"We hope to see healthy population for Classic Era"

There were plenty of guilds not following the meta of world buffs and left it up to each and every player to fetch them if they wanted to.

The problem is the pressure other players feel when vanishing from the output meters.

It’s an e-peen thing derived from retail zoom where players that give minimum effort expect to be equal with maximum effort.

There are players quitting raid teams because they cannot top the damage meter.

It’s so out of this world I don’t really have a comment on the scale of ludicrousy.

Now with naxx and consumables, that sure was another thing. After most people had quit anyway. It’s in the nature of rushing all content and having your raid team not even close to BIS, and making up for it with consumables. Because omg i can’t finish this game fast enough so i can go offline.

I don’t expect you to glare at my epics. I expect you to come along and get your own epics so that we are on level, but as you know our GM have called MC off cause he now have his TF and his GF have 55 healing recipe.


Not true. Make AoE to hit mobs, stealthed opposite faction steps into it. BAM you’re dead.

Why do you lie? Even now 9.00 am server time there’s more than 10 times that amount online and playing.

So you enable it on purpose by doing aoe and paying minimal attention to your surroundings. How many classes does this apply to anyway? Oh a whole 1, where it’s not even needed and where thousands of players have been, and are doing it just fine without non existant problems that you are otherwise trying to create.

Why are you unable to realize that there are more than a handful of servers and they don’t all share the population?

Do tell. How many is online on HW alliance now. I dear you.

I’m just telling that there IS a way for PvP’ers to make you attack them. A level 60 rogue iin stealth is iunvisibel to a lower level and can - and do jump into your AoE. Also other faction crowding you for long times, trying to jumpo between you and your mob. I’m not saying it happens all the time, but often enough. And if you read the answeers from other, I’m not the only one having this happen. There IS a difference in mentality.

At 9.00 am 3 on HW and 33 on the PvE cluster. 18 on tthe one PvP where I have a toon. I can’t check now. All ally-side.

I don’t know how to clearly break it all down to you. Your issue is already a thing on pve realms. Self explanatory it is that the higher the population the higher the chance of this occurring. For this reason you want to uphold dead servers. Just that, it’s not that simple. I have already told you. That one troll in a million that go to grief you instead of sneaking up on already pvp enabled players is nowhere near a reason enough to uphold dead servers so that you and a handful others can play single player.

It is not a single player game. And you are supposed to adapt to the world. Your not grinding guards in Orgrimmar are you? Of course your not, so you are able to adapt.

What healthy numbers you represent. IDK what cluster Zandalar is in so cannot comment on that. Doesn’t matter. The numbers speak clearly. Action is required 3 weeks ago. Props to you for having guts to report it.

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I do not expect healthy numbers at nine in the morning on a Tuesday. Nowhere! Just to tell Turøk that he was wrong with 3 :wink:

What does this mean? There are four clusters? They do not share? I know.
I will any time figth an clamour for the two PvP clusters to be merged into one. This means I go for THREE clusters.

  • One PvP including the PvP-RP, where the population seems to want this merge – at least noone have protested.
  • One PvE – already there.
  • One RP – already there as well.
    As a suppelment I advocate fro free transfer in all directions, so that those hwo want out or in on another cluster can do so.

And you keeop repeting that this is not a single player game, I keep agreeing, but I also keep on telling you that playing together with other is more – and for me other – than PvP (Which I do not do! I have 0 (zero) honourable kills from all of Classic and on all my toons together).

Zandalar is not on that list, neither is HW. Both should be.

We shouldn’t have to dwell further into population numbers. The reports are all over the place. Just because there is one cluster that are decently active and are growing as people are moving over there, doesn’t mean rest of the servers should be left dead.
The problem is only increasing if people are paying to transfer, meaning the realms that are left behind will be true ghost villages. The realms that are not connected are dropping in population every day. One could think that soon blizz will just delete the dead realms and give the remaining players a big middle finger for not paying to transfer. Yes I’m willing to form a theory that blizz is intentionally ignoring our requests for sake of profit. Well, my sub is already canceled and wont be renewed unless this all is resolved.

We can agree upon your view upon how clusters could be, with every detail included. Just that it’s not happening and the game is bleeding players. Our variants of proposed clusters are near identical in outcome, though I find it hard to believe RP will be in a good spot. And preference is naturally to keep the realm intact, just connect it to a cluster. It’s not like I want to move, but I will have to. Why can’t the RP be connected with PVE?

You have 0 HK’s on all your toons all through classic… sounds like you don’t have even near the issues with pvp as you previously have made it sound like.

Why don’t you take a hunter into AV and show what you think of players attacking you. Oh wait, AV actually requires players.

No, they are not merged - ergo not on the list.

I feel sorry for you. But the numbers have been almost the same each time I’ve been looking – only HW loosing a bit. It might actually be fine to merge into TWO clusters one PvP and one PvE.

As I said. I DO NOT do PvP. Lots have killed me. When I’m attacked I do /sit and wait it out. I’ve not been to a BG in Classic.

lol its telling me to consider replying to more people :smiley:

Yeah it’s got a point, were quite through now. I’m happy with our outcome.

Just I’m a little confused. Someone says there are nearly 50 realms, yet we only see some of them. Assume its localized language servers. For that I have to say “English” servers is not really a thing with dutch and scandinavian, even chinese and russian. If we can pvp against russians in bg we sure can be on same server as them. Now don’t get me wrong, I would not prefer this. Just, whatever it takes for a healthy game. And honestly it’s quite inevitable that we will get there, just look at retail. Uhm yes classic english BG’s are matched against russians. It’s a thrill every time.

This just explain why the reports of dead servers are so broad, despite “new connections” The abandoned servers need attention 3 weeks ago.

It is crucial. There are many more potential players, but they are met with a dead server and think it’s game over. How blizz can’t see this loss of income I don’t understand.

I land my number on 60. 60 players “online” is what a faction needs to hinder mass exodus. Only one cluster reaches this numbers, and this cluster come out as a clear go to making the case even worse than it was for other realms. The new connections was poorly thought through. Seems they spent less than 5 minutes on it.

Also. How messed up is it that some realms are lucky and get connected while other realms have to pay hundreds of euros each to join life. It’s like real world with priviliged boomers. The original boomers that is, the only boomers. Damn zoomers.


stonespine eu on horde side is very active HOWEVER only for raid recruiting and hc dungeons
lower level dungeons and elite quests that require group lack players with low level alts/or people to make said groups

edit got help with full triangle and the nelf dh quest chain in nagrand
now i miss a shadow labs normal group at 68

I just want to remind you I’m playing on Zandalar and I have no idea what are the numbers on your realm (since IronForge.Pro now only cares about TBC population and the past scans were just about those who were actively raiding before the pre-patch).

I’m keeping up a Census with the addon on purpose for that, and I linked here below some screenshots I took today with the data showing 98 people logged in the last 30 days, horde side only. I want to emphasize that “in the last 30 days”.
Add a https:// in front to open them.
Total Census: prnt.sc/16lnin9
Unguilded: prnt.sc/16loazr
Sons of Anarchy (the guild I’m in): prnt.sc/16lokeu

It means that at most, daily we are from [1-2] to [7-8] people logged in during [off-time] / [peak-time].
It’s not unusual that past midnight or 1-2 am there is just one player online or literally no one.

Let’s take your numbers now . I don’t know which toons you are actively playing and where but supposing you are focusing on the PvE one mostly, how many players would be logged in during peak-time? 50-60?

Sadly no, we haven’t been connected either with any cluster atm.

Well I believe it to be true of ZT, but as you said

I thought you meant all realms in general. I never used an addon, but in Classic Era /who still works as intended. (as opposed to TBCC and Retail where players below level 20 are not listed).
Your supposition is right, I play solely PvE / RP-PvE (I have one toon on a PvE server at about level 11 :wink: )
And on the PvE cluster there’s often more than 50 (both factions separately) even in not prime time HW - who like ZT is not merged - have seldom more than 50 ally-side, but often Horde-side because of the new guild there.
I can post screenies somewhere if you’d like to see. I can’t make addons work in Classic for the time being.
Now 17::40 - 17:45 the numbers are
HW: Ally 13 - Horde 11
PvE group: Ally 93 Horde 30

New numbers at 22:00 - 22:06 server time:

  • HW:
    Ally 12 - Horde 21
  • PvE cluster
    Ally 154 - Horde 50

join darrowshire. stop paying blizzard for nothing, you guys deserve better.

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I love Darrowshire, that man Cranius sure can sing! And I love Classic Era. Crawl back under your tombstone.
Link - remove space between / / https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dTxcHulFBI

:smiley: what are you fighting for. u really like playing this nonsense?

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Me? Yes I really do. I’ve been longing for Classic since at least Wrath.
And I’m just wanting everybody to be allowed to enjoy what they like in the way they like (as long as they’re not harming other people).
What’s your fight?


not only english, also other languages … just one PvP server for EU. The non-english servers are unplayable rn.


Some sort of action is needed for sure! Simplest solution to me is either merge all the existing PvP servers into one server, or migrate everyone on these servers into a new server. Essentially the problem is the player base is too spread now!
Peace and Love,

Ideally the first one is the best, cause otherwise everyone would left for greener pastures toward those new realms and that won’t solve the issue for those 10 people left on the “old” dying realms.

Also, they should also connect our RPPvP realm with the other pvp ones at this point, and if dedicated RP players might be still worried about the naming issue, Activision could enforce the naming policy only on toons created from our realm.

Or even better we can just create an addon that only display the names of those RP-friendly players who have it installed, while hiding all the others by default. That’s far easier to achieve than waiting (or hoping) for Activision to do anything constructive about it, given the fact that even Blizz itself never cared either about the whole bots issue as well.