Whats the point of "greed,transmog" ?!

Everybody and their whole family and friends and pets,press Need on everything. Why do we have the greed and transmog option?
I dont think anyone won a single piece of item im pug raids or lfr ,with greed and transmog
Its a failure of this loot system that was shoved down our throaths
I remember well on Personal Loot,more often than not,people rolling the items that they didnt need with the raid. Now everybody presses need and leaves the group,regardless if they need or not
Is this the superior loot system Blizz?


The idea is valid for guilds if you don’t use a master loot but for LFR etc completely pointless and there should be personal loot


Yeah, the greed and transmog options might as well be ‘pass’. I also learned the hard way after realising I’m apparently the only one in a LFR who rolls greed or transmog, so might as well not bother any more.

Personal loot like M+, please!


It does feel like it might as well just be one button saying need.


How do I win two items by pressing transmog just this week?

I asked twice if anyone else “NEEDS” it for progress.

I don’t understand on which server, with who you are playing this game. Kazzak?

I won a transmog roll in LFR so the syetem does work.

You win if everyone else passes it.

It is week 5 or soemthing since the raid has released and I literally have 0 lfr mog, so I am waiting for the next patch so I can catalyst my gear.

I was reffering go pug runs and lfr,not organised guild runs
Theres no way in hell anyone presses greed or transmog in pug or lfr

It’s very dependant on the players you get, but yeah it’s flawed.

Honestly there should be a system wich automaticlybans people wich literally need everything despite clearly not needing them.

Nah. The solution would be to bring back Personal Loot ,reworked
You know, they could easily implement a perfect loot system but thats not good for business and wow token sells
Group loot is just horrible and I am not going anywhere near pug or lfr,to invest time in a raid that gets me nothing back,except an always disappointing vault one week later

I wouldnt call personal a perfect loot system. People often went a long time without loot. And whenever i got loot in a raid there was so much automated spam of people demanding or begging for my loot often in just a plain rude way

They wont make a perfect loot system because they wont profit out of it
But PL was miles better than GL
I dont understand whats the issue with people whispering you after you got something? People so desperate to flame PL that they bring a minor inconveniece into discussion. As if those people were breaking your home door or something lol

I won the two handed sword from Smolderon with a transmog roll, a player whispered me asking if I needed it and I replied nah I got the sword look and level from the Superbloom event reward bag, he offered me 130k for it.

I preferred the personal loot, only issue i had with that was not being able to trade away items i won but didnt need if i hadnt had that item at same or higher ilvl (like getting a staff but already had mace and shield and wouldnt be using the staff). Felt bad not being able to give it to someone that could use it.

That trade rule in PL is such a double edged sword…

But can’t exactly blame it seeing how hostile players can get about loot.

Yeah i understand why its there, it’s just the one thing with PL i dont like. Just feels bad getting someone elses bis item and not being able to trade it away. In that case i would have preferred to be able to roll a pass on it.

You lose the appearance if you trade tho

its a failed expansion pushed down the face the dev team isn’t even caring about content class balance nor how to fix the classes they nerfed.

This loot system is garbage. bring back personal loot and bring back shadowlands season 4 class balance.

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It is for those players that do not care to press need. There are still some of us left.

I have different experiences. Personal loot sucked for me and especially for my guild (not being able to trade).

Nah it is just different, both have pros and cons.

I think that for LFR and pugs personal loot should be the default, and have a vote system to turn it to group loot (so to avoid weird scenarios and have it clear to each participant).

As for greed/tmog options:
Blizz has dropped the ball abit. It could work really well if they added a fix gold “reward” if you chose the greed option (2-3 times the cost of the item or like half a WQ). As for the tmog option, they could roll the appearance to 3 people that choose tmog (without getting the item).
Having extra rewards like those, would give more incentives for players to choose greed/tmog without feeling like they just “passed” on an item.