Whats the FF hype about?

After playing FF14 for a month its pretty good game, but i still cant get used to the 2.5 second GCD

it makes for boring and slow paced gameplay

I dont understand the similarity between wow but i think it would cater more to vanilla lovers who loved slower paced combat than Legion lovers like me

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It’s the cat girls.

Also developers that don’t embarrass you daily like that one drunk uncle at party.


The “hype” is an illusion at most.

“Grass is greener on the other side”
Not if you live in Saudi Arabia. We have to import grass from Amsterdam…ehum.

I forgot where I was. Have fun

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The hype is all about finding something to play during content drought in wow. It’s not objectively better or worse, it’s just different.


I tried Final Fantasy and it seems like a good game, but simply put I cannot commit to another MMORPG again.

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I went there last year and i gotta say it has changed A LOT over the past 5 years. I loved Jeddah City especially since it reminds me of a Middle Eastern version of Califronia. I enjoyed my time there.

going back to the FF14 topic i love it because it has so many fun stuff that wow kinda lacks like a diversity of Transmogs modern and medieval clothes, Transmog dyes, Graphics of clothes looks better, raids are super fun and easy to learn, customizations are plenty you can even customize your character’s voice. Player housing, the list goes on.

Wow is great too, but it needs improvments. Current state is kinda boring and scary.


WoW had terrible PR, content was delayed, we had little to no communication, FF was doing very well & famous WoW streamer jumped ship… That’s about it really.

Seems like a lot of people were simply looking for an excuse to dismiss & criticize WoW, and FF14 was merely an outlet for their frustration. I honestly doubt most of them stayed for long or we would’ve heard a lot more from FF14 about their playerbase or finances.


I agree.
But also, most places people visit are nice for 1-2 weeks. Then it may change :wink:


The main dev himself said that it’s basically wow for weebs. On the recent meme: it’s mainly created by clickbaiter youtubers that proclaimed “wow is dying!”. The irony is that the meme started from wow players; so it’s mainly a wow meme and it comes to show how powerful/big the wow community still is; almost nobody outside MMO gamers know FF14 even exists unlike wow.

It was all because Asmongold hopped over.
(Personally I don’t watch his content, or any streamer for that matter if I can play the game myself…)

So, all of a sudden, every gaming site wrote an article about it and a lot of people followed because why not. Some stayed there, some came back because of a slow gameplay (even slower than Vanilla WoW might I add, the GCD is 2.5 secs by itself…) and the likely too heavy lore reliance. That is, you might love to read up bits of texts why you are killing what you’re supposed to kill, but at a point it can be too much.

That said, I haven’t seen any FF related threads nowadays. Is the hype for it gone?

Whatever the case, if you want to check it out, do so. I didn’t really like the design from the few gameplay vids I’ve seen, but who knows, you might do. :grinning:

Maybe on the forums. Otherwise a lot of people are still streaming it. Like Max, Naguura, and recently even Preach.

Wow players generally have a hate-love relationship with the game in a lot of cases (not all). In practice: a lot of them get addicted to it and instead of blaming themselves allowing themselves to be addicted: they blame the game as somehow “terrible”.

Those clickbaiters mainly feed on that cognitive dissonance; a lot of people want to feel justified on their bs that the game somehow is “THOUSANDS OF TIMES MORE TERRIBLE THAN IT WAS”; get a thicker skin and a brain and realize it changed little.

We don’t have threads about FF because people that made those threads quit wow and switched to FF, I think.


I know some people who switched and never came back. I know some people who play both.

Frankly i cant pay for 2 subscriptions im Broke. And i cant have both games in one PC, so i often delete the wow app, download ff. Then delete FF and download wow. Its tiring but its the only way i can play both.

I almost stayed in FF14 for a while, but customizations brought me back. Lets see how it improves in gameplay tho


Why uninstall it, you can keep it installed and not sub.

Cause my PC cant handle both games for some reason. I guess no space or whatever

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I like both WoW and FF but…


after ages in wow is natural to find somethin different… or similar.
same same. but different.

I’m jumping between a total of 8 games.
Wow retail and Tbc is messing with my mind. Same but different

For me it’s the storylinie. It dont feel rushed like wow, to me there is less grinding and imo it’s more solo friendly.
I play an Elezen (elf) and I really enjoy the game