We need high elves

yeah thats my biggest gripe with it. i dont have it yet but im not sure if i d find people who are willing to with this restriction. :joy:

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I wish I had the Hivemind. But alas. A carriage with alpaccas though, now that I would truly want.

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It would need a sound track too :musical_note: Dolly and Dot are my best friends… :musical_note:


The bombers wouldn’t require much work as some of them have multiple seats already and they’re definitely very appropriate. And yes, the hopper is really cool but unfortunately out of reach for most people. Really liking the idea of a big pterodactyl :+1:t2:

That would be great. Kodo and clefthoofs are pretty big in the first place and should be more than up for the task.

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Clickbait…? Drae moves in mysterious ways. Anyhow, it was effective to get our attention… smart one.

We may never know.

That explains why I top the charts in Classic as a healer. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Insert a picture about the Pope drawing bow and arrow

A tiger shapeshift! :tiger: Approved by the almighty King Bangalash - careful not to mention it to Hemet!

Maybe even the wyrmkin could be at play here, you know, the ones in Swamp of Sorrows and southern Dustwallow. It might be able to carry 2 players.


You might want to read that.

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Who are we? You want.

Not at all. The high elves (and by extension blood elves/void elves) are very clever people who’s had great success domesticating magical beasts as mounts. Surely they have insight to provide here. In other words, their wisdom is needed.


As a high elf myself I see the logic here…


That reminds me, there is that car with radio in the Goblin starting area. That would have been fun too.

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am i seeing this correctly a hunter using a leather helmet?

yes :joy: guess the mail one didnt cover enough!

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ah yes of course you are correct

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I want a 20 character mount.

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Like a bus? A steam tank maybe, some of those are pretty big.

we need drows …

Night elves can actually fill the role of drow quite well since Shadowlands with white hair and black skin, and the Nightborne since the most recent patch. However, none of them would be very good for carrying passengers.

High elves please with op racials.

That was the most arrogant female Draenei thing you could have said by lore :smiley:

Dunkiee takes off her hood, and makes a quick flip around, generating what could only be called a hairstorm.

The Thalassian combs her hair back to its natural, long form and hides it with the hood once again.

Please. We, the daughters of Quel’Thalas, require extensive haircare. I am so grateful hoods like this naturally protect our delicate strands of hair… :haircut_woman:
And not only us, as the shal’dorei too revere their… permanent crown, so to say, and I don’t doubt that night elves wouldn’t clean theirs with all the herbs and bugs getting stuck in them while tending to the groves. :herb::beetle:
No idea about the void elves as many of their hairstyles look like as if they just came out of a shower. Their shampoo of choice must be an immensely strong one, I bet…

So, such a mount is indeed a godsend for many of us.