What happened to the Heart of Azeroth in lore?

Did we retun it to Magni? Is it just lying around powerless? Does it still have its powers yet we criminally neglect it? (See Demon Soul, Focusing Iris, Tidestone of Golganneth, Xal’atath blade for examples on how well that ends).

Used to kill N’zoth

And then what? Did it disintegrate? Did it disappear? Is it just a powerless trinket now?

Yup, powerless trinket until you get into Boralus, at least I remember that it had it’s perks if you are there. Didn’t go there since expansion ended
About the same as artifact weapons

Well, yes and no. Yes, it was depowered, when we kamehameha’d N’zoth.
No, as of Shadowlands it still worked ingame in all non-Shadowlands zones.

Apart from that, the heart isn’t really the point. It was just a collection device for the power of Azerite. So I guess it could be filled and used again, if Azerite was still around. Which kinda begs the question what happened to Azerite, which hasn’t really been answered at all, as far as I can tell…

As far as I know, we dealt with Azerite. it is not crystalising anywhere anymore and there is no open wounds on Azeroth anymore. So, I guess that is where we see Azeroth waking up which leads to TWW and The World Saga.
Whih is, at least for me, true continuation of Legion. Good slap in the face to Danuser and his “Jailer” trope from Metzen :slight_smile:

Do you know ehere you got that? Because I didn’t remember anything, and wowhead doesn’t seem to mention it.

It’s a presumption because we don’t see Azeroth’s blood anywhere on Azeroth except for BFA zones. There are none in Sillithus, none in Dragonflight.
Opening cinematic of DF says literary: The world is healing, so. I think it is logical to think that

There are, though. That’s what the goblins are mining around the sword. But since Silithus was remade before BfA and not after, that’s not much of a point. On the other hand, Arathi, Darkshore, Uldum and the Vale were remade during BfA, and weren’t shown with Azerite deposits or pools, either. So I’m not really willing to let absence of evidence count as evidence of absence here. You’d need to assume consistency in the depiction for that, which has already been disproven.

Which is even wierder, since going by the dev commentaries on that they aren’t talking about the sword here, but about the wound on Azeroth that made the dragons give up the Isles in the first place: The Sundering. Either way, present progressive tense doesn’t tell us much about the current state.

Really, I’m not arguing against that. But being logical and being part of Warcraf’ts lore are veeeeeeery different things.

You do know this is blizzard? All we have is speculation :rofl:
First dialogue by Alextrazsa: The world has been sundered, cries out in pain, we must go to it’s aid.

Later Alextrazsa: The world is healing but her fate remains uncertain.
She is not talking about sundering anymore. 10 000 years has passed since they left and since sundering.
As far as I am concerned, this is a lore. Azeroth is healing, hence this is why she is calling us now. Her strenght grows stronger so she can do it . Not in deep sleep anymore.
All this leads to only one conclusion. She is not bleeding anymore and we stopped that.
Speculation, yes. Only info, yes. Logic demands this is the answer :slight_smile:
It can’t be proved nor disapproved.
No other info about this anywhere so that’s my take.
Azeroth wounds are healing. She grows stronger and now we are entering her final phase with World Soul Saga

That’s why “as far as we know” is just wrong in these cases. It’s mostly “I would assume that”.

But she is. The dragons left the islands, because the Sundering made them low on magic. They reawaken now, because somehow (a few years after the planet was stabbed, but whatever…) that lack of magic from 10k years ago has been resolved. This is why the islands can awaken now, and why the dragons can find them again, once the beacon was lit by stone guy. And that is why it is part of the DF trailer. She is not randomly giving new lore facts, she is trying to give context for the addon.

You’re looking for Azerite lore in the wrong place. The trailer of an addon that doesn’t deal with it, isn’t it.

