What Is The Point Of These Forums?

Really, what is the point? If they even ever really look at this forum. Community manager posts are virtually non existent, and when Kaivax does post the information is wrong or inaccurate. They just let everyone whine and complain, when instead if they just provided clear and concise information and kept to their word there would be less animosity, but all this QQ is something they obviously want.

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True, but then also at the same time a level 10 hunter makes a post saying “we might be getting too much honor” and Blizzard immediately jumps to task and goes “KAY WE’RE GOING TO NERF IT 10x OVER :DDDDD”

Good times

Lol yeah, I think they just do whatever they want while pretending to be all about the community (reminds me of the company I work for actually). Not raising the transfer gold cap to 5k for 60’s like they told us in the blue post last week is unbelievable. I’ll link below if anyone wants:

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