We need to be compensated for the Battle.Net error that prevented us from playing the game

I have been instructed, by support, that this is the best place to raise this.

Due to an error in battle.net, I and many others were prevented from installing, updating, or even opening the game we pay a monthly subscription. It was frustrating how long it took to fix, but what is actually outrageous is that blizzard have not offered us game time to compensate what we lost due to their own mistakes. It would be a very simple solution to give people who suffered from this 2 weeks of game time to make up for everything, and we can depart this with good will, rather than having been robbed by the company we are supporting.

The threads of people who have suffered this problem:
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WoW won’t update - Support / Mac Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

My subscription has currently been suspended. I may not renew it at all after this.

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Wrong forums i think you want the TBC ones or customer support.

On a side note retail only got 5days once for a months worth of problems with WoD so gl asking for 2 for TBC .

What does this thread have to do with Battlenet problems btw ?

What the devil happened in Stormwind on Wednesday night? - Zandalar Tribe - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Thanks for pointing out the wrong link, it’s fixed now.

Support told me they couldn’t help, they said:

To ask for compensation, it would be best to post on the forums for Development to see. https:// support.blizzard. com/article/000021518

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last time they offered refund was like years ago when their servers were down for 8+hrs

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