What do mage's have that warlock doesnt?


So i am trying to get rid of my idea that mage’s are discount warlocks and shaman are discount druids.

And outside of teleport/portal/blink.
Everything the mage seem to be able to do the warlock seem to do beter.

Same with Shaman.
A druid can tank, heal, stealth, melee and range dps.
Shaman only valueable skills seem to be self ressurection and bloodlust.

So my question to you:
What do the lesser classes have compaire to the master classes?

Definition of lesser classes: A class that takes more effort to get the same result as a class similiar to it.
Aka hybrids, casters, platewearing, etc.

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Intellect. :nerd_face:


Mage has fun gameplay and constant slows as frost.

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Can’t warlocks do this too?


Invisibility and permanent conjure ability for mana buns, invocation and polymorph. mages kind of win in my opinion.

Druid beats shaman in my opinion.

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They were barely effected by pruning there’s your answer


They can and unlike the shaman can put that skill on other charaters.
The point i was making is that the only skill of value i can find on a shaman is the ability to self ressurect.


Am I the only one who plays the classes I enjoy/like the most instead of whichever is currently the best at something?


Dont they also have one of the best interrupts in the game? Dont know much else to be fair


Mages have less coolness.

Wanna be a nerd who casts magic or a badass who can raise an army of undead?


Not the only one but i think you are outnumber 10 to 1.
Beside i am not looking for best i am looking to get rid of the idea that mage’s and shaman are basicly lesser version of warlock and druid.

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Bloodlust ??? That’s pretty relevant :slightly_smiling_face:


Good point.
Adding bloodlust to the op.

Still nowhere near druid level tho.


You’re excluding mobility which in itself is one of the main reasons one would choose mage over warlock, it’s not to be taken lightly. The playstyles are way different, personally I feel the other way round:

Warlocks are mages on easy mode, having your demon to tank for you makes it way easier for you to focus on your rotation and planning movement, since you have more time and are more tanky.

Mages however trade that safety in order to be the casters hard mode, where you have to rely on your own and plan how to move on the fly, being quicker at thinking and pay more attention to the overall fight. This will grant you (ideally) more dps and several ways to “cheat” mechanics and not auto ress, but avoid death prior to it’s happening with ice block, provided you can react quickly enough.

Now, if you ask why mages suck overall this expansion, that’s another thing, it shouldn’t really be like that (I’m speaking for my Arcane spec atleast, which I main). But the playstyle suits me way better. Moreover, I don’t like having followers around or having a pet to tank for me, I’ve always felt like cheating.

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A decent rotation.

Really, and what would happen if your kitty or bear form didn’t get healed?

Lesser classes? Pressing more than 2 buttons?

Sorry, I seemed to have answered a troll thread.

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Fire, melt faces.

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We can be draenei :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Mana cookies. I shall repeat that.

Mana. Cookies.

Thank you and goodnight.


Health drain, dot spamming, fear, demon control, etc.
What rotation do mage’s have that is remotely decent.
Acrane missle spamm?

Shapeshift out of animal form and cast swiftwind and rejuvenation?
Also Ysera’s Gift Heals you for 3% of your maximum health every 5 sec. If you are at full health, a random nearby injured ally will be healed instead.

If a class can get the same or beter result with less effort then it is a beter class.

People keep saying this.


I’ve played mage for 7-8 years and I have always been envious of warlocks.

I saw a quote not long ago from the WoW forums and it made a lot to sense to me, maybe it was about classic but it’s still true today, it went along the lines of “Mage is the ranged rogue, warlock is the ranged warrior.”

It’s true because as a warlock you have massive health pools and you’re far tanker than mages in general, but you lack the speed and mobility.

Warlocks are slow, but tankier. Personally that’s what I enjoy, I like fast gameplay which warlock can offer but I love defensives.

Mage is very fast, very mobile, but I always found myself in a situation where either I kill you right away or I’m dead pretty soon after.

I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a great mage in PVP, I understood it all I just didn’t have the muscle memory and reflexes because I don’t touch WoW arenas or dueling. So better mages could pull off some crazy clutch stuff.

But not for me. Warlock let’s me do that with havoc + fear, gateways, hearthstones, soul stone, dots, etc.