I am sorry, but I don’z get it. What magic? Loss of Well of Eternity? It had nothing to do with Dragons.
In fact, Dragonflights lost all their magic after Sundering and that was in Cata. They actually stopped being Aspects and couldn’t even lay eggs.
So the only conclusion that can come to mind is Azerite wounds are healed, Azeroth is healing which is showed by waking of the land. Dragon Isles are awakening and so is Azeroth.
The Dragons, at least Aspects always knew where Dragon Islands are, they just couldn’t get to them because they was shrouded in magic just like pandaria, well, hidden much better then pandaland… Even from them. Due to Tyrhold and if you watch cinematic closesly, you can see shapes of the dragons flying around Dragon Isles just before Koranos light the beacon. So, they was already there. Otherwise Koranos would fall to his death if they wasn’t.

Yes, with “The world is healing” that means Azeroth.

We don’t have any other source so that’s why we need to connect the dots with info we have.
I think narrative of Dragon Isles and Azeroth is well established, especially them being re impowered by Azeroth through Amirdrassil.
If there is some kind of lore which could disapprove this, we would found it. But there is no lore at all. So, only reasonable conclusion is: Azeroth is healing, Dragons are finally home after 10k years, they are empovered by Azeroth herself and she is getting stronger and call’s us for help, which makes me think that she is not actually sleeping but thrown in some kind of stasis by Titans. Something like what Dracthyr went through.
Hence all the Uld… facilities around the planet

I can’t think of anything else.
Can you?

Nah, you haven’t followed this great story well enough!

Because of the Great Sundering, much of the isles’ magic was drained away and the dragons were forced to leave their homeland in the care of the titanic watchers,[8][12] the drakonid, the dragonspawn, and the dryads[13] that were left behind. Alexstrasza tasked the watchers to use the Beacon of Tyrhold to hide the Isles away from all outsiders, as well as the dragons themselves,[14] until a time came when elemental energy resurfaced and the dragons could be drawn home to reestablish their kingdom,[8] at which point the watchers would light the Beacon and reveal the Isles to the world once more.[14]

There is a novel about the dragons and all that, you should totally have known! :wink:

But taking that as the reasoning behind the abandonment of the Dragon Isles, it should be obvious why I don’t think the sword wound was referenced here.

Ok, how I understand you saying: “The dragons left the islands, because the Sundering made them low on magic.”. How I read it, it was the dragons lost their magic. So when you link this “much of the isles’ magic was drained away and the dragons were forced to leave their homeland in the care of the” i see you mean Isles magic. So that’s the difference.
But let me ask you (because I didn’t read the book( Stopped buying books from Blizz long time ago so I read only what is on their site),

Now, what Dryads have to do with loss of well’s magic considering they are primarly Emerald Dream beings and can use E.D. portal to go anywhere in the Azeroth where exit portal exists?

Rest is pretty much what I said. Dragons knew loacation of Isles, but it was shrouded from them. There is no way Alextrazsa could get there even from closest zone which would be Wyrmrest Temple to save Koranos from death. And as we can see in cinematic, shadows/silueths of Dragons are visable in the sky before he lighted the beacon in Tyrhold.
“You will fill our coming in wakening f the land”

And no, Sword’s wound was not referenced here. But since we lack any other information, again, only conclusion we can get that wound around the sword healed and Azeroth is waking up.
You know when you get the splinter in your finger which you can’t get out, the splinter is still in your finger but flesh around it is whole. Does it bother you? Yes. Does it make you bleed? no :smiley: Using that analogy because I got one today and if I will try to get it out, I would probably open the wound :smiley:

Sword is something what we will deal with in WSS. Wonder how. That’s a pretty big sword. Maybe, when Azeroth wakes up, she could use it as her weapon

And I bet my behind, that the last titan will end up being Sargares. Don’t ask me why or how, just a gut feeling.

You might be misunderstanding me in one thing: I’m not offering a better theory than Azerite being gone. I am saying that it’s all bovine excrement, and any conclusion we reach has to be jumped to without the benefit of just following hints in the game, or analogies that Blizzard is likely to follow.

