What I would expect from Classic Hardcore Servers

OMG @Blizzard …
Now that Official Hardcore servers is something.
Tell me, have you somehow notice this …

Why will you enforce one hardcore mode on all?
We need ONE rule - the big one - NO DEATH!
This can Blizz do very simply by Buff all on creation with Soul of Iron.

My OG IronMan rules would tell you:

  • No dungeons at all
  • No gear better than white
  • No buffs
  • No talents
  • No groups
  • No potions or elixirs.
    LINK: https://wowchallenges.com/classic-iron-challenge/

But I will not ask for this. I will ask for only No death.

And I would like choice upon death to go to other server. Sometimes I like my character much and want to continue playing as normal character.

Paladin dies too. I tried more times.

We literally need 1 rule.

The other rules are for people that want to go and play Elden Ring or something like that.

I feel Aggren the dev even loosely mentioned that they don’t agree with the anti-social aspect of the current HC addon.

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I don’t feel the addon is forcing any anti-social pattern or behavior.
The forbidden of trading, mail boxes and auction houses is there to avoid the following:

  • Gold trade.

And once you are not able to earn money but by farming it, you’re not able to level up professions visiting the Action House or to bump you level just waiting for mages to do their AoE farming.

Look at this video:

In fact, HC mode community rules are set to restrict players from easy levelling mechanisms and force you to be social at maximum. Even if you are soloing your path up to 60, there’s multiple occasion in which you need to have really good social soft-skills, for example:

  • You may need un-requested help from other players to kill a dangerous mob.
  • You have to wait with patience for some NPC respawns.
  • You may need un-requested buffs (it is forbidden to ask for them) in order to have a safer progress.
  • You, obviously, may need to face dungeons.
  • Multiple times strategy makes the difference, and you need to ask for guidance to any guild-mate or friend in order to achieve a quest or defeat a mob.

Maybe, other set of rules for “special” hardcore achievements are too restrictive, and as optional play modes I also think Blizzard should not implement them as default.

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I will enforce base Hardcore Community Rules in all characters.
You have them here.

The IronMan challenge is another set of different rules, different from very HC basics but based on them, somehow. Is another way of playing the game and you’re free to play it that way.

Anyway, the idea of prompting to move your character to other realm on death is a good one.

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Of course on pure HC / IronMan realm no mail is OK, but for playing HC / IronMan on normal realm is no good not using mail. I hurt vendoring blue item instead of sending to normal main/alt. SEND mail allowed, but no receive wuld solved this. And one reason I never used HC addon.
As doing IronMan almost none of these things relevant.
No buffs, no better than white gear, no groups, no dungeons, no professions make for none of this need-gold situations. After level 10 I have always many G except when unlucky droppings make need to buy gear or bags.
But guild still wonderful, back up and social!

As long as you enforce on yours own characters I’m fine. I want oplay IronMan, not HC and should be possible :wink:

Is other way around HC is based on IronMan :wink:
And if HC rules enforced playing IronMan hard or no fun. I tried; I know HC rules, I know HC addon.

Thanks ,yes!

You’re right … and you’re not.

We are talking about Official Hardcore Servers, plain hardcore servers.
You want to play Hardcore in a more difficult way called Ironman, which is perfectly fine and is up to you. As it is to try any of the achievements the community has set and are available through the HC Addon.

And yes, maybe the solution to avoid gold trading and other bump mechanism is just to disable to receive mails in game, but allow sending them as part of a bank or storage mechanism.

About the use or not of the addon. None is force to use the addon, but community official guilds only admit verified characters, and so far, the only way to verify your hardcore way is through the addon. Once the release of hardcore servers, all characters will be by default “verified” and the addon will no longer be required for that purpose.

Maybe addon’s developers will have to update it in order to create a kind of path experience selector, in which you can select the way you want to level up your hardcore character based on set of challenges rules or achievements, for example, the ironman one.

I do not mind of verified, I do IronMan only because is fun, I think I never will reach 60, now tried for 11 years :wink: But only letting into guild people with addon, Im sorry - sounds Elitist.

I’ve been in some of the HC guilds on HW without having the addon (I didn’t play much but I never had a problem being accepted). I did make it clear that I was not going for the community achievement and would not be doing dungeons, and they were fine with me being there as a “social”.

Was my experience earlier as well. I think this to be new, “Elitist” rule. Happy to hear is not so!

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I do not think is elitist
I do think is the only way, so far, of having a group of people who are playing under the same set of rules.

IMO elitist is to:

  • Not allow “meme” specs (Paladin Retribution, Druid Balance, …) because they do not do enough damage.
  • Filter players based on DPS parsing criteria from any kind of log or invented statistic.
  • Filter players based on if they have enough IRL time to farm world buffs or not.

I’ve been playing WoW since its beta in 2004.
Hardcore challenge has been there since its release.

We do agree that what makes Classic (and all its game modes) enjoyable, is the way from 0 to 60, and the friends you make through the journey.
But none is force to play the game in a way he/she don’t want to.

This I SO agree.
I been only playing since 2006 - and IronMan since I found out early 2012 - after playing own no-death for some time - spirit run is bugger waste of time :wink: and no fun.

I mostly always play meme or even worse mixed up spec, and never put my characters in any Ironforge or like logs - so I know all these, and really not like. Good guild is worht all here!
I find Elitist in your meaning all where you try to limit other players fun because they not up to your high-horse standards what they may be.
Of course you cannot have in HC leaderboard people who died. And in raid aiming for world first you cant have IronMan :wink: But in both guilds you can have both.

That’s meta based elitism. There can be other types. For Classic it can also be “you are playing it wrong”. Some cant just keep it to themselves and will ensure everyone knows they are playing incorrectly while he/she is.

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The Add-On is not mandatory.
I’m happy for you to have been able to play at max level with your 1-life character.


I don’t know about max level, I played very little as HC. I was merely talking about being accepted in these guilds. I don’t know if they’d have kicked me at a later stage. I hope I didn’t create any misunderstandings with my post!

I don’t think it’s elitist, it just shows that you take WoW just as seriously as other players.
Especially when playing with randoms you need a tool that filter for more reliable players in your group.

Nothing more frustrating to join a group of unreliable people with different goals.

Hc server should NOT be for only HC opeople, should be for IronMan, One Ring players and others too. Some groups too small for own gulid, but need social as well. I still find elitist. People need not group /dungeons, only chat.

Rules are not elitist, if you don’t meet guild requirements (like being active or whatever) you simply don’t fit in the guild. There is nothing wrong with that, nobody stops other players to create their own guild with own rules and goals.

Too much copium. You won’t be able to res and that’s pretty much it.

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