Aint holding my breath. US players got to transfer problem free 3 days ago.

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You should be able to move to all not locked servers, at least for Wrath. For ERA there’s only Firemaw(PvP) and PyrewoodVillage(PvE) - two excellent servers, but if you are a RP player this is kind of a “Meh!”.

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US got to do it. Blizzard said we could it. As of right now you can go to Gehennas that had 12000 more the Golemagg that you cant go to. Stop with these comments.

I dont know what you mean US can do we cannot? As far I can read they also have problems with transferring to some specific realms.

So whats the point to allow Gehennas and not others? THE biggest server in EU is fine but others are not? People with mains on those servers can just go kick rocks? What a solid point you make.


I think it’s probably just a mistake that some realms are missing. I would suggest to create a thread regarding it and keep posting until they see it and ideally resolve it… but it can take a while for anyone to read posts on EU…

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Clear my mailbox please, i cant transfer! its empty, probably bugged or pending mail from npc quest giver. You didnt give us a time frame on those transfers, i am afraid i am gonna lose it ;(

Can US also go to all Era servers?

Or German, French or Spanish.

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Disable all Addons and ignore lists. Log out, in again and see if you got mail now

My Chars

Druid 70 → Stuck Gehenas Allianz (payed a transfer at start of TBC for trying getting a enemy faction. Stopped playing TBC because my alts and other socials where on a other Server) For woltk I logged in. 99% Hord created by a Free Trans

Mage 74 Morgaine Searching over 1h for a dungeon → 95% Horde created by Free Trans
Rogue 80 Morgaine Just raidlogg one Day bit content on Monday searching 1h for a HC Daily

SOM Chars no at least open. Transfer to all locked server. But I cant transfer my SOM Chars to Morgaine. It feels like you give this Server a… Also they are very less Info about. Searching in a Forum of Complains.

Finding a post on US-Forum that it starts at 1.Nov and only one Week time! EU still dont work only some since 3. Nov

Are my Chars now Lost if y dont tranfer they randomly in hope i can tranfer these chars on a Server which is in next Phase death or on a Era Server where content is predicted since TBC Clone??? Can I transfer from Era to woltk?

Thats all happed cause non Fractionlimited Free Transfers and Queues.