What is the easiest role among the three

Depends on the content. Tanking in raids is by far the easiest role, but tanking m+ is a different story.

  • Choose who lives and dies. That one dps who won’t move because they’re burning a cooldown? Goodbye.

It’s not like I NEED to move during that combust anyways! 33% leech from lucid dreams OP.

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Tell that to the mage who was the only fixate target on the first boss in Boralus.

That leech didn’t help him much.

Silly mage… he should’ve combusted when the boss sat in a bomb and took increased damage.

I’m an MVP, though I love the idea that means I’m PvP enabled on the forums. It can feel like it some days :rofl:

You can read more about it here

Nor can you : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/nightsting#difficulty=4

Visions do not count as there you get a lot of buffs and fight durations last within your initial burst - i.e. 150-175k is average boss damage my mastery stacked UH dk (read aoe build with lower single target) does in vision-masked runs, simply because fights are too short and UH dks do good burst when they are prepared for it. Also average ret paladin would laugh at those numbers either way. A paladin would burst those vision bosses down in lightspeed.

If you mean m+, then that 100k would depend on exactly if its tyrannical and if corruption procs or not and NONE to do how good you are, but if corruption procs and maybe it depends if you mobe from that tornado or not, hey its ok… .

In M+ dungeons on and up to 15 I can say being dps is by far easiest role. By far. There’s reason why my tanking-self, after raids just casually goes dps for the weekly chests.

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Tanking is the easiest role in the game. DPS is the easiest role to play badly. Well, let me explain a little more.

It’s the easiest to be a good tank. It’s the easiest to be a bad DPS. This is because tanking by itself is not very difficult, but playing as a DPS you usually get a free pass even if you’re bad. Healing is kind of a middle ground between them, making it in my opinion the most difficult out of the three, although being an excellent DPS might be on part with being an excellent healer. It’s a hard tie between the two.

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To be honest, we lack context for a proper answer.

In M+ dps has the easy life, in raid some time as a tank i do next to nothing, while dps do the work.

Surely the healer is not the easy one ever.

depending on the content that you are taking part in i would say that none of the roles are easy,

generally all roles can be easy as hell. but if you want to actually be good at them and do well then none of them are easy


At the end of the day, you can be terrible dps and a great healer, a terrible healer but a great tank, the easiest will always be the one your most comfortable/practiced in.

Majority of the playerbase cannot maximise any of these roles, as the skill cap is basically a 99 percentile consistency. Which most players are not close to managing realistically.

None of them are brain dead easy, I wouldn’t say any of them realistically are harder.

I’d argue tanking has a higher skill floor then both the other roles though, thus because you are required to know more as a tank and under responsibility to clear dungeons In the most efficient method realistically.

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Im impressed people saying tank is hard, yes it got the highest knowledge required, but pass that at its core tank is not hard at all, in raids most of the mechanics dont even apply to you(because they cannot be applied to you) and you can get away with so much that on a dps means one shot, and on top of that you are the main focus on heal. so really raid leader should be tank as you can manage raid and do mechanics easier.

You seem confused.

There are also tons of mechanics that are totally dependent on you, like positioning or taunt swap that implies a wipe if you do them wrong.

If you are Method, or Limit.
In the average guild, a tank spend much of it’s cooldown and self heal to save himself, because healers are busy covering up mistake from other people.

On top of that, outside raid, in M+ a dps screwup is normally fixable, a tank mistake is generally a wipe.

Clearly you have never tanked anything, it’s not a mission impossible every time, but it’s neither a walk in the park all the time.

it depends on your point of view.
it’s easy for a dps to go in and not think about what they are doing and it’s easy for them to blame the healer for not healing them when they were standing in the fire.

on the other hand, if they actually paid attention to their positioning and paid attention to what the tank was focusing on, then they would be sure they aren’t taking too much aggro, and be sure they aren’t taking too much damage. That’s actually a bit more of a challenge.

Are trying to tell that facing boss away or taunting at certain number of stacks is hard or something?

Tank can facetank a lot stuff that would one shot deeps.

Not harder than “move away from that pool” or “prioritize the add” for dps, yet the amount of people dying or creating wipes for this in every raid is all but a small number.

Plus those where example, there are entire boss strategies that relies on a tank not dying or do X to skip or better manage certain phases.

Isn’t our job that?
But if the tank screws a pull or miss a cd/reset/whatever, it’s 90% of the time a wipe. If a dps overpull something or dies, it’s generally a loss of time, but manageable.

Well you’d be surprised that there’s direct correlation between tank liking minimal movement and tank that bunny hops around places and peoples dps in meter.

moving away breaks dps flow, changing target as well. moving away for tank doesnt (keep in mind most move away stuff dont even target tank). Sp dps have to keep possible move away in mind.

And it doesn’t require any skill, unless you call ‘pressing button the moment the guide told you to press’ is high skill cap move.

So losing half tank’s hp is 90% wipe while dps death is manageable? Allright. And if dps overpull something and dies all those overpulled bois go to where?

Yeah i hate those guys that can’t just stand too

Well, well.

Somebody who understands what we go through.

KR instance. Boss with whirling axes. They cant avoid the swirly bits for some reason and take a lot of damage which i have to heal so when the real axe comes with its 20k/sec i am at fault for not healing through it even though the whole group was more than half dead at that point.

But i am the one responsible for blowing the dungeon even though the people responsible for the actual dps and tanking were never, ever, going to finish it in time. But i get the blame for not healing through

All three roles are needed yet its the healers who are the first to blame when people get caught out by mechanics and die because we did not keep them alive.