When are these Alterac Valley changes coming?

I can still see the BG numbers. I thought changes were meant to be made on the reset on Wednesday?

Basically it did exactly this. Only removed the number from the queue pop-up frame when you can join.


Oh right, well what was the point in only removing number from Join Battle if you can still choose the match in the list?

Obviously, there isn’t really any. It’s just a change to make it seem like they’re “doing something”, yet not actually doing anything.

Clever, right?

It seems they forced the premades to change into a more succesfull tactic, well done!

OMG, those AV threads 24/7.

Basically stops all people wanting to pre make a group find alternatives as they know which BG number they would have been entering knowing if they’d be grouped or not, Blizz’s half arsed attempt to stop us with premades, made it worse now with horde queues though

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