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He said, she commented, they regarded, Bob commented. Either way the previous thread got filled and things need to be uttered.

Carry on!)
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"Haha, lass!"
Sir John Francis Mellingtone, 23th of his line, pass nearby, his pack of dogs running after him, and a tired looking servant follows him, carries a strange kind of a long shaped evil-looking troll decorated ornament. in bright-blood colors curved on it.
"Feeling fine this lovely day, eh? What do you think about my last shining trophy here? those filthly, half naked trolls were everywhere, flinging their crude spears and shrieking like hell, but this good ol'fox just took his position, and boom! bang! boom! fed each of them good ol'lead right between the eyes and their ugly tusks, hehehe!"

*pass an arrogant hand on his moustache*

"No tusked native got a chance against a true Mellingtone, as I always say!"
@Nadine Gives a friendly wave as she approaches the human.

"Hello there! Do you happen to work for the Faire? I need some more of those easy-to-install animal rides, the kids in my neighbourhood love them!
"Oh, I also just baked a lovely marble cake, would you like a slice, it's still warm!"

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"Ooh that's pretty mister! Does it do something nifty? Or is it purely decorative?
Oooh, doggies! ..."

She bounces happily on the tips of her hooves to get a better look at the man's dogs.
"Any chance for slices of peach or strawberry on that lovely cake of yours?"
"Fruit slices on Marble Cake? That sounds a little ...unorthodox. Though I think a peach compote might work as a side dish to it, it should harmonise well with the chocolate..."
"Matron Dawnweaver!"
Raeloria nearly hops up and down with visible delight upon laying her eyes on the priestess.
"Oh, I really, really missed you! and I got sooooo many new stories to tell you! 'bout some really, really exciting ruins in the desert, and prickly fruit that can be dreamy tasty if you know what to do with them, and nasty blood trolls and the good beating I gave them, and-"

A tiny squeak can be heard in the middle of her speech, then a little polecat jumps out of one of Raeloria's inner cloak pockets, making Raeloria laugh.
"Oh, and that's Sir Poda! a really, really valiant one too! I'm training him myself to do... all sort of interesting things. honest!"

skip me if you wish!

"You're beginning to sound like my mother. If you keep talking like that we just need to get you a chef hat and a proper kitchen! I'm interested to see what you come up with." Thuldrell smiles at the Blood Elf
"Hey, I agree. Let's get miss Dawnweaver a chef hat and have a dinner! I'm in, if anyone asks. A dinner, accompanied by a glass of wine and a pleasant chatter. Why not."
Being the picture of haughty politeness, both in tone and expression. The human man adjust the cuffs of his sleeves before addressing the void elf with a sideways look.
"I am uncertain over what I find the most distasteful. Your desire to dine with the Horde, or your rudeness. You see, where I come from miss, you offer a respected priestess dinner. Not demean her by suggesting she shall cook for you while you laze about sipping wine."
"Ohhh, a dinner sounds like a great idea!"

Sounds the echoing voice of Zirahael, as a large Demon Huntress walks in. She stops, peers at the smaller Doreis, then turns to look down at Hickenbottom.

"After all, I haven't known your kind to turn down a feast with the Horde." She says to the Gilnean with suggestive tone and a smile full of wicked, sharp demonic fangs; the Demon Huntress gently bopping her horns in the direction of the Horde-Dorei.
"Hands off from the pie, illidari!"
Walks in on the conversation.

¨Oh a feast? Count me in, nothing like sharing quality time with people over a good meal, just hope that there is grilled chicken here, maybe some Pandaren brew on the side¨

The old orc smiles to herself.
''Certainly! I shall bring some drinks along, and desserts. '' Elyssa drags along a small crate labelled Northrend Sorbet. ''Just do not drink the Wyrm Beer....it is not meant for mortals!''
As Mary arrives just in time to hear all the talk about eating and drinking she flashses a big and wide smile.

"And I am here ta' steal ya'- I mean, drink ya' alcohol! With ya' all of course!"
An Orc, a dead Elf and a Human walk into a bar... and have a feast... that's a pleasant surprise.

*places down fifty-seven meat pies*
"That's a lot of... pies. Where you got all those?"
"Dinner with these... Traitors, Illidari, and Death Knights? Don't be absurd. It is difficult enough having to deal with the... Table manners of some of our erstwhile allies, let alone those with no decorum to speak of."
A crimson shrouded lithe figure towers over Tethenar, from behind and rests both of her hands on his shoulders. ‘’Come now, Blood Knight, take a moment and relax. Would you like a massage for those awfully strained back muscles? Wearing plate is sooo demanding, I’m told.’’

A large purple hand offers a mana cookie, ‘’No charge except.....a moment to see what lies beneath that helmet.’’
"I like your shimmering there/not there body art! Is it permanent? Can you do one on me?"
"They're arcane runes, miss. Just strip naked in front of a mage and demand they etch them onto you. It'll be mostly the same... I think."

Thuldrell holds out his arm and begins inspecting the markings before mumbling under his breath

"I never actually thought about it before... Where did these come from?"