Weekly chest next season

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Does anyone know if we will get a cap item from the weekly chest when the next season starts and if so, what kind of item it will be (dread duelist, elite etc or sinister normal)?

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I liked your old look more. The headpiece covered your face.

(Jimbo) #3

What happens if I miss a week’s cap? Do i get both next week or do i lose it?. What happens if I dont cap lots of items?

(Cróws) #4

I have no idea, but I think it would make more sense if it would be this seasons reward.


Should be this season’s last reward in chest but who knows in BFA how they sloppy implement stuff

(Bloodlock) #6

Yeah, it would make sense but knowing Blizzard it could as well end up in an Empty chest. :joy:

(Cróws) #7

Or enjoy those 330 boots, the ones you always wanted.


375 weapon

(Wajoba) #9

That is the weekly-conquest reward, not the weekly-chest reward

(Jito) #10

Ion Hazzikostas covered it in a post some days ago:

  • Mythic+ rewards will also go up by 30 item levels; however, during the first week of Season 2, rewards from end-of-run chests will be capped at Mythic 6 quality (item level 385), and the chest you open next week will contain Season 1 rewards if you do a Mythic+ run this week. (So, for example, if you do a Mythic 10 during the final week of Season 1, you’ll get a Season 1 item level 380 piece and 60 Residuum from your first Season 2 chest.)
  • The weekly cache that becomes available in the second week of the season will not be affected by this cap, so if a player does a Mythic 10 dungeon during the first week, they will get a Mythic 10 reward (item level 410+) from their cache the following week.

So in short, the weekly PvE chest on Wednesday will be capped at item level 385 (Mythic 6 quality). The following Wednesday it will be uncapped.

(Bloodlock) #11

I was talking about the PvP chest, not the m+ one.

(Ridtur) #12

Don’t expect Jito to ever know what he’s talking about.

And no they havn’t released information about this.

(Jito) #13

Ah sorry sorry. There are a lot of chests in WoW these days! :yum:

Here’s what is said in regards to the weekly PvP chest:

Season 2 rewards from rated PvP sources are 30 item levels higher than they were in Season 1, including Conquest rewards and the weekly chest.

So if you’re in the Gladiator bracket and currently receiving a 385 item level piece of loot, then that will be item level 415 going forward. However, during the initial week – meaning Wednesday tomorrow – the same restriction applies as to the Mythic+ end-of-week chest, meaning that the loot will be capped at item level 385. But afterward it will be uncapped and can scale beyond item level 385.

Does this make sense? It’s a little bit confusing, but item level 385 is the highest you can get tomorrow (which everyone should get if they cap their Conquest). And then the weeks afterward the chest will scale as per usual, up to a maximum of item level 415. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bloodlock) #14

Ok thank you. Seems i have missed that part. :grin:

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