You’re probably right, and Azerite is just gone, because Azeroth just healed enough. I mostly think that because the devs didn’t really seem to know what to do with it in BfA, so I don’t think they are keen to bring it up again, so gone it will likely stay. But if some story devs gets another idea, they might just run with that, especially considering that the next addon we are going deep underground, following the titan machines that were meant to protect the soul of Azeroth, or whatever. I mean, even if Azerite was gone from the surface, considering that they said that the goblin mined it in Kezan as far back as Cataclysm, it should still be reachable in the deep places, if the devs want it to be reached. Not that they need that explanation. It wouldn’t be out of character for WoW’s writing, if some throwaway line in a side quest just mentioned ongoing Horde or Alliance Azerite mining or Azerite stores offhandedly, and we’d have to assume that it’s still there…

That’s why before Metzen came danuser wanted to push storytelling from God narrative to unreliable narrator.
God narrative don’t let you change lore or at least let you change it in minimal way.
Unreliable one let you change it all the time when ever you need it. Which I hate.

If it’s halfway well written… not really. You still need to have an in-world objective truth, an unreliable narrator just adds a filtering perspective on that, so instead of just having to know what’s true in the universe, you now also have to know what that narrator is saying about it, and why he is saying it. Nothing in that frees the devs from having to actually build their world and keep it as consistent as possible. And in general there is nothing wrong with creating some books that explain the cosmos as the Titans want it to be seen, in a way that says more about the Titans than the cosmos. Just as they supposedly did with the Shadowlands Grimoire thing, where I hear it’s mostly a broker sassing about the primitive understanding that was depicted in the Chronicles.

Heck, we players don’t need to ever get an objective account of things like cosmic lore and the system of magical forces. We just need to have the ground-level azerothian mortal perspective on it. But funnily enough, that’s what we usually fail to get. Instead we get Chronicles that are advertised as objective, just to be retconned to subjectivity, and even stuff that should just be nice world-buildin fluff for us, like the Fairytale book, we get “fairytales” about the gender issues of specific dragons and the Windrunners’ relationship to the Jailer.

I actually want the narrators to be more unreliable, wrong and pig-headed than they are. But as soon as Blizzard has a new idea like the “six cosmic forces” everyone just starts talking about them as if they knew that all along instead of even fighting to fit it into their old worldviews. Oh, yeah, Naaru worship, Elune worship, Lordaeronian church, all the same thing. I mean, who would ever take differences in religious teachings seriously? Blizzard decided that Light and Void needed a balance? Welcome to the Cathedral then, Void Elf!

To write unreliable narrators, the authors have to be able to get the narrators’ perspectives. Which requires an understanding of their world, and their specific characters and backgrounds. Our bunch of authors isn’t qualified for that.

Yah, well, problem is that if Metzen didn’t came back (and I am not even sure he will do something about this) danuser wanted to completely throw out God narrator storytelling and move directly to unreliable one. This is why no story since BFA sounds normal :stuck_out_tongue:
They start, or either don’t continue, or they do but they never end.
First thing what comes to mind is DF Aspects and Oathstones. What’s that now? :smiley:
That narrative ended without any explenation.

Guardians of the dream was supposed to be a patch about Night Elfs and ended up actually not having almost anything with Night Elfs. We got Aspect empoverment through Amirdrassil (which is crown of nothing because 'drassil is mening for crown in Darnassian), Avengers endgame cinematic and tons of dead Night Elfs on both sides, Ours and Fyrakk’s :stuck_out_tongue:

And now ending with dirt roads graphicly updated Auberdine, something, which is turning out to be neutral or friendly to horde :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, an I’m saying that wouldn’t be the problem, if the storytelling didn’t just suck. They don’t need to tell us “the objective truth” about pretty much anything, ever, to tell a good story. But they do need to get their stories straight and they need to know what it is actually about.

That might have been an expectation problem on your part, though. I don’t think they sold it as a Night Elf thing, and as the final greater patch, it’s first task was obviously to finish the main plotline of the addon, which was about the dragons growing back into their vague responsibilities and vaguer powers.

It isn’t, though. It’s mechanics are obviously unfinished, guards attack the Horde, and there is a portal to and from SW, bun none to or from OG. I guess the Night Elf players who remain must be the ones who like crying about their fate, but come on with that one…

The only way Amirdrassil is going to be neutral is if all cities become neutral.

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