Whats ur favorite race as a hunter


What race did u make ur hunter and whys it your favorite.

Troll for the Shadow Hunter lore and mogs .
Goblin for the traps and explosives.

It was Tauren and then Highmountain Tauren. I thought the story with survival artifact weapon was on point.

Goblins have the best feign death animations. So hilariously overdone but awesome.


Goblin, Rocket Jump

Male draenei for the shotgun flip gun reload animation.

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Forsaken. Wasn’t available when I started playing WoW but then was made possible, and it just clicked. Remove fear is godly as a racial, infinite breathing and cannibalism also great. Being a big fan of Warhammer it just clicks with the Vampire Counts lore (it does in my head at least). Would’ve gone for Worgen as I love them too but the aiming animations ain’t as good for the “snipe” vibe. On the other hand the polearm swing with a forsaken character is very weird - one handed instead of two handed which just no.

I woulda gone undead if my family werent alliance lol.

My mother only really does open world and stuff and u cant do anything outside the LFG tab with alliance players still sadly.

I do enjoy my top hat tho

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What server are you on?

Ravencrest currently haha been on many in my time tho

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When Man’ari Eredar comes out, Draenei :slightly_smiling_face: Getting to play as a corrupted Eredar is getting me more hyped than any of the other patch content :joy:

For the Burning Legion!! :fire::fire:

Vulpera/Worgen and Goblin/Gnome for two completelly different reasons.

Vulperas/Worgen feel like the best “in tune with the wild” kind of hunter since they are literally animals.
Goblin/Gnome for the “tinker” style hunter whom makes explosive traps and guns

my main Hunter is now Tauren, few days ago i had it as Zandalari Troll Hunter but i’ve changed that to Tauren because they looks cool, + more usable racials for my personal reasons, which is more health and crit bonus by 2% and 1.5min cd stun for 2secs to deal with melee’s

and also, Tauren is maybe the most nonplayable race atleast what i’ve seen, people going blood elf or orc, some stick to undeads but taurens seems to be rare as a hunter hehe

Definetely dwarf for that rifleman/mountaineer aesthetic!!!

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I went with a Manari Eredar look on a Draenei. :slightly_smiling_face: Looks awesome with fel themed pets, and Draenei has the best gun animation in the game when shooting. And as SV Hunter I can use amazing looking fel swords/polearms. :sunglasses:

For horde - Tauren/ Blood elf
Alliance - Night elf & Draenei (gun flip animation rocks)

I really like goblin survival hunter. The heritage armor with the mechanical Rush pet is really awesome!!

Blood Elves and Draenei for fluff reasons. Blood Elves have the Farstriders and Draenei have the Rangari - both ranger sects.

Or a Necron Warrior with Gauss rifle zap zap zap :grin::skull:

Night elf female.

The bow animations are amazing, and elves who grew up and live in forestation will always have the best archery skills.

Druid and hunter for Night Elf just feels right.

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