What is your character willing to die for?

"I would gladly give my life for Azeroth, Quel'Thalas, my remaining family, my Regent-Lord or my Ranger-General. There was a time when I would have given my life for the former Ranger-General as well. Now... I am not so sure."

"And what of you, what would you make the ultimate sacrifice for?"
"I pledged myself to the Horde to protect innocent lives from harm's way. Be they under our banner or the Alliance's... it does not matter, I plan on making good on my promise. Whether or not those above would judge me or those below would take me... I'll gladly die so they may yet live one more day."

"Honor is a funny word... everyone has their own definition. But mine? Honor to me is respect your foes and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. And as our High Overlord says. No matter how dire the battle... NEVER forsake it!"

"Never forsake it..."
Well now, ain't that a question... what ye willing tae die fer.

Hrmph, hard question really. Ah ain't that fond o' dying, hear it's a wee bit painful. Screaming, blood, agonising breathing. Course ah used tae be a butcher, befer ah were o' armoured light serving twit.

Befer that ah were a dentist. Ah know that's hard tae believe, a Dwarven dentist! Who'd o' thought! Anyway, ah guess ah'd die fer good dental care.

Wait, ye wanted a serious answer? Tough.
Dyin' ain't profitable toots.

With that in mind, I pay handsomely fa you mooks-ah...heroes that wanna die fa me!
Vengeance upon the livin-


I mean, to fall in a lengthy campaign against the Horde if they were to say.....try to take out Kaldorei homelands again. As crazy as that sounds :p

More seriously, I’d say to perish for a truly affectionate and loyal partner. ‘Space goat’ preferably, something about those tails are to die for.
"That's an easy question. My children. I may not see them ever again due to what choices I've made, but if it comes to protecting them? I'd give my life in the blink of an eye and without a second thought."
"Well, I would die for my family the horde, Merah my worg, Nerazh my frostwolf and most of all the orphanage I grew up in. would I die for my ex's? maybe except for one...."
I would die for my brother. The rest of the world may burn as long as he is alright.
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My bear companion Bjorn and the wonderful Stoutlager Inn in Thelsamar, Loch Modan.
The Horde, Orgrimmar, my kin and ofcourse.. Calork.
Well, no surprise here. Dying for Sylvanas.
"I would give my life for Quel'thalas, Regent Lord Lor'themar, my comrades in arms and the blood elven race in an instant and without hesitation!"

Aethyrias looks to the side with a faint smile. "There's also the one who, while Quel'thalas and the blood knights have my time, sweat and blood, she has my heart, always and forever. I'd give anything for her, as well."
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"Die fer? What kindof silly question is dat? Don' bugger me..."
As the person who asked it is about to leave, he reaches it to grab the shirt.

"Wait... I get it. Was rude of me. Please, sit.

Ye ask me wad would I die for. Is a complicated question, really. I would say, fer a good cause. Somethin' worth fightin' fer. Would die fer me friend, Stout. He is a good bear, he defends me 'til he get all trashed. He willingly takes shots an' stay behind fer me, he dragged me once after I fainted on a battle 'gainst ta Dark Irons, after a mortar explosion threw a rock at me head. I don' deserve such a loyal friend."
He stays in silence, looking at his hands. "Well, maybe would die fer a good barbecued boar." Chuckles. "But i am one dat stays back to da end, fer a good cause and, above all, dose i care. Stout, above all."
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I would give my life for Quel'thalas

Statement: As the living often state it; been there, done that. Would do again if necessary.
"I prefer not to die again, got a lot to... ugh, unlive for, I guess. But I am a soldier and am prepared to give my life for the Dark Lady and the Horde. Anything less would be piss-poor soldiering on my part and I'm anything but a piss-poor soldier, that's for sure!"
"Friendship and Quel'thalas.. However if i had to pick friendship above Quel'thalas, well.. It better damn well be an important friendship, no?"
A one night stand with Slyvanas( no protection)
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"Well, isn't it obvious...?" The dwarf stands straight and goes to take a drink.

The hesitance of the one asking the questions makes Modgar go on, "No! It's not ale! I'm wearin' The Bronze Hammer; it Ironforge! I willin' to die for my home, the world! Thorim's Beard-less chin..."
"I have already died defending Quel'Thalas from the Scourge... But after being freed from the Lich King's grasp I realized that in life my archery skills haven't been enough to fight and stop death. Even the mages and the priests, my own brethren, that we tried to buy time for to protect our king Anesterian from our inevitable faith, couldn't stop death with fire and light magic... none of us could...

So after all that I ask you what's the best way to fight "fire with fire"? Knowledge, self-sacrifice and felfire!

For Sylvanas, the general that fought and died as we did, for Quel'Thalas! For those that died defending their homelands and for those that are willing to do so in the wars to come! For the Horde!"
"If I was to give my life for my son's, that would be a favourable trade. But while he would be in good hands in case something was to happen to me, I do not want him to grow up motherless. Quel'thalas and the Light have my loyalty and dedication, but I would give up anything for my little boy. Nothing is more important to me then him."