What is there to do?


I just returned to the game with this new patch and on 2nd week of the patch I had already LFG pugged 9/9 heroic raid, timed +20 on all keystones and now it seems there is nothing to do until the next raid comes out 12 months from now with new expansion?

why is the content so undertuned that you get everything done not even a month into the patch on a casual schedule with randoms from LFG and then the game has nothing to do outside of that mythic+/raid content?

When I played in mists of pandaria, you had the raid and challange mode dungeons and outside of that you had other stuff to do in the game like brawlers guild and proving grounds solo challange gameplay. Why is this not in the game currently?

and no I will not raid mythic since I cannot commit to a set schedule


Do them once and you were done.

Do it once and you were done.

Can hardly call that gameplay.


so you prefer the content not existing at all rather than it being there and you being done with it after completing it?


You just complained there is nothing to do because you completed the content… You would complain again when you’re done with them if they added them back.


Classic char. With hidden profile. Claiming to have done everything in under a month.

Even if your telling the truth, theres too many bait posters who say this to try and irritate retail players to beleive.


if there was more to do it would take longer to be done with the patch

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Ah yes, stuff you could all do within a day too.

You smell like a troll intentionally not posting on their main potentially lying about having done all that already.

Meanwhile I took a long hiatus since mid SL before the last raid came out, and i’m overwhelmed with stuff to do in DF alone coming back 3 months ago.

No content” … pft.

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Even though I’ve cleared heroic raid I’m far from done with gearing. It greatly depends on your goals. Same goes for M+. In the early stages of a patch filling my vault with options is important as it gives me a greater chance to get the items I’m missing, as well as directly farming the content itself ofc.

There are loads of transmogs/toys/pets/mounts/achievements to farm from the new content, again that depends on your interests.

However if your aim is just to see it once, no content is every going to be enough.


I think this is not a negetive.
Now when you have reached your celling of content find something different to do.
You are not supposed to feel or want to play a game 24/7.
If you want challanges there is mage tower right now with legion TW you can do, and if you have done all of the challanges do it with other classes, you want harder than that do it undergeared.
And if you still wanna play wow go do SoD!

Doubt. /10char

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Pug keys m+

What are you doubting?

People having different interests, or you don’t know where to find information about toys/pets/mounts/transmog/achievements?

This is a good place to start

All the Things is also a great addon for collectors.


they ignored my Reply for a reason x)

ofcourse their lying. their looking to get a retaliation.

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Content isn’t undertuned. You just grinded it all out in short time. What you describe is the experience for an absolute minority of players.

What is there to do for you now? Nothing. Sadly.

And that I think, is a whole other subject and has nothing to do with difficulty.

Dragonflight and our new ‘‘Evergreen’’ content is meant to make the game more alt friendly OP.

Now that your done with your main and caught up. You have all the time and freedom to try out any new class race fantasy of your alts. Think what im trying to say is… When we players ask for more alt friendliness. And respect of our time… It comes at the cost of something else.

What I can suggest to make up for the void of stuff to do is. Gear up you alts… try pvp. See how many alts you can get up to speed.

it’s actually not undertuned it’s just not existing. there is nothing else to do other than raid and m+ so you can rush into the progress. there are no valuable rewards(imo) to pursue after a certain point too so it’s actually about that.

there are many people who have done them tho, i didn’t* but you can check streams of regular players .

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Post on the character you did it on?

What’s the name of your main? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

gear is pretty meaningless once you killed the last boss, also farming mounts/transmogs is now meaningless since they will give it to everyone at some point anyway for free from a twitch drop or trading post

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I’d like to have an argument, please