What would you do if classic died?

would you continue playing on a dead game or quit or go to retail or other?

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You mean when classic dies?


To be honest i don’t think it will be unplayable dead.
I once played a tbc pserver that basically had 2 guilds playing it.
Even that felt competitive and alive.


keep playing classic


yes i did think about putting this in the title but whatever you can’t predict the future maybe life will find a way :sauropod:

I’d finally go outside and see what’s up.


God this is in many many years from now I have no idea

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i hope so i’m having a lot of fun

Classic 2019-2020

I guess those pservers will survive after all.

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I will continue playing twink 19 if bg still pop with less than 30m queue time. More, i will just quit. I have 3 120 on retail, but no interest in it as my CPU performance is horrible in it with random fps drops and sub 20s in raid.

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if or when everything ends im tempted to try pservers as many on the forums and game have persuaded me

Im waiting for an offical wrath server tbh, or at least tbc so i can start to play my preferred character and maybe get lucky with a clone option from tbc to wrath.

Ive tried a few class/race options from classic but its to limited. Having a go with a dwarf atm and its ok so far but we’ll see.

Being that my goal in classic is basically to do the things I never had a chance to do in vanilla, like clearing AQ40 & Naxx i’m just gonna do that and then I will be satisfied and move on to another game, probably Star Citizen.

It is unlikely that I will be returning to retail after classic, I have not logged in on retail since classic launch.


I can still see the game lasting another 15 years at the least even if there is a much smaller player base. If a game as bad as Runescape is still going and still has subs then it stands to reason that WoW will stand the test of time.


Keep playing, making alt after alt until I’v leveled at least one of each class/race combos to 60 and done every Quest in every zone. Levelled all skills to max and maybe even run all dungeons, which I never did in Vanilla.
Then … start reading books again. And I would probably return now and then to do soem quests over again, fish Summer Bass or Winter squid or just hang out. I love the game.


I have been playing completely solo for a very long time.

The speedrun I’ve observed was practically solo - Joana was ahead, no party options, no AH, no dungeons and no group quests.

I would eventually want to move on, though. If-when BC launches, I’ll probably leave classic behind. If the guild is doing a monthly classic raid, that’s fine fun, although I doubt anyone will be keen to farm materials for potions and what not.

Even if there is no BC launch, I’m sure in a year or two I’ll be completely done. I was hoping for BC news to allow a bit of planning ahead - and to wipe my BC / WLK data for good. I still want to see Outland and Northrend once more - maybe can do so in Shadowlands at level 50, although with very different abilities.

… and I have 500+ other games.

Considering that I’ve quit from classic - Ill just keep playing other games.

playing that sweet shadowlands

What do you mean dead game? If they shut down the servers I would play private servers. If the pop drop very low there would always be enough players for atleast one server. If the realms I play on “die” and they dont offer transfers or merge I can just reroll. Have done that for years. I dont expect that happening until after naxx though.



go play other stuff, maybe go play some mop private server or something idk

i wont play retail again until shadowlands and then i reckon ill quit cause it wont be any better etc