What would cause you to consider teldrassil repayed?


That is nice of you.

I like.

Childeren shoud not pay for the since of there fathers.
Rededucate them with alliance value sure.
Killing newborn childeren?
I think that is one of the few things 90% of the world population agree’s upon is a big no.

The horde has been invading ashanvale since warcraft 3 (warsong clan never packed up and left)
Then we had tharamor nuked, those druids nuked, and now we had tedrassil nuked.
How many horde cities got nuked by the alliance again?
If you want to talk about ridiculous you might want to start about your own faction plot armor.

Yes the horde destroyed a horde city to deny it to the alliance.
The same alliance that would have lost the battle for undercity if not for jaina ex machina.
Or how the night elf conviently send most of there army away so the horde could curbstomp the night elves(and no the books do not make up for the ingame curbstomp)
Here is the thing you are overlooking.
The Horde gets to destroy the alliance time after time.
Where the alliance just give the horde the slap on the wrist and tell them dont do that again.
That sylvanas destroyed her own town was compleetly uneccery and only serve to high light the alliance incomptent.
No gass masks?
At undercity?
No long range siege weaponry?
Not conquering the serounding lands?
Why does the horde get to kill billions of alliance(Mostly night elves btw) and get away with warcrimes where the alliance is just suppose to just accept that horde wont be evil this time?

So 1 server player event on 1 holiday makes the town just an valueable as darnassus?
You do know that darnassus for many alliance players is what thunder bluff is for the horde?
The secondry capital.
Iron forged is probley full of drunk when there is a beerfest but like undercity it is a ghost town for most of the year.
And if you arent of argent dawn you wont even have roleplay events.

If results where the same then the alliance would own all lands serounding an undercity they destroyed while curbstombing the horde forces so hard it was the greatest insult to there combat skill to date.

As always the horde is eager to forget there long list of crimes against the alliance and pretend it didnt happen.

It would be like letting the WII germany get away with what they did just because the followed hitler.
Remember there was a massive cultural shift in germany post WWII.
I hope that is where blizzard is taking the horde.
A massive culture shift in which they swear to themself to never go down that road again.

A bad joke.

Sorry what do you mean with this?

How does getting a human city make up for losing the night elf capital?

And the alliance since vannila.
It is about time you where on the recieving end.

(Aeula) #22

Aye, after they were forced from their homeland by Naga and I think Humans too.

How has the Alliance been since vanilla? The Alliance in Vanilla/TBC were actually interesting AND they had more zones than Horde. It’s only in Wrath where Humans became overbearing and Cata where the zones were evened out.

Since MoP they’ve been the world’s only ‘super power’ since the Horde decimated itself with their help (Which Lol’jin BEGGED for in the most pathetic way possible, I might add). Then in Legion the Horde just stopped existing so the Draenei and the Alliance could take the spotlight against the Legion.

Then, just as we were about to come back into our own again we end up going back to where we were in MoP as Sylvanas burns down the tree.

The Horde has been in shambles for years, you’re owed nothing for Teldrassil.


I don’t care about lore with that reply.

But Darnassus was probably the worst designed alliance city since vanilla. If we can trade it for boralus well, it’s a gain. Honestly, by graphic quality, design and size, suramar and Boralus should be the new faction capitals.


Poor forsaken who have no need for food or shelter, whose home was destroyed by their own leader, due to their own factions’ behaviour. The Night Elves do not know how good they have it.

Had nothing to do with the Alliance, and they have a home there.

Also have a home.

Point is, the Night Elves suffered due to the Horde’s cruelty, they still suffer, and the Horde have not repaid them for this.

(Araphant) #25

Another idea: make the Horde farm Anchor Weed for us.

(Northgrave) #26

Alliance Eastern Kingdoms, Horde Kalimdor. The combined SEETHING from both blood and night elf fans would engulf the forums in fire, especially the US version.

(Steala) #27

Or they give is their 10% in WM :smiling_imp:


Here’s an idea.

Remove free stealth usage for both Horde Druids and Rogues.
Bring back Shadeleaf/Fadeleaf?.
Horde stealth costs 1 Shade/Fadeleaf.

That’ll teach those Horde bastards!


I can’t be sure everyone will be satisfied with any option, but IMO, night elves should at least retake the lands of Darkshore, and possibly Ashenvale


Let them get only Grey Items in loots!

(Araphant) #31

Oh, oh, another idea. Make the Horde attend Arctur’s lectures about the mighty of humanity every Tuesday…and EVERY FRIDAY EVENING! FOR THE ALLIANCE, CRUELTY AND VENGEANCE!


The warsong clan was never punish for there deforestation of ashvale even when
the alliance and horde where officaly at peace.
And every pvp event was pretty much “rogue” horde elements attacking alliance interest.
I agree that vanilla had the best version of the alliance before it became the blue horde/human empire.
And it only has gotten worse.

A superpowered that did nothing to punish the horde for the deeds against it.
Also lol’jin begging was a poor attemp at making the alliance players forget that the horde had been curbstomping them all over the place and now suddenly and out of nowhere is a super power.
I think we both agree that mist of pandaria is badly written.

You are skipping the parts where thrall become world shaman, We had to endure his uninteresting love life and marriage, and warlords of dreanor being all about orcs(granted it was an insult to the orc players aswhile, with the evil all along it showed).
Having to spend one expension giving the alliance the spotlight while having already three horde expension is the horde stop existing?

Yeah everyone hate the story.
But it is the horde to gets to destroy alliance stuff again and the alliance being the punshing bags again.

That is where you are wrong.
If they where in shambles they woudnt have the ability to wage war against the iron horde, the legion and the alliance.
And yet they always seem to destroy there enemies with minimal losses.
And you are right.
You own us nothing for tedrassill.
We own your entire faction compleet anilation for your crimes.


An end to the war, a new home for Night elves and Gilneans. Why are we hanging round Stormwind outskirts in tents? There is room in plenty of space on the map. There is Hyjal. …

(Araphant) #34

Gilneans have a home. They don’t need a new one. Just the old one.

(Northgrave) #35

It’s NEUTRAL, say it with me elfie boi. Isn’t neutrality just great for the lore of the game?


Is that where your ears went?

TO NEUTRALITY. The sin even Northy cannot admit to be true.


Is Gilneas still under siege? I am not clear about this. After the evacuation I thought it was still a battleground.


Lorewise it has been reclaimed.
Blizzard doesnt bother updating.

(Aeula) #39

I think the Orcs helping the Night Elves stop the big-bad tree humper makes up for a few cut down saplings.

The Dwarves in Alterac were the invaders in that battleground.

It was still the most embarrassing thing a Warchief has ever done.

So did the Horde. We had to witness our Warchief becoming a joke and neutral.

Killing Orcs. That’s as Alliance as it gets.

Which three?

While it’s destroying itself and losing characters like water through a sieve. Right now we’ve got Orcs, Trolls and Tauren (Although the latter is a good thing) who have no leader. Forsaken are probably next. And no Horde character can go toe-to-toe with the Alliance’s ‘heroes’ besides the players (20 of them).

I meant narratively. Obviously they’re going to be able to deal with minor threats like the Iron Horde and Legion. We’re losing to the Alliance by the way, and that’s without a civil war, showing how weak they were left after SoO.

So do the Alliance, like I said. The Legion/void whatever are minor threats.


Well nevermind then. Should have read the last line before I bothered replying.


Well by the time we are finished with this war I doubt if there will be many places for anyone to live. That is the few of us that are left.