What changes would classic need in order for you to play fresh realms?

I suppose the only way to emulate that is to start levelling a few months into classic where the hardcore players are already 60, the average players are 40-60 and the casual are sub 40.

I’d like to be able to make new toons always as well. Freshb servers are OK, but they won’t stay fresh for more than a week with the mentality of today. Fresh is in the mind, not in the server, I think … if you understand.

I would argue that it is partially about the server because it is nice to know that everyone is on an even playing field again (level 1), the economy is reset and events such as the AQ war effort can be re-experienced. If you failed to achieve something in classic, fresh realms are your second shot, another chance. Of course if you miss out on the launch period then you’re back at square one, but I plan to be there at launch and to play extensively.

Also, fresh comes with it’s conveniences such as you can actually find dungeon levelling groups and at 60 whereas on phase 6 realms, no one is doing them for the most part.

I get what you say … but after a week we’re not equal anny more. Some have raced through all contents and clamour loudly for more. I would like more drawn out phases so as to get to be at level for once …
an idea Whatt if we had servers with a phase every fortnight, some with a phase a month etc. maybe uo to oh … a year between phases?

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This is actually one of my points in the original post. I ask for a longer content cycle which essentially means longer time in between phase releases.

I think creating too many versions of the game will split the player base too thinly and will be confusing for people who are new to classic. I think the better solution is to find a better balance for content releases then what we got on classic the first time around. I think the gap between AQ and naxx should have been longer and they shouldn’t have cut phase 2 so short.

Well, as you can see I’m still level 40 (This is my main). So yes to longer time between the phases. But this would not solve the problem with Speedy Gonzales & Co rushing through everything and clamouring loudly for more.

And new to WoW … who is new to WoW any longer? Must be very few people. I’ve met one so far.

let them clamour and let them be loud. Doesn’t mean blizzard has to give it to them.

I got my cousin into the game towards the end of 2020 :slight_smile: He plays retail atm but if fresh realms were to release I would get him into classic as well.

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Lvl 20 characters that spam sell summons/buff, kill them

If world buffs didn’t work in raids, this meta would be dead anyway.

I want a proper relax/chill server:

  1. Balanced up classes - but don’t change too much, just add some small numbers to judgement of light and moonfire and such
  2. XP rate at x0.8, blue bar accumulation rate at x0.2
  3. Buff open-world and dungeon mobs
  4. Raid reset every 2 weeks, time between phases increased more then 2 times
  5. Increased duration of the AQ opening event from 10 hours to 72 hours, and materials being random

Also, I’d play if there were sort of tournament servers - a server that starts, runs for about a month, then shutdowns permanently and turns all your achievements (level, gear, etc) into some points which you can spend on some cosmetics that are account-bound and available on all future seasons (ie. transmog access, toys, etc). Each season would also feature some unique mechanic, such as doubled damage of all mobs or all potions and elixirs disabled.

BG’s added as soon as honor system is out is the best change I can think of.

Imo, this is just TBC. I think small changes that actually aid supporting the original vision of the game that’s ok but big sweeping changes is a bit much.

not sure I understand what this means

Sure. The dungeon ones specifically didn’t seem right.

I don’t think they should make raids reset less often but I do agree in longer phases, especially towards the end of classic

meh, I’d say no

as a side project where you earn rewards only for future tournament servers could be cool but I wouldn’t like blizzard to make this their focus anytime soon. I’d like to see a solid tbc and wotlk experience + fresh realms that play out normally before we should consider quirky new ideas like this.

I disagree with this, I think phase 2 world pvp could have been extremely fun, blizzard just needs to combat the flight master and boat ganking meta by invalidating it perhaps through an honourless debuff or something.

TBC completely changed classes, and added that damn outland, blood elves, draenei and arenas.

You get 800 XP instead of 1000 XP, and the rested XP doesn’t fill up completely whenever you leave an alt unattended for several days, making you get 1600 instead of 800 XP and outlevel zones.

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It also filled out all the things classic lacked, like spec balance

So basically nerf levelling speed? meh, sure. Kind of would be doing this anyway by nerfing dungeon xp and making them harder because that was the speed levelling meta.

I don’t care about speed levelling, I care about outlevelling zones. Slowing down levelling would only give speedlevellers advantage.

no changes

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not even changes to changes that blizzard made to classic?

Everything is optional. The only thing that will drag me into fresh classic is HEAVY banning of bots, gold sellers, people who buy gold, all sorts of RMT as well as multiboxers.
No world buffs sounds great, but since the game will be still swarming with bots and RMT there is no point.
Honestly all the numerous bots on my server aside my favorite one is that rogue who has been farming WPL/EPL plaguebloom/black lotus at 1:00-9:00 AM server time EVERY DAY for the past 3 months.

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YES roll back all changes!

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They didn’t implement that and gave multiple reasons. They don’t have full data from previous patches, they said they don’t want to change items that people have in bags out of nowhere just because phase changed, and class balancing - this is a restoration project. They aren’t altering it with “new” content.

Didn’t happened and they explicitly said why.

If it makes people use it then yes.

It made it harder/more annoying. On Chinese realms botting was killed by WoW token that lowered the RMT value of gold so bots went to NA and EU :smiley:

Would be nice, especially for TBC.

Not really… and Teremous is in Stormwind every day on one realm :wink:

Even top WoW stream streaming bots and tweeting to Blizzard and getting large amount of players to participate wasn’t enough for Blizzard to take action on botting moonkins on retail. So no, it sadly won’t happen.

Shorter. People on private servers tested halved phase duration (and on some shorter resets) and it was much more popular - tryhards had all the raids without overgearing while new and casual players nearly always had a fresh realm. Classic raids are boring as well…

They don’t even ban bots

Some people will roll fresh Classic if it will be there, some will stay while some will move with their realms to TBC. If there will be fresh lvl 1 TBC realms then some will also go there.

By now people likely stopped treating Classic as “serious” and “hardcore” so if you want exact changes then likely you would have to make them yourself on your own server :wink:

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