Weird - Dragonblight Server character screen gone blank!

Good to know it’s not just me and something I did without realising it… meh… I have work in morning and this is killing time I have free… oh well… stuff happens I guess…

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Same here. No characters are showing upon login (sylv realm).

Yep all our 10 connected realms are broken and the sylvanas with their connected realms then i guess to

Same here. I was making a purchase from my AH mount and at the same time i was invited for Mythic + dungeon and all of a suden everything froze. I cant find any characters on Deathwiing Server, but i can login on Silvermoon.

so im counting 20 realms not working chrommagus group (10) deathwing group (6) and sylvanas group (4)

Lightnings blade cluster is dead too

yep you are with deathwing

I also tried to unstuck my character from the automated service and the page was unresponsive.


hahaha nice one :rofl: :rofl:

Was too good of an opportunity I had to do it xD

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Daggerspine, Lightning’s Blade, Dragonblight and Sylvanas too. Annoing stuff

40 minute solo shuffle queue into Server dead :dracthyr_cry_animated:

Same here. For TheMaelstrom, which is connected to Lightning’s Blade and Dragonblight. Friends on Sylvanas are forked too. I could log on Dentarg/TarrenMill, Ravencrest and saw people on TwistingNether though. Wtf are they doing man… going around asking people hearing many had this issue in the past week. Like it’s scary seeing this crap, and ruins the time we have ofc, but no blue post that I’ve seen. -_-

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Yes and im not sure they even have anyone awake atm to deal with these things seeing how low on manpower they seem be

Yup, woke up early so decided to play some wow before work… so much for that

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Same here. My chars seems to be gone aswell

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Same here on Nagrand EU.
Can log in to other servers fine (Twisting Nether and Al’akir) but not to my main. Been away on vacation and first time i logged on to just now, i got a message along the line of: It could not find my game files in the directory, please check pathway or re-install game. After restarting the computer that wasn’t an issue anymore though.

Edit to clarify servers that have worked for me.

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My characters on the Runetotem server are not showing too, the screen looks black, I can’t create new characters
the problem has been going on for a couple of hours, I was playing, I had to restart the game and since then there has been this problem.
The Runetotem server seems to be online, my characters on other servers are working fine.

Im back in on daggerspine realm

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