What Happened To Increasing The Gold Cap For Transfer?

I saw a blue post explicitly saying they were increasing the amount of gold from 2000 to 5000 when realm transfer opened again after prepatch. As of right now it shows an error that my character’s gold exceeds 2000g.

Please explain.


I have guild mates that have been able to transfer characters thursday and friday (20th and 21st may) with 5000g in their bag. One of them did it with a lvl 43 without any issue. I tried today and the limit seems to be back to 2000g. Did Blizzard go back on their gold cap change?

Try 4999g instead of full 5000

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@All: This may indeed help.

Its 5000g on level 70, still 2000g on level 60 - unless they are going back and forth with this (as some people manage to transfer).

It’s not like that though as mentioned through the thread. Their web team either have/had the wrong information on their site, or higher ups changed it within the game itself, because it is 5k gold for a 60. Well, 4999g.

Well eredar i think they dont want mage boosters to ship gold to bigger servers.

According to this blue post the gold cap has been raised after the last patch.

I have 2 guildmates who have transfered after the patch their lvl60 characters with 4999g and another one 4999g with a lvl43. I tried today but the service says that my character exceeds the 2000g limit even if I only have 1999g on it. Did they already revert back to the old gold cap change?

I just retried now and it seems to work. My character had 4999g and I didn’t get any error. I guess it was a bug somewhere.

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