What do mage's have that warlock doesnt?


Actually, Arcane’s rotation not simple at all, basically because you don’t have only one. You alternate between burn and conserve phase, you don’t rely on procs save for the occasional arcane missiles during the conserve phase.

If you arcane missiles spam at 120, you’re not playing it right (although it works while leveling, but there you could smash your head on the keyboard and it would work).

Arcane requires you to plan when to burn and when to rest, almost 0 reliance on luck. Sure the overall rotation(s) are simple, but you have more than 1. Warlocks have 1 rotation, slightly more complex (1 or 2 buttons more?).

If you add to mage’s rotation the aoe rotation and movement management with shimmers, then you can see how complex it gets.


Mages have better transmogs. Magic without the emo.


Warlocks have the better sets for the first few tiers back in classic, I still love the MC set, but generally I agree fully with this.

Just look at ToT and DS.

I see a lot of people saying warlocks have amazing transmog sets but I couldnt disagree more.


I forgot to reply to this. Now THIS, is the problem. It shouldn’t be like this and that’s more or less the big mage’s problem this expansion. I’m always tempted to switch on my warlock to have my life easier, half the effort for double the outcome, I barely even look what I’m doing. But, it’s not fun to me, and mage playstyle as I said suits me better personally, so up until this they should be equal. BUT, even by counting this, mages are way more difficult to play, and you don’t really get something in exchange, save for mobility which should compensate for us being less tankish, but we simply don’t make up for dps as of now.

But, it is an error if you ask me, here I am hoping they will fix it sooner or later (probably in 9.0 at this point).

So I agree with you if you say that in this way warlocks are better, yea, they usually PERFORM better (if we want to make a GENERAL statement). The question is if you want to play the fotm class or what you like and find fun I think (I’m not condemning any choice, this is genuinely a question one should ask himself, “fun” is very personal, I get that struggling for bad results isn’t fun).


Is Druid Favourite of the month now after the Outlaw nerf ?

My poor feral has been sitting in the inn after arriving in kul’tiras at 110.

My Warlock is exactly the same sitting with her ghost cat staring at the fire.


Every class suck in BfA

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I used to like warlocks when they had the permanent infernal.
No permanent infernal - no warlock for me.

Still, in the mage v warlock - mage all day every day!

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Intellect + Timewarp too.

I mean, they are both hard casters, and both have pros and cons. Personally I prefer warlocks in M+ due to BR and Gate. But the healer I run with calls me names when we don’t get a mage.

You are a day early for random weekend posts.

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In the words of the all mighty firefist and the comical deadpool…

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Mages have:

  • Water.


PORTALS and i hate them for it !


best order hall in legion :slight_smile:
that slow fall spell that’s useful .


That would be warlocks.


No. I play the classes and the specs that I like, even if they are at the bottom of the rankings.

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https:// wotlk. evowow. com/?spells=7.8#250+1+13+3

The ranks on some spells are useles, but frostbolt ranks for example in pvp were major.

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But you have summons, that beats portals :wink:


Are you talking about WotLK and Cata warlocks?
Because BFA warlocks cant even be called that. I’d call them Green Turret, or Fired Demon Zookeeper. But not warlock. Mage in BFA far superior.

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That infernal was so damn big though, I had to keep dismissing it out of combat because it was so annoying.


You missed out invisibility, Intellect buff, free food (healers love us for this).

Earth elemental is one of the best oh crap buttons in the game imo especially in M+, you completely missed this one.

I don’t like looking at other classes as lesser classes, any class can switch up the dynamic of a group if played to its full potential.


Ok and what use are those?
Compaire to what a warlock offers.
Soulwell, soulstone, pets, demon gate?
Food isnt that expensive and waiting 5 seconds gets all your mana back, invisibility i got no clue why you ever need it and a tiny amount of extra mana isnt going to make any difference outside of m+

I woudnt call it the best(that is shadowmelt)
But i understand as anoying as those earth elemental shaman are(really iritating if you are trying to tank and they just keep spamming them) they serve a use.
Still dont see how it would make shaman on par with druid tho.

And i like to find out what use a mage has that a warlock doesnt have something beter for.
For example: Health shards are free health potion, Summons will help get those slackers in the raid and pets almost never get crowd controled in battlegrounds(A mistake i love to exploit, Pro tip your demon can still be control even when you are stunt, So many enemies got hit with felgaurd stun because they didnt understand i dont need to use command demon to use that skill)
Sheep is worthless these days.
Invisiblity seems to have no use.
Food only mathers if every second count(aka m+)
And earth elementals seem to be used for trolling instead of ow crap moments.

So please explain to me:
What makes mage’s on par with warlocks?
Or shamans with druids.
Because everything i read and see about those classes is that warlock and druid are flat out more usefull.