What Race would you be IRL?

Now here’s a weird story that made me wonder this. I entered a public bathroom and there was a woman who wanted to turn and look at me, but looked away over my head, because I’m small! (about 5ft IRL). Then I had this thought “Wow, I feel like a Gnome IRL…” Thus I was wondering, if you would be able to pick a race that would resemble you most (Humans aside), which race would it be?


Hey 5ft means you are actually taller than a Dwarf in-lore so cheer up! :grinning::sunglasses:

That said, I should really buy some pointy latex elven ears to officially be (and RP) as a Sin’dorei IRL…


Hmmm, if I look at real life tendencies, I think I lean towards the dwarf.
Not as high as the average, and not as small as the really small ones - also part of the facial apperance, and my muscular look ( :innocent: )

But if I would choose one based on how I would prefer it, I think I would roll goblin (or the ally version: gnome)… I love their curious side. Being technically educated myself, I like the idea of tinkering. Awesome dancemoves :grinning:

Im go on a whim here and say troll. No idea why. Just a hunch I have.



An Elf … because I have high Elfesteem … hyuck, hyuck.


Depends on how you look at it but I suppose some manner of elf would turn up in most points of view.


(EDIT: This is why you don’t post by just title, kids. Welp.)

I have to go with void elf, actually.

Unnecessarily edgy for no reason, but curious about and fascinated by things other poeple think people shouldn’t be ecurious about and fascinated by. Also kind of a book worm and sitting at home type.

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That’s easy. An orc.

Because I am ugly and green. And also trying to survive in the society where I live in.
(Just kidding, I am not green.) :grin:


While appearance-wise I could pass for an elf (or a half-elf), I don’t think that my personality would match any of the elves in the game. Gnomes are probably the closest match in that regard if humans aren’t an option: I somehow imagine that they have the most nervous energy of the races.

The race most similar to me? Pandaren.
Fat, hairy, they’d sleep all day if possible


Maybe an introverted Goblin or a selfish Pandaren. Inherently super-lazy either way.

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Probably a Forsaken. All is grey, all is pain, what is there even to care about ?

Damn, that’s quite dark…!

Pre MoP I would have said Tauren, but I think Pandaren would fit me better.

Im big, round, I am peacefull and see the best in everyone, I rarely take sides and always try to be the neutral middleman between people who fight each other, and I try to help everyone to heal, no matter if its physical or psychological…


Tauren. I’m strong, powerful, hairy and peaceful.


Ogre - ugly and stupid


Human ofc, that’s what I am and there is no better.

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If I had a choice, male draenei. I know, a weird choice, people don’t usually like them, but they’re my thing. (I tried posting this on one, but for some reason there’s no reply button when I’m on him)

By RL appearance? Probably male dwarf or gnome. I’m short and my hair just does not like staying in place.


Pandaren because eating and sleeping all day


Troll, because they survive. And as I’m not dead yet, I apparently do as well.

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