What changes do people realy want

(Seffi) #1

I am seeing lots of people complaining, like wow is dead, wow is boring, and I quit topics. but seldom any of those give any realy good ideas on what to change, par from I want Vanilla talents, I want mop talents, what in my oppinion is not a solution at all, becuse honestly they where not perfect eighter. so what do you people realy want.

I go first.

More options.

Like more skills to choose from, but at same time, keep it so any class can only have about 6-7 skills at one time, so you do not have like 20 buttons to click for no reason, all classes could also have a few class based skills to use offcourse.

titanforging, could be removed considering people seem to dislike them.

Random battle grounds, gets mixed whit everyone, no more langauge based servers at all, they would work as rated bgs, where horde can meet horde and so on.

Scenarios from mop back, they where not that bad at all, I liked them.

Faction war to end, it starts to get boring now, maby even remove factions totaly instead.

Player housing, where you can build your own house from sctatch or heck even a few premades to choose from, at same introduce an new proffesion that makes furniture, heck just copy housing system from Wildstar, that rocked realy well.

(Jesi) #2

I like faction war… This is War of Warcraft~
Not “unite against pure evil villain” cliché…

(Bruuz) #3
  • A completely worked out professions system (maybe profession halls, like we had class halls in Legion). Player housing could be an integral part of this system.

  • MoP combat and class design (Combat is the core of this game. If it feels off, the whole game feels off, and in BfA…it feels off.)

  • Epic (40 hour+), immersive class questlines with maybe a class legendary at the end

  • Re-use and enhance class halls.

  • More immersive zones, and quests that engage you with the world. Not WQs.

  • Re-introduce valor tokens or some currency for loot progression.

  • No (or absolute minimal) RNG

  • I liked legendaries in Legion because they could diversify the way you play. So, reintroduce gear that can break open combat specs and rotations.

  • Bigger zones or less mob populated zones. Current zones are very tightly packed or have a mob every 3 feet, making the zone feel unrealistic and uncomfortable. Take a page from vanilla zonebuilding, like The Barrens. I prefer places where you can wander in and only if I choose to, will I go look for combat in some place. I guess I miss feeling like a traveller in current world.


Let Gnomes be every class, including Demon Hunters.

(Jito) #5

I think everything players want – myself included – probably falls under that one word.
It perfectly summarizes almost all feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

More character customization.
More character progression.
More storytelling.
More voice acting.
More raids.
More dungeons.
More quests.
More gear.
More patches.
More bug fixes.
More events.
More world-building.
More profession content.
More pets.
More mounts.
More heritage armor.
More Allied Races.
More hairstyles.
More Jaina.
More Bwonsamdi.
More Vol’jin.
More developer communication.
More character slots.

Almost everything players request, desire, or ask for, falls within the category of simply wanting more.

If I had to throw something out myself, then an idea I’ve been thinking about is Gnomeforging. It’s like Titanforging, except the opposite. At first glance it sounds a bit weird, but once you think about it, then it actually makes a lot of sense.
So yeah, Gnomeforging, put it on the list! :+1:

(Xiantivia) #6

I want a vote system!
When a hot topic is discussed on the forums, Blizzard can put out a voting, something like a ready check, but it works like this:

  • A general vote is presented when you log in with any max level character into the game world. You can not do anything, before you voted.
  • A class related vote is only presented when you log in with the same max level character of that class into the game world. You can not do anything, before you voted.

Etc etc, think of vote for Pet Battles if you actually do pet battles, raid related, let’s say Mythic, if you raid mythic. Then Blizzard can’t say: You think you want it, but you don’t really want to and all posts about Blizzard not listning etc etc are invalid instant, as Blizzard also get’s information from players that do not post in the forums.

(Falarielle) #7

If they improve the way gnomes move their legs when they run, i’d roll a gnome instantly. It bothers me so much.


-Less grind. Yes this is an MMO but i have a life outside of it and i fall behind if i don’t farm AP.
-Please bring back tier sets
-Bring BiS back and remove War/Titanforging. I want to work towards something and the excuse that you get bored once you reach it bc there’s “nothing else to do” at high end level is bs.

(Chocoh) #9

I just want blizz to give a damn again. There’s absolute 0 passion anymore, and 0 customer service.

I mean come On, they make 100s of millions a month. And can’t afford to pay for some proper forum staff, that keep us all in the loop?

Everything they adds so incredibly basic, where’s the passion? We’re gonna add in warfronts guys! And make it exactly the same and 0 challenge. Why not add in PvP version, heroic version that are more challenging. And a mythic version you can queue as guild. Some proper 10-20 people content other than raid.

It’d take very little effort to add in the above. As it’s in the game, just literally needs tweaking the difficulty. I’d be well happy spending my nights on discord with 10 mates doing that + keys + couple nights a week raid.

