What changes do people realy want


Everyone want to have different things. Thats always the case. Things I would like.

  1. ban all addons that do more than UI changes. no DBM for example. People are only robots following instructions the addon gives them.
  2. stop factions. the horde vs alliance crap is narrowing the possibilities we have. (story, pvp, pve) The story is not good as well. We could have a way more dynamic story with changing alliances.
  3. implement a matchmaking system for arena. why dont we have a solo elo system for arena. Its perfect for the short matches like arena.


Deleting LFR is the first step of making the game better. Rewarding progression comes right after that.

(Redoctober) #23

My top 3:

  1. Classes need to be unpruned, at least to WoD level if not more.
  2. RNG stats on gear have to go. I can accept Warforging MoP style, but random sockets and titanforging is utter garbage and needs to burn.
  3. Either remove AP completely, or make it have a weekly cap per character.

Next 3:
4) PvP vendors.
5) Return reforging, add more secondary stats, provide options to customize.
6) Remove scaling at max level from PvE content, and provide a very clear explanation of how it works in PvP instead of the current guessing game.

(Anouk) #24

There is simply way too much content that isn’t challenging at all… There is a difference between “easy” and “attendance”. Sure there should be stuff that is easier, so less skilled players have something to do, but that doesn’t mean that we need something like warfronts that is basically a boring walking simulator that is nearly impossible to fail and yet it is rewarded with a gear piece, of heroic ilvl… If you were to remove that piece, almost nobody would participate in warfronts anymore. Same with LFR…

This expansion seems to be filled with content that nobody enjoys, isn’t challenging at all and yet distributes powerful gear, all while the actually challenging content is way too hard for what they reward…

The only other rewards are mounts, pets, toys and cosmetics… Don’t get me wrong I like those things, but I have collected so many of them that I kind of stopped caring about them…

  • I don’t need 30 different horses because I already have my favorite 3.
  • I have powerful pets that can defeat any pet battle challenge.
  • I have many toys that I never use, or can’t use because using it in a “fun” way isn’t what blizzard intended.
  • I have hundreds of transmog pieces of which most look almost the same and half of them I cant even use because of horrible clipping or/and textures…

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I like it when it is written with a proper believable narrative and doesn’t dump on previous lore and continuity just for the sake of it.

You may dislike

But is has given some of the better stories in WoW, Lich king, Sha, Legion, ect.

It is always so contrived to have a faction war because we know that no one can actually win otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.
At least you know there is a point to fighting villain of the expact because you can actually win in the end and all the fighting isn’t for nought.

(Eighjan) #26

A regular supply of “angel dust” (not allowed to use the more common abbreviated name for it)…??

(Daltor) #27

I believe FF does this, so people just install external timers which do the exact same job but not in the game. So, you wouldn’t get away from it.


Why should I be limited to 6 or 7 abilities?
What if I want more?

I’d want to have either MoP or late Cata class design.
God PvP and PvE was fun back then.

(Aallorah) #29

hey these are actually really good ideas!

(Brewny) #30

I think what people really want is the feeling they had when they first started playing the game, but of course it’s gone forever.

What I would like instead is everything Bruuz said.

(Rezista) #31

Removal of TF, bringing back masterloot, complete rework of the talent system, bringing back reforging and glyphs, better class balance, another mail class like a Warden, another bow class like a Dark Ranger, better open world content, bring back dangerous zones and quests.
Basically outside of wanting more classes, everything that I would add to WoW was there at one point or another and then removed for the sake of making the game more accessable. Accessability is a cancer to the game at this point. Accessability to gear, content wiith no excepctations from the players. Warfronts are the pinnacle of accessability - a free win content that rewards with mythic quiality gear.

(Destruct) #32

And topics like these has been aswered mutple times aswell, but every few weeks they come back with we were not constructive enough. Like I said if people have been saying stuff since beta give them a break they are annoyed, how many times did their feedback got ignored or deleted? Sadly although it’s all mostly ‘minor’ stuff in BfA it’s just way too much minor stuff. From extra stuff like progressions all the way to server lag, yesterday I did the warfront for the AP on my DH, I had an invisible mount, my demon form was my normal form and couldn’t use 70% of skills for half the game because it wouldn’t recognize me being dismounted. While if you press those skills it should automaticly dismount you. It wasn’t my side but server side that wasn’t doing it correctly since my MS was normal and fine and the skills that worked did react properly and on time.

