What class should I play?

So I have been offline for a couple of years and come back to this… What class should I play? I like to play spellcasters but also melee…
I like the fact that priests can both go as healer or dps, i like the playstyle of warlocks, warriors are fun to tank with and dps… rogues are fun, hide in the shadows…
Mages aswell…
Cant make up my mind, I hate leveling…please help :joy:


Can cover a lot of roles but play what you think is fun.

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If you like to play spell caster and melee I recommend the following;

Enhanc/Ele/Resto Shaman - Enhance is kinda the closest thing you’ll get to a battle mage but so dang satisfying!

Ret/Prot/Holy Paladin - you said you like priest, well this is the bulky plate version haha.

UH/Fr/Bl DK - magic/melee all balled into one. Lots of cool looking spells too! And a pet for UH.

I understand your pain, finding something to stick with is hard. I played warrior/Sham since WoTLK. But warrior has changed so much now that I just find it hard to stay connected with it.

Shaman however is still great fun and sits next to my DH now!

Levelling is easy now, and can be enjoyable pick your favourite zones and smash through.

Some which are fast and also enjoyable for the most part


Silver pine, hillsbrad, wod intro (easy and loads of xp), western plaguelands (I don’t like it that much but decent xp and fast) eastern plagielands (not as effective), gorgrond hate the place but good xp, stonetalon mountains.

If you want pure efficiency check Haldran and Kraken Latte they’ll give you speed levelling routes that are really fast and efficient but require a bit of gold to invest into the route

If you hate levelling though just do questing and find a speed route, people say dungeons are fast, they are mistaken. As a very average speed leveller I was getting 50 in 7-8 hours before I took a break from wow a few months back

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Hunter for solo content
rogue for pvp and ganking
druid for gathering
Dk for the memes
paladin for annoying people
monk for speed fisting
DH for edgelords
warrior for FoTM
shaman for windfury procs
priest for healing flexibility
mage for teleport trolling
warlock for DoT n’ Run

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Is it best to do it in that order ? or is that just suggested places to go and thank you for a detailed post.


“So I have been offline for a couple of years and come back to this”

I don’t know the person in the OP even knows what it wants to do.

It just wants a class so the person can start playing.


Druid is a complete package.

Oh this is great with all tips and ideas! Didnt think that I would actually receive anything but trash-posts!

I did play alot back in the days so I have a few characters so that I dont have to start from level one.

Where do I level that fast? I am grinding like a fool now around level 50 with my rogue and I hate it… so slow and boring!
I did even consider buying a character just because I hate questing and dubgeons so bad.

I usully play pvp at max level or raids with some guide I join.

what i will mention from my looooong history with all classes since vanilla

you will always do well as druid, rogue or mage for pvp purposes

if you want something a bit different to those staple classes then go for monk

If you want the speed route I was doing, it’s from memory and a few months off so here we go

And tweak to personal preference

Optional (chromie legion do quick quests and then skip for extra hs and some xp)
Chrome - wod
Wod intro
Chromie cata
Silver pine
(Get mount upgrades as soon as you hit them. Get war mode as soon as you’re 20)
At 30 - stop where you are. Chromie normal time line.
Gorgrond outside of Chromie time reduces lag up to heart of (something begins with m)
Return to hillsbrad if necessary - don’t forget Chromie.

Chromie - wod
Spires of arak.
At 47 - Chromie cata - stonetalon for last 3 levels.

That’s from top of my head would have to wait til I’m home and look at my notes.

This is with dark moon faire and the fraught of the ten lands so it would be slower without. But it gives you an idea. I used to do about two runs per darkmoon fair each month and cut about four hours over a couple of months. As well as other consumables swiftness and gunshoes etc

Happy to help further. All credit to haldran he is the king of speed levelling in my opinion watch his videos they are great!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Without the extra buffs I’d say you need to add 2 zones in - I’d suggest old world zones like western plaguelands etc as these are designed to be done before flying mounts so if you do them post 30 / 40 they become very efficient

Edit also if you check desmephisto he has a spreadsheet with efficient zones ranked which can help
You plan your own routes so it varies each time if you aren’t going for pure pace. If you want pure pace it will get boring but find a route and master it

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If you want my humble help as well as op send me your battle tags and I’ll add you either later today or might be tomorrow depending when I can get on but happy to help further and if I have my notes in front of me can be a bit more accurate

Edit but haldran videos should be enough for you

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Dh is Ultra easymode

Mage. The best reason I suggest this for is the ease of travel and more hearthstone flexibility. Oh yeah and thy are also quite fun to use. SP is fun also but I just prefer my mage.

monk. i think … its like a hybrid class imo.

if different and interesting isnt your cup of tea…

druid is a staple choice for much the same reasons as monk just more traditional.

Hunter and dh.
I got my ksm with mm hunter, very easy for mechanics and has solid dps.
Dh is very fun and mobile and now I’m gearing one. Nice for farming things too. Also has a tank spec if you get bored.

Quick question, do you like the actual gameplay style of casting spells AND the more instant combat style of melee or do you mean that you like battlemage type classes?