Or why not add in timewalking raids on a weekly basis, that scale to current heroic/mythic. That drops currency you can use to fill in low gear spots.

There’s a million and one very easy things they can do, to mix the game up and give us more content. But they are content with giving us the absolute minimum.

(Cyndrä) #10

Decent class design.
More Connected realms to revitalise the dead ones.
No Lootboxes
No Constant Progression systems. There is no point to them. It’s like a run you can’t finish. If the gameplay is actually fun, people will want to play it regardless, you don’t need to invent something to keep them logging in. It feels like a chore.

(Ghimrizz) #11

Well i don’t disslike this expansion, I acctually still enjoy my time. But this expansion lacks some things which whould make it better.

The war campaign don’t involve us players as much as we should be. It mostly flies above our heads and make us feel disconnected. In earlier expansions we always had some sort of bad guy at the end of the patch, which sort of pushed the story forward in one way or the other.

This ofcourse have become sort of better with the Assualts since we can take a more active part in this war between NPC’s. N’zoth and Azshara lurks in the deeps and it may save the story narrative somewhat.

Uldir was a horrible first raid, storywise. The horde have some related questlines, with a decent treath setup for Zul and G’huun. Alliance however didn’t really recieve much of a reason to be there… except Brann being curious. This is bad for a first raid in general.

Well the necklace, It’s bland and boring just a farm to unlock same traits over and over again. It’s meant as a sort of paragon system, which have no real rewards at the end of a long road… It’s like N’zoth sits at the end of a reset and whispers “drown yourself in this necklace”. Perhaps the 8.2 changes will make it better, but the damage have already been done here.

Tiersets replaced by Azerite gear. To be fair I like the idea, Tiersets had the issue of being poorly balanced between classes and this system could counteract that. But traits feel bland and boring, best traits have for a long time been “generic” and don’t change anything about how a class/spec function. Another miss were the lack of class “uniqueness” each tierset represented, I know it’s just in theory a transmog but well visually showing your class are a big thing for some.

I won’t even start at the reward vs content issue. When there’s content in the game which reward high enought itemlevels for no real challenge, gearing feels less “rewarding”. I personally don’t care much about this but there are people who wants to flash their epeen.

We also could use some sort of token systems in place to prevent some of the RNG or at least being able to put up goals. RNG are a natural part of these sort of games, but this is the first expansion were systems to offset RNG have been replaced with more RNG.

The Core:
Yes WoW tries to do everything and changes constantly try to reflect this. There’s no clear focus of the game, which cause huge issues for both the PvE and PvP group. When a class could use major revamps either for PvP or PvE, the other aspect of the game comes in the way. Simply put; Each player values activities in game differently and when a area they don’t enjoy cause nerfs/buffs it will still affect the other areas of the game.

World content:
WQ’s, they clearly designed the world quests for grouping. Slow % progressions on gather x-y WQ’s, tougher enemies trought the ilvl scaling etc. All these factors made a already somewhat “boring system” inherited from Legion feel even worse. In Legion you eventually just cleared these in 20 seconds, well in BfA some can take up to 5 minutes.

No PvP objectives; In a faction war. Were sort of a downer. Whould had been nice if every zone had some sort of “objective” to try and hold. At least if you play with WM-On and if it’s WM-Off these objectives could had been neutral/not active.

Warfronts; Could use some more objectives for the faction who do not currently control the area. It’s sort of natural to at least try and be disruptive in a war, like preventing war resources and do various espionage and intelligence gathering.

(Aundra) #12

I believe i can fly… I believe i can touch the sky… I think about it every night and day… Spread my wings and fly away

Do I have to tell you what I really want?

(Shwosh) #13

I wouldnt mind grinding ap so much if I could choose content instead of feeling as the hands was tied behind my back and blizzard choose the content for me

Also I would rather had weeklys with a cap so I can log in whenever I feel like it without feeling that I missed something

Dailys/ weeklys also needs to be more challenging and fun so they doesnt feel like such a chore. I really don’t want to pay to do chores for hours every week


Mostly, I find that the last three expansions have failed by removing things and activities I used to enjoy. I want them restored.

Immediate reaction. No doubt I will facepalm so hard for forgetting something. Definitely not in any specific order.

  • Restore class enjoyment by reverting to Wrath, Cata or Mists norms
  • Restore glyphs - Prime/Major/Minor model
  • Restore a sense of progression by removing scaling
  • Restore realm communities by removing CRZ
  • Restore our viewing distance. (Yes I know not everyone has this problem, but I can literally not spend more than an hour or two in the game since this was introduced.)
  • Restore gear progression with a deterministic process for achieving realistic gearing goals - traditional drop rates, vendors, no *forging
  • Restore character identity by removing most account-wide features
  • Restore professions by … oh, making them relevant again. Do I need the litany? Especially gems and enchants everywhere
  • Revert Pathfinder. Mains can fly. Alts can walk!

Later Edit: OMG, how could have I forgotten removing our characters (and animations) to replace them with different unrelated ones?


Pathfinder requirements lowered. I refuse to bore myself, wait (time gating) and feel pain getting to revered on all factions because they want me to pay for an extra month.
It shouldn’t be revered. I see no good lore reason in that. Honored suffices lore wise too. Awarded reputation needs to be heightened and we need extra ways of earning reputation. Tortollan seekers needs more viable ways of earning reputation.

There could also be tabards to earn reputation, that would be nice when entering dungeons, you are representing a faction when killing lore important bosses, surely that is honorable to a faction? It is RPG based and fun.

I should also get reputation for killing mobs in a area of that faction. Like how killing syndicates (whatever they are called) gives reputation in Arathi Highland.

I understand the concept of MMO’s that if content is finished too soon then boredom can become a problem and for Blizzard that means possible sub cancellations. True. However good design allows for stimulation and longevity.

It feels like Blizzard-Activision have resorted to dirty tactics or are simply failing to hit the balance on what is fun and what is boring.

Who knows? But as it stands pathfinder is a big block for me in my world, it is needed for me to feel more relaxed doing other content. One thing less in my mind. I like to conquer problems. But not problems that leave me waiting day by day or every week to achieve it. For me, it is so bad that conquering the problem, is not playing the game hah.



I need to believe i can fly in order to tackle other content. Even having pathfinder would be nice-ish. But It too grindy. And Part 2 being delayed is fishy as hell.

(Zyipp) #17

A few examples:

  • Connect/merge all the low population realms that is possible;

  • Continue to optimize the game engine/game performance overall;

  • Reduce RNG in the game in general (around 50% less RNG atleast);

  • Make the game more alt friendly;

  • Take a good look at professions and re think them, they arent in a good shape;

  • More character costumization;

That would be a good start, in my opinion.


(Punyelf) #18

To be fair when the topics first started about things people didn’t like and what they think should change, they were far more constructive. It has devolved into a bit of a ree fest.

I will definitely come back to this later when I have more time to do a detailed post. :slight_smile:

(Tahra) #19
  • More character customization
  • Longer storylines and just more of it
  • Make features tie-in with those storylines in a meaningful way (no, grinding for azerite is not meaningful)
  • Professions need work, lots of work
  • Transmog limitations need to be removed. Look how you want to look. Maybe, the only exceptions should be really iconic class sets.
  • Remove any and all e-sport-related nonsense from the game
  • Choice matters. Like in the early days; you messed up on talent choices? Too bad. Live with it. Same should happen for story related content.
  • Please start fully voicing story content. It’s really immersion breaking when you get a few lines spoken and then have to continue to read chat to see what’s actually being sad. That also feels really cheap tbh.
  • Player housing. With customizable rooms and a plethora of stuff to decorate with.

And on a very personal, egocentric level I would like;

  • Raids removed. Turn them into solo scenarios with epic battles containing many npcs. -> more resources for content I care about.
  • Mythic and Mythic+ removed -> more resources for content I care about.
  • Any and all PvP options removed -> more resources for content I care about.

How LFG, ilevel and making the game more accessible is ruining the game

Ok fun! This is what i would like. Like a dream scenario not pretending its all possible or everyone else would like it:

  • Make professions good again. Add craploads of new recipes, not epics but for example lot of different green and blue sets you could use when leveling and for trangmog. Some with rare mats not gained by “one at the end of the dungeon” but grindable from certain mobs all around the world. Like dragon scales and such good old times.
  • Player housing and guild halls. Apartments from cities, piece of land from countryside to build your own house in. Furniture and building mats added to professions and as drops “Can’t come to raid tonight, gotta grind red velvet chairs from blood elfs in Magister terrace!”
  • Old talent trees back. Don’t have to have same things in them but same structure.
  • Flying back to game without any pathfinders.
  • Reputations truly grindable and not as something you get for doing dailies 30 days on the row. Tabards for dungeons back. Grindable reputation items on open world mobs (think of scourgestones in Plaguewood style).
  • Branching story where choices matter.
  • More open world content: events and random world bosses who appear out of nowhere with no regular spawn times.
  • Weather effects. Like real ones! Make it slippery on icy areas. Make it slower to walk if you are in snow or if it rains and roads turn into muds or if wind is against your direction. Faster if you run with the wind. Make some mounts work better on snow or slippery ice, some better on dry roads.
  • Talk about winds, i would like to get a sailboat to use with those weather effects.
  • Dungeons with adjustable people count from 2-10. Use scaling here.
  • Dump scaling elsewhere or tone it down on 110-120.