What are your hobbies?

Outside of wow? Or would you say WoW is your hobby?

Gaming is my main hobby I suppose, and WoW is the game I play the most. However, I read a lot too, and recently I’ve become mildly obsessed with the Arctic and Antarctic journeys of the 1800s and early 1900s. I also enjoy creative writing, though I don’t spend as much time on that as I would like.

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Does binge watching series count? :laughing:

I used to paint miniatures and wanted to learn to crochet but my hands are no good now for fiddly things.

Normally play D&D every friday but that’s on hold as got a dog needing round the clock care atm.

Sometimes I read/listen to a book but they don’t seem to grab me as much these days.

I cannot have one hobby, as I get bored. So I have multiple of them.

  • Gym (I dont get bored but might reduce)
  • Drawing
  • 3D printing
  • Fossil collecting
  • Dinosaurs
  • Figurine collecting

And I would say video games, but also, I get bored of playing sometimes.

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I bake alot and try new recipes out on my husband, Yesterday I tried my hand at cookies for the first time ever and they came out fantastic if a lil big, just need a scoop for more average sizes.


Games are a hobby, yeah. Anyway, other hobbies could include reading, cooking and trying new things, much like Alleriana but on myself as I don’t have a husband to test it all on.

I’d consider listening to music a hobby too, in the way that if you’re doing nothing else but focusing on the music it feels like a completely different experience. Well, to me anyway.

I’m not a hardcore fan of it but I like watching anime sometimes. For example last month one of the best ones ended. And i really don’t see why people consider it a bad to enjoy this specific thing, but oh well :dracthyr_shrug:

I’d consider going to the gym a hobby too as that can be something you spend just an hour a day with, sure, but it’s also very fulfilling.

Anywayyy, there’s more but to be fair i don’t want the post to get that long.


Reading, making cross-stitch pictures, watching live theatre (mostly musicals), travel, watching cricket and, of course, WoW

Oh you reminded me we went the cinema the other night and watched the boy and the heron, it was JP dub with Norwegian sub, my norwegian isnt great but i was able to follow the movie plot pretty well and I enjoyed it.

I’m not the biggest anime lover but my husband does so I go to watch them with him.

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i train cats to steal cheese for the cheese god.

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Gaming and WoW in particular are my hobbies. But I also like gym and fitness, two-handed sword training, and my family + related projects.

My 6 month old is a cheese fiend, he loves the stuff.


Hiking. i hiked 2 caminos, whw in scotland, many in italy and fishermen trail in portugal. I hope in the next years to go in US for the appalachian trail

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this is my only hobby and since im a lonely old cow its pretty much all i do all day


Cooking, Walking, Gaming, Motorcyling, Reading, Stamp Collecting

Diamond art, natural history, walking, music/going to rock concerts

oh, I forgot - going to concerts and learning to play guitar :slight_smile:

Gaming is the main hobby, but outside of gaming I enjoy Drawing, wood craft, guitar playing and collecting memorabilia.

Studying weather patterns, reading, partying, live music, going to watch Newcastle play. WoW is one of my hobbies.

That would have to be LEGO.

I’m a full time degenerate and shouldn’t list my hobbies.