When does aq gate auto-complete start?

Has anyone seen any signs of autocomplete kicking in. Because we have some matts at 3% complete and they are not moving…


Seems to be a known bug for some servers.

I don’t think it is working for ANY server. I don’t know how many servers has it still closed but it seems to be just not working at all

This needs so be sorted soon

The blue post clearly stated automplete would start after 30 days.
We are now 7 days after blizzard said autocomplete would start and its still not happening on Dragonfang. Spotted Yellowtail on horde is still down at 2% complete.
Hope it gets fixed soon, and would be nice blizzard would make it to it adjusts for the time we lost.
But at this point I’m just happy if it gets fixed soon.


Observant players on realms that are currently in the resource-gathering stage of the War Effort noticed a bug, and are correct. The automatic turn-ins are just now getting started on some realms, as the bugfix is now causing the desired effect.

Due to underlying circumstances that are unique to the AQ events and the way they’re activated, each realm is on a different schedule for ending their 30 day wait before automatic turn-ins will begin. Each realm will begin automatic turn-ins at a different time over the next five days (and some may have already begun by the time you’re reading this).

Thereafter, you’ll see small amounts of items arriving automatically every few minutes. The different kinds of items arrive on different cadences.

Sorry for the confusion!

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We allready opened it on our own on flamelash. Thx. :wink:

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Thats great to hear, any idea on what the final daily % will be once it gets going?

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And if you weren’t new to this board you’d remember all the “lol how Flamelash gon’ complete the war effort with no Alliance?” threads.

Lol, why would I. You are obviously from Flamelash. Why would you otherwise.

Because i was part of the discussion 5 days before Kaivax responded and now its already sorted on our realm without Blizzard interference?

It was a hint to him thay they are slow.

Wouldnt worry, I am actually on Flamelash, and this was too irresistable to troll. Us Flamelashers are in fact asshats.

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Well, we did it so lets rejoice.
He is probably, just some jealous world buff log-parser.

Yes, can confirm it went up by a bit above 3% since yesterday

Here is a video from a so-called tourist on how we did it. If anyone is interested.