What else casters need?

Okay, so we already have shorter lockouts for kicks, and if you get faked you give precog for 4seconds.

We also have less CC, since it was only casters that did not need CC to kill, but to run away/survive, so another benefit goes to casters.

Every caster deals immense amount of damage that easly works in place of mortal strike, and some of them have a kind of mortal effect anyway.

So we have barely any possibility to stop casts, IF CASTER U FACE ACTUALLY CASTS STUFF OFC, we have less CC so they can pump more, we have omega pump on them.

Now recently we also lowered sharpen blade duration and increased it cooldown.

What more can we do to make them stop crying on the forums 24/7?


Basically there’s another post underneath yours where they ask for disarm
 yeah :smiley: they also want that


Put Charge on global cd, 1 charge and give it a 60 second CD.

Reduce Heroic Leap range to 10 yards max

Be CC’able while Bladestorming

Storm bolt CD increased to 60 seconds and give it a chance to be dodgeable (you are throwing something after all).

Hmmm I think that should balance it


What are you on about? What less CC? Remind me when you could last time on warrior could pick double charge + stormbolt or could have AoE stun?
Melee class design is the reason why casters don’t cast this days.


If casters needs to cast then melee should be melee again.

Today melee players fly across the map with everything instant and sometimes even ranged, this is how casters gets balanced.


You had better combo in best expansion ever = Mists of Pandaria
You had charge on 12sec cd shockwave and stormbolt, way better damage, def stance that actually changed dmg u take when u pressd it, shield wall, parry, reflect, mass reflect, intervene, skull/demo/mocking banner wich u could intervene to and free yourself from root and heroic leap, and noone complained, there was no precogs, kicks were long, and casters still did suprisingly well. And I just wanna explain you, coz by ur exp you are clearly clueless and completly bad at PvP: First of all you should not talk in pvp part of forum coz u clueless. Secondly having 12sec charge and intervene to banner was way more broken than x2 charge on 19 sec cd. Skull banner was big offensive that buffed entire team btw.

But in the very end, people having 0 clue of PvP should not post a single word in PvP part, coz whats the point of it? Ruin pvp more? GREAAAAAAAAAAAT


Wym noone complained, wtf r u on about. Just because you closed your eyes and pretended that warrior in mop was fine doesn’t mean it was fine. Get a grip. Arms was disgusting op. Also don’t get it twisted. Double charge + storm bolt + Leap talent + on demand spear talented + bis legos baked in tree + huge uptime on bladestorm + shockwave + Sharpen blade on top of everything else.
P.S newsflash, casters were crazy those times too. I don’t even want to talk about how much destro lost since mop. I think you need to refresh your memory.


your stupidity is forgiven

Not gonna hate on warriors or slam them but
I’d say they’ve been the most reliable melee in Arena , just behind Rogue

Don’t talk before you get reliable exp.

Same goes for you Auxi. don’t talk before you get reliable exp.

And don’t call me warrior, its thing in the past, I’m a warlock player now. And in fact, after playing warlock I can positively say that double charge and leap needs to be gone, same with bladestorm immunity. And spell reflect aswell. Like its broken to have this mobility, I literally have to press portal sometimes when warrior is on me its absurd, he should die the moment I target him.

And same goes for Slinks. You people have NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. 2.4 is literally what warlock spawns at once you make one, so untill you get that much you should all be locked up to post on forums in PvP section, PERIOD.


Now remind us what casters had as a toolkit aswell, cause it was even on both sides and thats why mop was super fun to play especially last season.

And yes , i do agree with you.


5 characters required owo

@Shwosh have u seen the coordinated assault charge? going around corners up and down stairs across whole map then harpooning thru the next pillar because healer took a sidestep
good stuff :smiley:

Pipe down SL welfare glad. I don’t see you being anywhere close to 2.4 on your lock.

Classic 1400 hardstuck player mind set :clown_face:

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Thank god you are not balancing our game or people like you. :face_vomiting: :clown_face:

Funny, I’m higher than you from less games played. Imagine being hardstuck 1800 in solo shuffle as a Feral Btw

Thank God you’re thick as pig :poop: and can’t detect blatant sarcasm :rofl:

Ahahahahhah imagine having all character hidden and then come rating bashing me on solo shuffle :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

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Would you prefer me to bash you on the fact your highest 3v3 achievement is 2k by the year 2023 and that your highest ever arena ‘rank’ in fact came from
drum roll please
 solo shuffle?

Cryin on forums about somebody else crying on forums. Brilliant
but what to expect from zugs.

Now im not one to even bring up rating normally because its the most pathetic of “arguments” but since you®ve decided to use it as your sole argument for your clearly hysterically biased statements. Warriors were op for the entire S1 of DF.

Based on the latest ret apocalypse we know for a fact that people reroll whatever is op with no sense of integrity or class loyalty what so ever in the same way we know people dont play weak specs at all. Based on statistics we can see that warriors has a fantastic representation in solo shuffle, infact Arms is still the most played dps spec in solo shuffle followed by ret paladins. Even fury, which im currently playing myself has grown substantially in popularity in S2.

If warrior was so terrible it would have a terrible playrate. The reason we know this is because we can look at history. look at DK®s, during their peak in S1 they were one of the most played specs in the entire game n then in S2 they vanished from existance, then in 10.07 ret paladins was the only spec ever played so the whole “people play it because its fun n love warriors” is some imaginary delution people seem to have.

You keep using the lock argument but you have higher rating and much higher winrate in regular arena on your warrior than you do on your freelo lock, so is that because you as a R1 player are terrible at lock or whats the explonation for it?

Im nowhere near R1, im infact a super casual player n im decent at best but i currently have better winrate and higher rating, AS WARRIOR in shuffle than you do. See i hate bringing this crap up at all since i find it to be filthy not to mention irrelevant, but if you are going to attack people n try to rating shame them while your S2 performance across the board so far has been abyssmal iÂŽll return the favor, if you want to be the fat guy telling everyone he used to be in good shape n used to have abs, be my guest but previous accomplishments has absolutely no value.

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