What the hell is going on? Login queue?

Can’t log-in on battle.net. Login servers are full. Average wait time 7 mins, and growing.

Opening World of Warcraft: Classic to play directly. Again queue!

ye same here mate

Too bad…
But it’s no longer launch day!

7? 70 for me now :sweat_smile:

80-114m for me at this time.

Not just battle.net, the game login servers aren’t working properly either - been through the queue 5 timers so far, at position 1 I get the message, we can’t authenticate you just now, please try later (WOW51900314). Each retry the queue gets longer am position 50 now. This has happened so often in the past, it is time Blizzard built decent login servers.

I have 67 people in front of me and the queue doesn’t move :frowning:
yeah, it moved and then “no servers currently available”

Waited 30 minutes then the launcher just crashed and had to re open, now back in queue for 50 minutes.

Even if you try to log in directly, after waiting in the queue you get “No Blizzard servers are currently available” message and you get kicked out. Don´t bother trying.

68 minutes. Maybe they are DDOSed or something.

Perhaps enraged Alliance player? :smiley:


I’m at work ATM but last night at the bottom of the battlenet login it said they are having log in service issues ATM ? Don’t know if that’s relevant

was thinking the same thing :)))

I am getting logged out of my account on forums too

That happened to me too before but not today

Thank you Blizz. Continue like that and i will cancel my subscription

There is a problem with all Blizzard games. Cant login to Hearthstone as well.

Blizz post on twitter they are currently investigating the situation, since alot of people are affected. include my self lol.

You should have chosen to play on a different less popular game :roll_eyes:

And finally able to log in to battlenet but only battlenet :confused: