What is your character willing to die for?

"If a job's worth doing, it's worth dying for" is what my old man used to say.
"I'll die when Bwonsamdi wishes me to join the ranks of the dead. Not a moment sooner or later. The circumstances of that will be whatever the loa see fit for me. There are many things I would pay such a small price for. For what is my life in the grand scheme of things? A drop of water in an ocean."

Tyrlak smiles and nods. "Did you notice I didn't specify? Good. Very observant of you. What I think worthwhile to trade my life for and what I think isn't is only for me to know."
"I'll die my second death for the Horde."

Kimly pauses for a brief moment, then salutes.

"More specifically, for Thrall. Saurfang. Baine. For the honor Vol'jin's cause returned to us. Not for the so-called... 'Warchief' we have now. The Horde granted us a second chance where the Alliance turned their backs on us. She would do well to remember that more often."
"That's a heavy question. Still, it's not one you can go long without asking, when you risk everything out in the field like I do. I decided long ago I'd be willing to die for my people. As a Farstrider, I nearly did just that, against Trolls and the Scourge and demons and, well, all kinds of things.

"I'd still die for my people. I know a lot of them don't believe that, and I don't blame them, but it's true. I just have a different idea of what that means now. Because now I've found I'd die for others, too - the ones dying in the blight barrages, or crushed under the Horde war machine. I'd die to save lives, if I knew it was the only way. I'd die for Azeroth.

"And if I thought for one moment it would really work, I'd die to show my people what the Horde has become - what they're a part of now."
The elf strode up and down the line of his Rangers, his Magi, Flight Surgeons. He looked, to one side, where his beloved, Tarrithael sat, her injuries making standing painful for her, in her arms his twin children, Laindor and Kayrissa. They would remain in Silvermoon, safe, he hoped. Behind his fliers, their Dragonhawks, the vast beasts saddled and ready for war. His voice crackled with emotion, yet was firm, and his green gaze was steely, starting to take the predatory cast that other Elves called 'Fliers Eyes', seeking, assessing, judging......


"Elves, know that we are few, and the enemy hosts be large, such odds may seem daunting, and so they are. But we will oppose them! And we will Overcome them! I would fain bring as many of you home alive again as is possible, for though I hunger for glory, and honour, I would not take such meat and drink of life if it was at the cost of any one of you. We will win because we are Soldiers! We will win because we have so much to live for! Consider those things, oh ye noblest of Elves, who are resolute and girded for War, like so many ancient heroes! Consider what you would die for! Our Noble Regent Lord?, those lands most dear to us, our own Quel'thalas?" He paused and looked to his wife and children "Our Loved ones most dear to us?" He fixed his gaze upon the Elves, each in turn, meeting his eyes. "Our brothers and sisters; Both Elven and Winged?" he cast his hand across the Dragonhawks, firmly regarded amongst the First Escadrille, the Sun Hawks as battle-brothers and sisters, not mere mounts, each rider bonded to their steed. "All of these things are worth dying for! But I promise you this, Sun's Truth I promise you this, I have seen the woe and misery that comes when loved ones must receive that dread news, I have heard the wails of healers as they cross the fields to book our dead, I have heard the torment of a child asking the simple question "Why is papa not coming home? Where is mama?"

"No. Do not think what you would -die- for, for in such fatalism we give our enemies power, rather this! Think what you have to -Live- for! So go forth, fly and be you oh so mighty, and wreak from the heavens so much fire and fury upon our foes, that should Quel'thalas stand for ten thousand years more, Elves will still look back at this moment and say "This was their Finest Hour" I see you look now, and war is at hand, mount up on your saddles, and at this last, Cry 'Blood, for the Regency, the Hawks and Quel'thalas!"

So...the usual. Regency, Homeland, Family, Comrades.
For the Light.
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Stormwind, The Vanguard, the alliance and the light!
"I believe there is a couple of years in every blood elf's life when he is willing to pay the ultimate price for defending his homeland." Iladiur gives one of his very rare but warm smiles as he remembers.

"Those years have passed, long ago. Quel'thalas can burn to the ground with every single elf in it for all I care." he chuckles a bit before his expression grows indifferent. "The same goes for Stormwind, I suppose. When you live for hundreds of years, your loyalties are not as easily bought as 'welcome to the Alliance, go on an adventure or have a house!' While you should not mistake my skepticism and indifference for disloyalty, the fact stands that the Alliance is but a means to an end. I would not give my life for it, not if King Wrynn and Lady Windrunner were begging me to do so."

"To begin anwsering your question in earnest, there are several things I would be content to trading my life for. I dread to admit my surrogate son's safety is enough to risk my own hide. His wayward mother's sentimentality has rubbed off on me much as I looked after her in the later stages of her pregnancy." Iladiur frowns a bit but then makes a 'hmph' sound that can be taken as a chuckle.

"What else... let us see, I am quite aware of the fact that I am old, older then most elves. While the day of my death is not necessarily close, I am far from senile, but my mind turns to the horizon more often, still. I have learned much in my lifetime and have set many on the right path of using the fel responsibly and without one's corruption. However, there has not been one individual that is promising enough to carry on my own work. So my anwser is not very much as what would I die for, that is of little to no consequence, but what I have to accomplish before the day comes that I perish. I must find one skilled enough to carry on my work and who sees that my legacy endures. That is my anwser. Take it or leave it, I care naught."
For more Hairspray!
fish fingers
FOR THE LIGHT! All must embrace it.
This might sound a bit cheesy.. But I think Deazur would gladly give his life for the future of Azeroth..

Who knows? Maybe he would risk his life for another Dwarf...
"I never planned on outliving the Legion, in all honesty. My aim was always to give my life fighting to avenge my wife and son, then join them by the Mother Moon's side. Failing that... I ran out of things worthy of dying for. Ask me again some time later. We'll see if I find something by then."
The eradication of piracy in the South Seas.
His nephew.
One last paycheck.
Some really nice jewelry.
My, Dark Lady ofc,

possibly the destruction of the horde and the alliance
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"I'll die my second death for the Horde."

Kimly pauses for a brief moment, then salutes.

"More specifically, for Thrall. Saurfang. Baine. For the honor Vol'jin's cause returned to us. Not for the so-called... 'Warchief' we have now. The Horde granted us a second chance where the Alliance turned their backs on us. She would do well to remember that more often."

Your Dark lady also granted you a second chance
His, Raptor
For Khaz Modan!