We need more servers blizz


I’m getting pretty impatient, to put it simply I’m not willing to commit to a character on classic until I know for sure that I’m not going to be waiting in a que all day just to play. I’m not willing to accept any idiot who thinks that in 3 or 4 weeks classic will be dead, (it wont). Its player base is steadily rising and I bet it will soon eclipse Live if it hasn’t already.


The only problem being that Every server on EU realms right now is ether high pop or full with stupidly long wait times, classic is not going away any time soon and this level of people scramming to jump into the game has not been seen by any expac, we need more servers and fast. I payed good money to play this game and I should be able to play it without the fear that I will be stuck in a 4+ hour wait the next morning because the servers are so full, its clear that there are lots of people trying to get in and not enough servers. when a shop doesn’t have enough employees to do business and make money, they hire more. So when wow classic doesn’t have enough servers to allow people to play, buy more.

and some people will be happy with not having ques but tbh I’m gonna go further and say that when I wake up or get back from work/school I should see a server list with at least 5+ servers with medium or lower population at peak times, like we do in live. I want to find a server to make my home, but unfortunately we are stuck paying £10 a month to take turns on who gets to play at what times, that’s absolutely appalling, I and many others are not ready to make a server a home until I come to my computer and sit down at 5pm and see a realm in medium population, then I can be satisfied that virtually everyone is getting the experience that I can have and I’m never going to be locked out of playing my character while others are getting ahead of me.

im not waiting 5 hours to play a game that I pay £10 a month for just because a bunch of idiots think that a game that was once the most played and talked about game in the world with a player base of millions of people and nothing but positivity from the people that actually managed to get in is gonna flop after a few days of rabid binging.

TL;DR. The amount of servers we have is not acceptable, the numbers of people playing classic is not gonna go down any time soon; we need more servers ASAP.


Wrong. You’re asking for a wrong “thing”.
More servers is not an answer, server capacity is.

Blizz themselfs said that servers are capable to host waaaaay more people, but they are limiting it to 10k per server to “imitate” the vanilla experience.

They can very well unlock the servers for the time being, wouldn’t hurt them.


Honestly I feel as if it’s subsiding now. After 4-5 hour queues on day 1 an 2, today I don’t think anyone I know had to queue for longer than an hour. Sure that’s still not perfect, but it’s headed in the right direction. I would honest;y be worried about further servers at this point


oops wrong character. To clarify I have played on Gehe previously and now on Razor


nooooo, it’s literally not. Increasing the capacities beyond what the servers have now can have a horrible consequence as soon as layering is removed. Imagine if no one stops playing. How trash wouldn’t that server be? Good luck doing anything.

Edit: Also, can you link the blue post where blizzard s tated that they’re limiting each server to 10k?


Not possible to link it, it was in a first blue post about new servers being open for EU. It’s either edited or in a bin sub-forum - can we even access it?

On the other hand, imagine locking players in hours long queues to enter the server. Good luck enjoying it.
I come from the standpoint that dealing with crowds is better than not being able to log in in the first place.


Handy that the proof has suddently disappeared :slightly_smiling_face:

All I’m saying is good luck trying to do the prequest to say, Onyxia, when theres 1000 people fighting over the same mob.
I’d rather sit in a queue knowing I’d be able to play as soon as I get in


Can’t do nothing about blue posts that are no longer here.

These are the ones avilable rn, the info in previous one was that they expect long queues at launch and will open new servers if it’s required.

Also, Blizz is increasing server capacity actually so it seems I am right.


Theres a reason i waited till the midnight of launch to play early and then the first next morining, so i could level up as fast as possible and not get left behind.
Its all well and good just increeceing server capacity but now im stuck in a server where most of the players are 30 levels above me and now im getting ganked in stranglethorn all becase theres half the amount of servers in classic as there is in live.


Blue posts don’t disappear. You can find blue posts back to 2010 if you just do the simplests of google searches. I rather think you’ve read that someone believes that on a forum somewhere and it’s been repeated enough times for you to think it as a fact.

Ahh, the good old post hoc ergo propter hoc. I can claim that I’m right seeing they’ve continiously opened new servers. Gotta do better buddy.

Ps. Still waiting for that 10k peak post.


They get edited tho. As even checking the archived posts are nothing alike the one I recall. Well, whatever. Seems I was wrong in the end, as the only revelant info I can find now is this:
https:/ /www .eurogamer. net/articles/2019-08-17-blizzard-warns-world-of-warcraft-classic-fans-one-realm-could-see-login-queues-in-excess-of-10-000-players

And it’s about expected 10 000 player queues, in contrast to player cap.

And yes you can, but you’re not really.
Opening new servers, only postpones the problem. What if the population does decline and we’re left with Retail type of empty servers?
Allowing the servers to use the capacity they can operate without stressing won’t impact the game. You’ll see more people in the world sure, but that’s the magic of “Classic” isn’t it?

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