What's your favourite "elite" item that you own?

Can be an elite set, an illusion, a weapon (RIP), or even a mount if you’re that good.

s15 prideful tabard and t2 red enchant … missing the green legion elite enchant tho, id like to have that

The BfA season 1 elite set. It was when I started PvPing so I had no clue on what to do. It looks really nice and it’s what got me into PvP. (The knight armor for alliance)

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Furious gladiator’s tabard looks pretty cool, I think

dread gladiator’s cloak (alliance version, 2100rated)

First time I’ve pushed for an elite set since starting was this season so the set will always be a bit special methinks

Congratz on your first elite set! That’s how I feel as well about my monk WoD s3 set, even though it doesn’t look that good.

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I don’t really have a favourite, I got all the elite sets for plate + the enchant from BfA.

I guess the season 3 one looks pretty cool.

I do like the mail elite set from this expansion too, probably the best mail set since last season of Legion for shamans.

Big fan of the druid legion S1 elite set. Do like the unique model of wod S1 elite too but its textures look so dated that it only see’s play on the boomy world quester spec.

It looks like a cheap halloween costume. I hate it.

I agree with the Legion S7 set though.

Love using it

come and get it :innocent:

Thats nice Congrats my dude

The best achivement for me is to be congratulated by you, Rakar. My friend, my comrade. I’ve been waiting for this day.

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I changed my man i try to be a nice rakar 2021


Good resolution for 2021. I want to be a nice Alyndaria too. Let’s do this. You and me. Together.

Yea wanna do some 2s soon?

On ally

Can’t right now, in a RP event. Can you come on Argent Dawn on a l1 alt and whisper me though? I’m on this character :slight_smile: (So I can add you to battle.net without posting it on the public forums)


Not now i need to lvl my char there 1 haha

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I’ll find you when I’m done. What’s your favorite set though? Let’s keep on topic. Also, what’s your ally char?