What would you do if classic died?

But… classic died already. Not interested in retail, I last tried whatever that expansion with the garrison was and I had enough of modern WoW. So it’s unsubscribe.

I mostly play solo and to me this is an mmoRPG so there are lots of things to do, many classes to level, many professions and a nice big realm, so I would keep playing even if I’m the last player on the server.

After I feel like playing another game, I will play another game even if the servers are full, population numbers don’t matter to me that much.

It is true that I do like to see other players and rarely interact with them, help them if I feel like they deseve my help, but WoW Classic can be fun even alone. Not the same, but still fun.

I personalty dont give a damn does a game die or not. For me retail is dead for more than 6 years and i dont care about it. Same as classic, if it dies it dies, big deal. Not a game is gona hold me to my balls, not this one nor any other, ever.

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I’ve been playing Vanilla and only Vanilla for 15 years and I’ll be playing Vanilla in 15 years.


Put on my helmet and prepare for the flock of boomers coming towards me in retail

Back to privates as they will start blooming again.


as long as the servers are up I’ll be playing.

Then we will start making a tons of forum’s threads about how we want Classic.
Then we will write letters to Blizzard’s emails about how we want Classic.

There must always be a Lich King Classic!

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Why are people so sure that classic will be dead in less than a year? Vanilla private servers have been running since vanilla was current with enough players to justify it’s continued existence. Classic isn’t going anywhere any time soon, sure, it will end at some point but so will literally every thing in the universe. That’s true for retail as well.

A game isn’t “dead” simply because it doesn’t have millions of active players and is literally the biggest game in the world.

You can be certain that one day all of our max level characters in retail with thousands of hours of playtime and mountains of pets, mounts, transmogs, achievements etc etc will just go up in smoke. Poof, time and effort well spent.

People are so preoccupied with the future that they forget to enjoy the present.


Play Old School RuneScape.

Anyone who says “Id just quit” is lying through their teeth, people here a hopelessly addicted to WoW and would do anything to get a fix.

Dude, thousands and thousands of people played Vanilla for 15 years after the fact, on private realms. The core RPG and gaming philosophies of Classic are extremely strong, it’s Mark Kern’s Magnum Opus, objectively the greatest game ever made.

I’m actually waiting for it to ‘die’ so i can start playing again. :roll_eyes:


Speak for yourself, plenty of people quit. Retail WoW evolved so much over the years that for me, it isn’t the same game. I quit in september of 2018 and haven’t really returned since. I came back for Classic for a week or so during the launch but i still haven’t really taken the time to really get into the game since the Classic launch and the Shadowlands reveal actually stirred up absolutely nothing inside me. I do think i’m finally free.

The “Blizzard magic” is also basically completely gone for me. Blizzard seem to step in another pile of controversial crap every other month and continue to introduce and help normalize gross monetization. I don’t really view blizzard as blizzard anymore, it’s just activision to me now. Pretty much all of the passionate faces i came to know and love at Blizzard have left the company at this point.

But hey, it is what it is. Feels kind of good to finally be free but part of me definitely miss the old days and the game will always hold a special place in my heart (hence why i’m here), i pretty much grew up on it after all. I just wish retail would’ve gone in a different direction.

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We all hope Classic+ is a thing and keeps the core philosophies behind what made Vanilla so great, the problem is getting Bobby Kottick to sign off on the dev costs!

one thing i will never do, is to play Retail

I bought BFA because it was on sale, it’s incredibly weird, feels like Classic with cheats on, gets really lame after a few hours. It’s just sparkles and furries and everything is 10x as fast (Comically so) and you stand around a lot reading inane bs on trade chat while waiting for soulless LFG grind where nobody says a word because they’re likely bots.

And everything costs a billion gold and everyone has a 18485389538538 stat numbers.

They really should put classic on its own slot in Battlenet, it’s literally a different game for different people.


I was not playing retail before,

won’t be going after.

My motorcycles awaits.

I would unsub and get more time to replay the Dark Souls games.

This so much expresses my experience with WoD onwards. I now log once a year to get the birthday achievement. I do not seriously count this as playing.