(Aundra) #33

(Punyelf) #34

I agree, there are only so many times you’re going to be willing to put in a super detailed response, only for the same discussion to come up again and again and again.

(Leymaiden) #35

Class unpruning and better class balance alongside it. Especially in the utility department.

Profession bonuses.

Giving me some options to invest time into things at my own pace and not only random events like emmisaries, incursions, etc. (yes,I know incursions aren’t strictly random, but for anyone who has an actual life schedule it might as well be dealt as such whether it will fall within your timeframe). Like having rep tabards/representation back and being able to farm paragon rep when I feel like it properly.


professions being useful and makes boe items of demand.
artifacts with great abilities that make a big difference.
servers where addons/macros are banned completely.
changes to abilities and new ones, change.
listing items on AH that then cant be re-sold on ah.
pvp gear vendors that vendor gear that is worthless in pve.
pvp battles for people that don’t want addons/macros enabled in them and that also match pvp resilience gear levels so youre pitched against people with the same strength in pvp gear. Pvp queues that you cant join in a group, solo only.
elves that aren’t annoying hippys.
bad guys rather than just slightly mean bad guys.
female leaders that aren’t politically correct bores.
tier sets would be nice.
gear items rather than specific loot.
class halls again, but preferably ones that progress on them is carried over in to every other of that class on your account. As you progress on, for example, a warlock and you get loot from that … every other warlock on your account gets the same progress but not the same loot … you have the option on the other warlocks to accept the progress or not.
I like wf/tf but its a bit much as it is … less of it, but definitely keep it.
More content with release, less of the dribbling it through to people.
more character customisation.
More dungeons in the levelling process.
more bwonsamdi type characters, maybe not quite as obviously racist but more cheeky fun … like wow used to be.
more cgi, but not like the godawful pictures with storylines … I mean actual video stuff.
more feeling like hitting 120 means something.
more classes available to all races.
no more world quests, sick of that idea already. Invasions yes, world quests no.
horde and alliance being able to group together for everything, including raids etc. I wanna fight with an orc, not fight an orc.
banning multiboxers.
lots more customisation via glyphs.
remove scaling or at least only have it at the new level range for the expansion.
remove the weekly rewards for mythic groups etc … have them just for pets/fishing etc rather than limit it by player ability (or addon use)
much rather like to see me and my pals (the pets from the mission boards) go out in the world and complete a scenario rather than me just sending em off … would make it way more engaging if I had to go out with em and do stuff … or even take over one of them and play them on the mission? (might be a nice way to expose people to different classes too)

(Aundra) #39

That’s why I’ve posted a video. At least it’s the same answer but interactive :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. PvP vendors back, do your 10 games every week and get a piece, no extra ilev based on rating as people push at different times of the season. PvE gear to be rendered useless in PvP and no PvE grind to do PvP.

  2. Get rid of the dam neck and ledgendary items. Leave gear as it was. The grind is boring and is killing the game.

  3. Bring back flying and make the world big like it used to be, not small and terrain timesumped with mobs packed into like beans to a tin.

  4. Kill scaling, it is unnecessary and feels at times like you have progressed at all.

  5. If you are going to force people to quest for reps etc. at least make it interesting. Right now world quests for me are spamming holy nova to tag as much as I can while people are AOEing down mobs.


PVE = remove lfr , keep normal hc and mythic. Mythic have 10 man or 20 man , 20 man having more rewards.

Catch up systems gone , just buy one or two really good pieces from badges earnt doing heroic or mythic dungeons; each patch cycle. More badges earned in your weekly chest.

This brings back a ceiling and a progression system , progressive guilds. With the remove of lfr and progressive guilds , raiding becomes a thing again.

PVP = actual pvp vendors , buy loot with honor and conquest points. So i have the choice. Bring back pvp power to show distinction between pvp and pve gear.

Reputations = gives us choices how to earn them . If a player wants to put a tabard on and grind dungeons let them be able to do so.

(Lindarielle) #42

More connected servers: auction houses are dead, guilds are few and sparse, and nobody is buying the items I want to get rid of.

More relaxing single player content (I know, mmo and all): the war campaign really nice, and invasions are interesting but finishing invasions with the same quest every single time is tedious.

Make mythic+ great (again?): why should I bother doing 5 man (or raids) if warfronts and bonus events hand out the same quality of gear? Give mythic+ and raids higher gear than obtained from warfronts (bonus points for the introduction of currencies, even more it it starts rewarding usefull amounts of azurite power.)